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Guessing on Gypsy cards: free, important nuances

Guessing on gypsy cards: how to find out the fate for free

Guessing on gypsy cards is a free way to know the future without turning to the brown-eyed sly fortune-tellers. You can easily make a couple of layouts on your own and get answers to your questions.

And we will share proven ways of divination.

Guessing on the Gypsy cards on the feelings of a loved one

In order to make a hand and find out what your chosen one feels for you, you need to stock up with a deck of Gypsy Tarot cards.

Guessing on Gypsy cards: free, important nuances

Lay out all the cards in a row, and then randomly select three cards:

  1. The first will answer the question of whether your chosen one loves
  2. The second will indicate what the chosen one dreams about, how he sees your relationship.
  3. The third will tell you whether to fear a rival or some other threat from

To determine the detailed interpretation of divination, it is necessary to know the clear meaning of all tarot cards. For example, if the loss of a lasso falls on the first card, it means that the beloved treats you lightly, thinks about parting.

Gypsy alignment on 10 cards: classic fortune telling

This alignment is performed on ordinary maps. It is advisable to take a special «fortunetelling» deck or use a stack of new, never-used cards.

Guessing on Gypsy cards: free, important nuances

What should be done:

  • Well shuffle the cards, and then get 10 cards from the deck completely random
  • Lay out the cards on the table in a few piles: in the first one — the first card, in the second one — 2, 3, 4th cards, in the third card from 5 to 7, in the fourth 8-10 cards

Then you can proceed to the interpretation. Consider that the first pile indicates that what’s going on in the heart of the fortuneteller, the second pile indicates the past, the third shows the present and the nearest future, the fourth shows what happens in the distant future

Next, we look at the value of the cards and interpret fortune-telling on Gypsy cards.

Values ​​of the heart suit cards:

  1. Ace — a person for whom you have strong feelings, is also in love with you, but he is shy, and therefore does not take the initiative. You may have to take matters into your own hands.
  2. King — you are overcome by doubt, anxiety and anxiety, but you need to calm down. The guardian angel is with you, so everything will end well
  3. Lady — you are incontinent in feelings. You should learn to hide your emotions, otherwise excessive sensitivity will work against you.
  4. Jack — you are a significant person for society, you are welcome in any company, this is a success!
  5. Ten — you need to correctly formulate your desire, only then it will come true. Repeat the Universe request again.
  6. Nine — you have a secret admirer with very serious intentions and deep feelings. Very soon he will prove himself
  7. Eight — a new person will appear in your life, because of which life will change dramatically. You will also have to make a very important choice.
  8. Seven — you are in danger because of your own fault. Stop taking risks and playing with fire, it will end badly

The value of diamonds suit cards:

  1. Ace — you set up a bunch of plans, but they are not destined to come true. Try to concentrate on just one, but the most significant goal for you.
  2. The king — in your environment there is a dishonest person who deceives you and sends you on the wrong path. Beware — everyone can be a traitor
  3. Lady — the detractor will cause you a huge insult, get ready to defend the honor and dignity
  4. Jack — you are overcome by jealousy. And, although the elect asserts that there is no cause for concern, they still exist. Soon there will be a serious threat to the relationship in the face of a rival
  5. Ten — to get out of depression and stop feeling sad, give all your free time to work. You need to be tired to get rid of bad thoughts.
  6. Nine — it’s hard for you now, but soon this state will pass, just wait for the white band
  7. Eight — get the news that will please you and pleasantly surprised. It will happen suddenly
  8. Seven — life will begin to change for the better, but not drastically, but gradually, step by step
  9. Six — your personal happiness overshadowed by the betrayal of a loved one, it can not be prevented

The value of the club suit cards:

  1. Ace — in the past you made a serious mistake. It’s time to pay for it.
  2. King — hurry with the realization of goals, start to act, otherwise you will never succeed
  3. Lady — wait for rewards for past works. Your efforts will finally be appreciated.
  4. Jack — your other half will bring a lot of cause for concern. We’ll have to fight for relationships to keep them happy and harmonious.
  5. Ten — do not trust a new friend, he is dishonest and uses you for his own selfish purposes
  6. Nine — wait for the sad news that will seriously upset you
  7. Eight — a close person is seriously ill, but hides his illness from you
  8. Seven — the enemy suddenly becomes a friend. You will be able to reconcile with a long-time ill-wisher
  9. Six — there will be some very unexpected event for you

Watch the video on how to make fortune-telling on Gypsy cards for free:

The value of cards of peak suit:

  1. Ace — people around are honest with you, you should learn to trust people, and not to subject every word to doubt
  2. King — wait for the good news that will inspire you
  3. The lady is the most secret and long-conceived desire to finally be fulfilled.
  4. Jack — you overestimated their capabilities, it is unlikely that the goal will be realized
  5. A dozen — happiness is about to be on your doorstep, just wait.
  6. Nine — you really want to share some mystery, but it is better to keep your mouth shut
  7. Eight — you are in danger, be extremely careful and vigilant
  8. Seven — have to pay for sins committed in the distant past
  9. Six — try to think before you do, otherwise you will suffer

In fortune telling also pay attention to the value of combinations of cards. We showed them in the picture.

Guessing on Gypsy cards: free, important nuances

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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