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Guessing on money and success

Guessing on money and success

Do you want to know whether you will become rich, or will you succeed in this or that activity? Use card fortune telling for money. For fortune telling you will need a deck of 36 cards and a strong desire to know your future.

How to guess the money

Stir the deck, remove the top of the little finger of your left hand and alternately spread the cards on two piles, face up. Leave the left pile, you will not need it anymore. And from the right stack, start by placing two cards one by one.

If the two cards match in their meaning, for example, the king and the king, then put them aside and remove the next two cards.

If the cards that have matched in meaning did not work out, it means that you will not be able to get rich and succeed in the hidden work. If you have at least one pair, then proceed to the interpretation of fortune telling.

The interpretation of card fortune telling on money

  • Two sixes — the money will not come to you as soon as you would like. You need to make a lot of effort and work.
  • Two sevens — you are lucky. You will be at the right time at the right place, so try to accept all the gifts of fate.
  • Two nines — you gain success, recognition and money. And the motivation for this will be someone close to you. You will want to prove your worth and abilities, and this will move you forward.
  • Two dozen — You can get rich at the expense of your luck, risk and adventurism. Money will come to you easily, but success can turn your head. Be wary of your emotions.
  • Two Jacks — You get the money with the help of children. How this will happen — time will tell.
  • Two ladies — you alone, without the help of others, can succeed. But for this you have to show cunning and ingenuity.
  • Two kings — you will become rich at the expense of a person.
  • Two aces in this fortune-telling on money they predict the most successful set of circumstances. Your success is just around the corner. In the near future you will be able to achieve your goals.

Guessing for money is not recommended too often. Use this alignment if you need to clarify the situation or find out the outcome of a meaningful case for you. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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