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Guessing on love compatibility by name

Guessing on love compatibility by name

Your name can tell a lot about you, your character, fate and love compatibility with another person. The name is what determines our life path, so it must be considered when searching for the second half.

The names of men and women should be harmonious in terms of energy, so it is very important to remember that the meaning of the name plays a crucial role in the development of a successful marriage and relationships.

Sound Compatibility

Very often, people say your name, so it must be in harmony with the name of your second half. Worst of all, names that have approximately the same length and similar sound are combined. As an example, such pairs of names as Denis-Irina, Lev-Eve, Andrey-Angela can be cited.

It is not necessary that the beginning of the names match. The main thing is the length of the name and consonance of consonants.

The best compatibility among people with names of different lengths and different sound rigidity, for example: Arthur-Xenia, Dmitry-Yana, Nikolay-Maria. It should sound like music. It so happens that the names are pronounced easily, as if a line from a song, and it happens that the combination is spoken with difficulty.

The same happens in life, because people with incompatible names are not very similar at the energy level.

The presence of double consonants in one person and their absence in another gives the beauty to the sound. Philip will be well combined with short names with a large number of vowel sounds: Dana, Diana, Zinaida, Lyudmila and so on.

A good effect on compatibility is the stress that falls on different parts of the name. When the stress falls on the beginning of the name of one partner and on the end of the name of another, this is a very good sign. Stella-Sergey, Natalia-Dmitry — these are good examples of the combination of accents.

Name Compatibility

You need to find out the meaning of the name, and then compare it with the meaning of the name of your second half or the person you like. The value of the name should not be the same. For example, if the value of your name is close to “calm” or “calm”, then your other half should not have the same value.

It is better if they complement each other, and are not opposites.

If they are opposite, then you will have conflicts of interest, and if they are close to the same, then your relationship will not develop. They stop at a certain level, and then cease to be exciting and emotional. That is why we need a happy medium.

Popular guessing on the compatibility of names

Take a sheet of paper, preferably in the box. Write your full name on it, so that each letter is in its cell. The best compatibility with names that have:

  • more than half of the combinations according to the principle of the vowel-consonant letter. For example, Vladimir-Tatiana. «l-a», «a-t» — the second and third letters are combined in a similar way. This is not enough, so compatibility is bad;
  • if the letters match. One match is enough. The names Valentin and Galina have three matches in the second, third and fifth letters. This is a very good sign, such names have excellent compatibility;
  • if the number of letters in the name is the same. This completely contradicts the beginning of our article, but this is quite expected, since different sources have their own opinions on this matter. Despite this, everything remains fairly harmonious, since the length of the name is not so important in the method for determining compatibility described at the beginning of the article. It is noted that compatibility will only be worse, but not strictly negative. In the case of the current divination, on the contrary, it will be better if the length of the name is similar or the same.

Remember that, despite poor compatibility, you still have chances for a strong marriage and love. Even if any method of determining compatibility has shown that you cannot get along together, this does not mean that your chances are equal to zero. Just in such a relationship will have to work a lot more than in others.

It is not easy to change fate, but it is easy to accept it and change your attitude towards it. If you fell in love, it means that it was necessary. The universe has special plans for you — it will help you learn something, know something or find happiness.

You win anyway — just your prize may be different. This is either experience or success. There is no third. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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