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Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

Divination in dashes, interpretation of various ways

Guessing on the dashes (sticks) is a rather ancient kind of predictions that has come down to us, and it will live after us due to the fact that it is very simple. At any time, you can take a sheet of paper and a pen, start drawing urine lines, the main thing is for someone to stop you at the right moment. You should trust this person as yourself.

This is a private type of prophecy, in other forms it is not necessary that someone stop you.

Guessing on the dash online — this is the same ancient method, only instead of a sheet or sticks you have our small flash program. Do not think too much, it is truly magical!

You are required to press the start button and then stop in time when a sufficient number of features are typed. How to understand when that moment comes?

Everything is very simple, you need to clear our head of extraneous thoughts, leave only one main thought: the one you wondered about, it may be a question about the feelings of a loved one (oh), or about the future, it doesn’t matter, it’s important to concentrate on it and forward to meet witchcraft!

Attention! Looking for the veil of fate, you take responsibility for the secret knowledge.

They need to properly handle, do not immediately, as soon as they told them to chop from the shoulder and break their relationship. Think ten times, magic does not allow lightheadedness!

Divination in dash online

The first (simple) aid divination in dashes

This is a simple version of the prediction of the future, it only needs paper and a pen, and you should focus on any question you want to draw. Guessing this way (asking questions) can be many times, until the questions you run out.

Dashes can be drawn in two ways: «- — -» or «/ / /».

Focusing on one particular question, the most important now for you, or making a single wish, start drawing lines, not counting them and not trying to draw a lot. Just draw until you want to stop.

Do not forget that for each new divination, it is necessary to draw new lines, and it is desirable to use a new sheet of clean white paper. White color is more suitable for predictions, because it is a neutral color, and it does not interfere during divination, does not affect its process, and therefore helps to achieve the most correct result.

Having drawn as many features as you could or wanted, count their total number by striking out two features each. Be very careful when calculating, because the answer to your question depends on it.

If, having crossed out all the lines, you have an even number of sticks, it means that the answer to your question is negative, and if you made a specific desire, it means it cannot come true yet. If, having crossed out all the lines, there is only one left, that is, you had an odd number of sticks, it means that the answer to your asked question is positive, and if you made a specific wish, it means that it will come true.

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

Second way

This method is a bit more complicated, because there should be more dashes, and you will have to cross not two at a time, but three. The principle of fortune telling is the same: be sure to clean a sheet of white paper that is not torn with a pen, a pen and a question you have asked or made a wish. There is also a restriction: you can draw lines only in six rows, no more.

You can draw them close to each other or at a great distance, you can draw them small or large, the main thing is not to draw more than six rows on one sheet.

  • After you draw all the lines, you need to calculate them.
  • Crossing out three lines, reach the end of the first row.
  • Now, based on the latest features, calculate how many of them are left.
  • If 2 lines are not crossed out, write down the number “2”, if one line is “1”, and if there are no lines, write down “0”.
  • Do the same with the other five rows.
  • Then add the resulting six digits.
  • If you have a number greater than nine, then it must also be added together.

Here is an example to help you: if you get the number 12, then add «1» + «2», while receiving «3», therefore, your answer to divination is the number «3». Now pay attention to the value of the number you need, which are just below.

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

Values ​​of the resulting numbers:

  • 0 — everything is all right with you and without changes, neither good, nor bad will happen, you can try asking a fortune telling later;
  • 1 — there are changes ahead of you, unfortunately, these changes can be non-positive, gain strength;
  • 3 — in front of you is waiting for a pleasant event or unexpected good news;
  • 4 — the future will require sacrifice from you, it can be friendship, changes in outlook or views on something;
  • 5 — you will face major changes related to work or your place of residence, perhaps, moving is expected soon;
  • 6 is a symbol of good change associated with travel and a small trip to rest;
  • 7 is a sign of a serious change, meeting someone very significant, able to change your whole life;
  • 8 — important news or news is rushing to you;
  • 9 — you are awaited or have already been overtaken by a serious high feeling — love.

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

The third (most difficult) version of the prediction

This fortune telling is used by young girls if they want to find out something about a guy they like or a young man they already meet. Also focusing and asking a specific question (or making a wish), on a clean and white sheet of paper, start to draw with a pen of a line just four rows.

They can be any size, they do not need to be specially counted, while drawing, just relax and put dashes until you finish the fourth row.

  • Now the time counting features.
  • Throwing three sticks at a time, reach the end of the first row and count how many are left.
  • If there are two left, write the number “2”, if one — “1”, if not left at all — “0”.
  • Repeat the same with the other three rows.
  • In this version of divination, you do not need to add them, just write down all four numbers in order.

For example, if in the first row you had the number «1», in the second — «0», in the third — again «1», and in the fourth — «2», then the record will represent such a sequence — «1012». Then look at the table of values ​​of the fallen numbers and find the one that suits you.

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

Values ​​of the resulting numbers:

0000 — secretly in love and can not confess;

0001 — the answer is obvious;

0002 — expect a gift in the form of a bouquet of flowers;

0010 — a person reciprocates yours;

0011 — do not be afraid to confess first, because your lover is too proud and afraid of his feelings;

0012 — your feelings are tender, so you should not tell about them to strangers, so you save them and your relationship;

0020 — a young man who is in your thoughts also has feelings for you that can grow into something more;

0021 — the young man you were guessing about dreams about your meeting;

0022 — this person has the strongest and most sincere feelings for you;

0100 — most likely, your feelings are not so strong or you think little about this young man;

0101 — this man loves you for a long time;

0102 — with a good disposition of fate, you can be with this young man;

0110 — you have offended this person with something;

0111 — deceives you: offers a relationship without love on his part;

0120 — you expect trouble;

0121 — can keep secrets;

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

0122 — romance is expected;

0200 — appreciates your temperament;

0201 — fascinated by your hair;

0202 — give him signs of attention;

0210 — kisses are expected;

0211 — guess again;

0212 — appreciates you;

0220 — there is a spark between you;

0221 — does not love your loved ones;

0222 — expected contention in a relationship;

1000 — eternal love;

1001 — go to the cinema soon;

1010 — can not get you out of my head;

1011 — will embrace at a meeting;

1012 — he wants a relationship;

1020 — you will be friends;

1021 — scare your scum;

1022 — you will get married in the future;

1100 — in love with your friend;

1101 — madly in love with you;

1102 — constantly thinking about your smile;

1110 — dreams of kisses;

1111 — can not write;

1112 — be affectionate to him;

1120 — you are waiting for an early meeting;

1121 — in love with someone else;

1121 — true and pure love;

1200 — be honest with him;

1202 — considers your little face perfect;

1210 — calls your hands perfect;

1211 — charmed with temperament;

1212 — can forget about your birthday;

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

1220 — will come to see you soon;

1221 — you give him joy;

1222 — you have little similarity;

2000 — he looks cute when he is sad;

2101 — does not remember you;

2002 — no feelings;

2010 — soon recognized;

2011 — without memory in love;

2012 — loves without memory;

2020 — crazy about you;

2021 — you will meet again;

2022 — will write soon;

2100 — dreams of your lips;

2101 — he likes your waist;

2102 — something important will happen soon;

2112 — confesses feelings;

2121 — interested to be friends;

2122 — worries about you;

2200 — is sympathetic;

2221 — very jealous;

2202 — loves modest girls;

2210 — quick date;

2211 — thinks about parting;

2212 — afraid of parting;

2220 — does not want to remember you;

2221 — appreciates your friendship;

2222 — constantly in your thoughts.

How to conduct a ceremony on a piece of paper

In order to make fortune telling on sticks, you will need a piece of paper and a pen. At the very beginning should guess the name of the guy.

Now horizontally you need to make an involuntary number of lines, stopping at the behest of the heart, repeating this action four times.

In each of the four lines, you need to cross out three sticks and pay attention to the remaining ones. There may be two, one or zero sticks.

It should get four numbers that will give the final value, the interpretation of which is indicated below.

  • 0000 — the guy in love with you;
  • 0001 — in order not to scare away feelings, do not ask unnecessary questions;
  • 0002 — the young man is ready for a relationship;
  • 0010 — the guy is in love with you, but he is afraid of his feelings;
  • 0011 — does not speak of love for you because of pride;
  • 0012 — it’s best not to share your feelings with him;
  • 0020 — love you very much;
  • 0021 — dreams of a joint future;
  • 0022 — in love with you;
  • 0100 — you should think more about a young man;
  • 0101 — he likes you for a long time;
  • 0102 — you will walk together;
    Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

  • 0110 — a young man is angry;
  • 0111 — wants to be friends;
  • 0120 — there is a danger of libel from this person;
  • 0121 — you can open your heart to him;
  • 0122 — appoint a date;
  • 0200 — adores when you smile;
  • 0201 — admires you;
  • 0202 — tenderness is needed when meeting;
  • 0210 — waiting for a kiss;
  • 0211 — repeat divination;
  • 0212 — for the guy you are expensive;
  • 0220 — he does not like you;
  • 0221 — educates others;
  • 0222 — quarrel and enmity is possible;
  • 1000 — you will be friends;
  • 1001 — will invite to the cinema;
  • 1002 — dreams of a simple friendship;
  • 1010 — thinks and dreams;
  • 1011 — hugs;
  • 1012 — will seek location;
  • 1020 — wants to be a friend, but no more;
  • 1021 — don’t laugh and make fun of him;
  • 1022 — love and wedding;
  • 1100 — in love with another girl;
  • 1101 — smiles upon meeting;
  • 1102 — dreams every day;
  • 1110 — kiss at the meeting;
  • 1111 — will write a letter;
  • 1112 — takes time;
  • 1120 — to meet;
  • 1121 — in love with a girlfriend;
  • 1122 — love at first sight;
  • 1200 — appreciates and respects;
  • 1201 — is bored;
  • 1202 — like your feet;
  • 1210 — in love with a smile;
  • 1211 — appreciates the character;
  • 1212 — will not congratulate on the holiday;
    Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

  • 1220 — will come to visit;
  • 1221 — sad without you;
  • 1222 — sad one;
  • 2000 — like facial features;
  • 2001 — forgot;
  • 2002 — in love with another girl;
  • 2010 — waiting for a meeting and conversation;
  • 2011 — in love with all my heart;
  • 2012 — crazy;
  • 2020 — very much in love;
  • 2021 is fate;
  • 2022 — get a sign soon;
  • 2100 — wants to kiss;
  • 2101 — enjoys watching you;
  • 2102 — fast news;
  • 2110 — separation and separation;
  • 2111 — sad look;
  • 2112 — questions about love;
  • 2120 — does not like;
  • 2121 — seeking friendship;
  • 2122 — does not want to be nervous;
  • 2200 — sympathy;
  • 2201 — jealousy and suspicion;
  • 2202 — monitors the behavior;
  • 2210 — meeting and love;
  • 2211 — wants to quit;
  • 2212 — dreams of a joint future;
  • 2220 — wants to forget
  • 2221 — only friendship;
  • 2222 — constant dreams.

Having learned the interpretation of the resulting four-digit number, you can outline further actions regarding the young man and know what lies ahead. After all, divination in the dash is considered one of the most common and popular magical rituals for the future.

Chinese rite

The rituals on sticks also include the rite of Guan Yin. Such a fortune telling involves the choice of one of one hundred sticks, which will predict fate, giving an answer to an exciting question.

Guan Yin sticks are bought in a specialty store, and the ceremony itself is held in a relaxed atmosphere.

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

  • After thinking about what worries a person, you need to shake a special glass with chopsticks so that one falls out.
  • Its value will be decisive.
  • As a rule, it is not recommended to conduct more than seven sessions a day with Kuan Yin.

Guessing on sticks on paper is a simple magic action that will help to know the attitude of a guy towards you. And interpretation will open the veil of truth, making it possible to make the right decision.

Divination in dashes on a piece of paper, the rites of Guan Yin and others can be used at any time, without reference to the day, moon phase or holiday.

Thrill to desire

For simple divination, you need to make a wish, take the paper and draw on it any number of lines, not counting. When you feel that you have drawn enough dashes, start crossing out two sticks: // // // // // // /

If you crossed out all the sticks, that is, drew — an even number, then the desire will not come true, if you asked the question — the answer to it is «no.» And if one stick remains, the desire will come true, and the answer to the question will be yes.

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

For the future

The principle of this fortune-telling is similar to the previous one — it is necessary to draw sticks, but cross out not two, but three. In this case, the sticks are drawn in six rows.

After crossing out the sticks, at the end of the row write down the number of remaining extra dashes, for example — 0, 1, 2. Now you need to add the resulting six digits. If the sum turned out to be more than nine, for example, eleven, then it is necessary to perform addition again: 11 = 1 + 1 = 2. Now you can decipher the divination, according to the below given interpretation data:

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

You will need paper, a pen and a good friend who can stop you in time by saying “stop”

  • 0 — in your life in the near future there will be no changes — neither good nor bad;
  • 1 — you are waiting for changes in the negative value;
  • 2 — be on the lookout for a partner (business, love), since in the near future he will organize problems for you;
  • 3 — wait for unexpected joy;
  • 4 — you will have to break some rules;
  • 5 — you may have to change your place of work or residence;
  • 6 — brewing trip or travel;
  • 7 — expect a fateful meeting that will turn your world upside down;
  • 8 — get important news soon;
  • 9 is love!


Today, divination in lines is becoming an increasingly popular type of divination. The popularity of the dashes is associated with the simplicity of the process itself.

For divination, you need only two items: a blank sheet of paper and a pen.

There are varieties of fortune telling on the lines: one simple fortune telling and two complex ones. Decoding and description of the process of each of them are described below.

Divination in dashes, fulfilling desire

The simplest form of fortune telling. You must take a sheet of paper and draw an arbitrary number of lines on it, not counting them in advance. As soon as the consciousness tells you that the necessary number of dashes has already been drawn, you should proceed to crossing the dashes (two each): // // // // // //

  • If all sticks are crossed out (that is, an even number of lines were drawn), then the wish will not come true, and the answer to the question put before the fortune-telling will be negative.
  • If, as a result of strikethrough, one stick remains (an odd number is drawn), then the wish will surely come true, and an affirmative answer will be received to the question.

Predicting the future with dashes

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

As in the method described above, you also need to draw rods here. The only difference is that now you should paint over three sticks, rather than two.

Need to draw any number of sticks in six rows. After crossing out three sticks in front of each row, write the remaining number of “extra” sticks (for example, 1; 2; 5; 0, etc.).

Next comes the addition of the six digits received and the subsequent decomposition of a two-digit number into a single-digit one (for example, the sum is 11, then 1 + 1 = 2).

Now we can proceed to deciphering the received code:

  1. 0 — there will be no changes in life in the near future (neither positive, nor negative).
  2. 1 — change is coming to the worst.
  3. 2 — should beware of partners, as they are preparing some kind of trick.
  4. 3 — unexpected joy is expected.
  5. 4 — you have to break some established rules.
  6. 5 — there will be a need for a change of job or place of residence.
  7. 6 — a pleasant trip or journey is expected very soon.
  8. 7 — a meeting is about to happen, after which everything will turn upside down.
  9. 8 — receiving important news (not necessarily what is good).
  10. 9 — First love.

The most difficult level

The essence of this type of fortune telling is that a person needs to draw an arbitrary number of lines in FOUR rows. After that you need to cross out three in each row and count the remaining number of lines.

  • The resulting figures are reduced to one number.
  • For example, there is 1 dash in the first row, 1 in the second, and 1 in the third and fourth. As a result, the number 1111 will become the key.

Option to predict the future

The process of divination is the same. Draw sticks, but not in one, but in six rows. Then you strike out three.

Add up the number of remaining in each row. If you get a two-digit number — you slander the numbers among themselves before getting a single-digit one.

For example, it turned out 17: 1 + 7 = 8. Now look for the key in the table.

  • 0 — do not worry, beloved is faithful to you;
  • 1 — wait for small troubles;
  • 2 — there may be some problems in the relationship;
  • 3 — happiness is already knocking on your door;
  • 4 — you have to sacrifice life positions and views;
  • 5 — you are waiting for changes in work or a new activity;
  • 6 — pack your bags — and in the way ahead;
  • 7 — a new meeting brings great changes;
  • 8 — someone is very far away, but remembers you and will send a message;
  • 9 — around one love!

As you can see, this is a completely free guessing on the lines, because a pencil with a sheet of paper you will always find.

Option with extensive values

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

There is another version of fortune telling. The essence is the same again, but the values ​​are much greater. Now draw lines in four rows, strike three by one.

Of the remaining amount is a four-digit number. Look for it in the table and read the value.

  • 0000 — love
  • 0001 — nonsense
  • 0002 — flowers
  • 0010 — reciprocity
  • 0011 — pride
  • 0012 — be more concealed
  • 0020 — interest
  • 0021 — a dream
  • 0022 — love
  • 0100 — thoughts
  • 0101 — in love
  • 0102 — relationships
  • 0110 — offense
  • 0111 — does not love
  • 0120 — shame
  • 0121 — trust
  • 0122 — date
  • 0200 — like you
  • 0201 — crazy about you
  • 0202 — weasel
  • 0210 — kiss
  • 0211 — guess
  • 0212 — cherishes

The rest of the results you can find out by passing a fortune telling online. Whatever result you get — think of the best, because this is just a fortune telling, not exact information.

For more interest, ask someone else, a friend, or a loved one to stop you while writing dashes. Efficiency can be higher, because the result does not depend on you directly.

Good luck to you!

Basics of the method

  • To carry out such divination, it is necessary to prepare a sheet of paper and a pen.
  • Also, you will have to take the help of a friend.
  • Start drawing vertical lines in one row until the assistant says “stop”.
  • Then start drawing the same sticks in the second line.
  • Again, until the assistant stops you. A total of 6 rows should be drawn.

When this stage is complete, start crossing 3 sticks in each row. The manipulations continue until 2, 1, or 0 sticks remain in each line. For example, it may work. 2, 2, 1, 2, 0, 0.

Now add all the resulting numbers.

In our case, it turned out to be 7. If in the end, after the addition, a two-digit number is obtained, for example, 12, then it is necessary to add it again. For example, 12 = 1 + 2 = 3. Now you can proceed to decryption.

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

Vorozhba on sticks — the value of the result

Using this interpretation, you will find out what awaits you in the future.

  • — everything will go on as usual, no sudden changes in life are foreseen.
  • one — probably getting bad news, be careful, as you can get into a bad story.
  • 2 — among your friends an enemy has hid, so be careful, do not open your heart to everyone you know.
  • 3 — fortune smiles at you, only happiness lies ahead.
  • four — violation of principles, do not be afraid to defend your opinion.
  • five — it will be possible to move to another city or change jobs.
  • 6 — Soon what you have been dreaming about for a long time will happen.
  • 7 — the emergence of new friends who will change your life for the better.
  • eight — Receive very important news.
  • 9 — love, long romance.

The ritual of English divination

  • Place it at your right foot on the floor, squeeze the other 6 in your left palm.
  • Be sure to close your eyes, try to weed out all unnecessary thoughts and think about the issue that concerns you.
  • Concentrate on it as much as possible. Mix magic attributes in your hand, then take them in your right hand.

Take one branch at random with your fingers and throw the rest on the floor. Now open your eyes and see what happened.

  • On the floor of short branches longer than long ones — the answer to your question is negative. If the opposite is true, then the result is positive.
  • If only one sprig fell on the main wand, then you will be able to achieve what you have planned or desired in the near future, and you will not have to make special efforts.
  • If the magical attributes are criss-cross, this is a sign — in order to solve a problem you need to put a lot of effort.
  • All branches do not look at the main wand — you should not worry, all troubles will go away, and problems will be resolved with yourself.
  • But if all the magical attributes are turned in the direction of the main one, then it will be necessary to deal with the difficulties alone.

We learn the future with a wave of the handle

In total there are three types of fortune telling on sticks. One is quite easy and two is a bit more complicated.

You will not need much time.

Rites allow you to answer any interesting question and find out how the young man of interest to her girlfriend. It should focus on a particular guy and the dash will tell even what he is doing at the moment.

In order to proceed to the rite need a tetrad sheet, a pencil and a good mood. As is known, without him, no rite can pass successfully.

Divination 1 — on desire

First of all, you should focus on the request, you need to formulate it in such a way that you can make a one-syllable answer (yes / no).

  • After that, on the notebook sheet you need to draw vertical lines as many times as you like.
  • Do not lower the pencil until you feel it is enough.
  • Or, if you have a good friend with you, you can ask him to stop you.
  • Next, the sticks are deleted in pairs.

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

Divination in dashes — meaning:

  • One dash left? Ok, then the request will be executed.
  • If all the dashes will be crossed out, do not despair, may be lucky next time.

Divination 2 — for the future

3 lines are crossed out. Thus, at the end of each line there will be one, two sticks or none. In this version, an arbitrary number of sticks are drawn according to the same principle, only this time there should be six lines.

Then you need to summarize the 6 digits received. If the total number is greater than 10, then the numbers that make up the number should be added on until a single digit is obtained.

Next you need to decipher dash fortune telling — sticks:

  • 0 — no changes are expected in the near future, make a request later;
  • 1 — negative events are expected;
  • 2 — there is the likelihood of problems in a relationship with a partner, business or love. Be careful.
  • 3 — you expect an unexpected pleasant event;
  • 4 — you may have to break some rules;
  • 5 — there is a possibility of changes at work or in personal life, maybe you change your place of work or home;
  • 6 — in the near future you will travel or you will have a long trip;
  • 7 — you will have global changes, you will have a meeting that will affect your life;
  • 8 — you expect an important message;
  • 9 — you will soon have a fan.

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

Divination 3 — on love

Similar to the last two variants of divination, dashes are drawn, only now four lines are needed. 3 lines are crossed out at a time.

As a result, there is a four-digit number that decrypts the result.

Guessing on the guy in the dash — interpretation:

  • 0000 — you are loved, but he is not recognized;
  • 0001 — you yourself know the answer;
  • 0002 — he will give you a bouquet of flowers;
  • 0010 — he reciprocates you;
  • 0011 — your feelings are not mutual, he is proud;
  • 0012 — you can save your feelings if you don’t talk about them to anyone;
  • 0020 — the one you think about, feels the same as you, perhaps it will grow into something more;
  • 0021 — wishes strong relations with you, planning a common future;
  • 0022 — a young man has a feeling of love for you;
  • 0100 — you should pay more attention to it;
  • 0101 — you have long been pretty to him;
  • 0102 — if fate decides, it will be yours;
  • 0110 — you strongly offended him;
  • 0111 — your relationship will not be mutual, even if he says the opposite;
  • 0120 — troubles are waiting for you;
  • 0121 — feel free to tell the guy about feelings;
  • 0122 — wait for the manifestation of romance;
  • 0200 — he is delighted with your smile and cheerful disposition;
  • 0201 — he admires your hairdo;
  • 0202 — you need to be affectionate with a guy;
  • 0210 — you kiss soon;
  • 0211 — repeat the rite;
  • 0212 — you are dear to him;
  • 0220 — you are not interested in him;
    Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding
  • 1000 — stay together forever;
  • 1001 — a date in the cinema awaits you;
  • 1002 — only friendship awaits you;
  • 1010 — his dreams are only about you;
  • 1011 — you will have hugs with a guy;
  • 1012 — he will fight for your attention;
  • 1020 — do not count on anything other than friendship;
  • 1021 — he is not thrilled with your ridicule;
  • 1022 — get married soon;
  • 1100 — he dreams of your rival;
  • 1101 — thinks about your smile;
  • 1102 — you have taken all his dreams;
  • 1110 — you have to kiss;
  • 1111 — can not send you a message;
  • 1112 — he needs to think about everything;
  • 1120 — see you soon;
  • 1121 — fascinated by your girlfriend;
  • 1122 — you will soon find true love;
  • 1200 — you can trust him;
  • 1201 — he misses you;
  • 1202 — admires you;
  • 1210 — he adores your smile;
  • 1211 — he is fascinated by your temperament;
  • 1212 — remain without congratulations for the holiday;
  • 1220 — will go to visit;
  • 1221 — he longs for you;
  • 1222 — he is not your pair;
  • 2000 — he admires your face;
  • 2001 — the memory of you is gone;
  • 2002 — he has a different relationship;
  • 2010 — wants to start a conversation with you;
  • 2011 — his heart is filled with love for you;
  • 2012 — he loves you;
    Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding
  • 2020 — he loves you very much;
  • 2021 — you will meet again soon;
  • 2022 — you get a sign from him;
  • 2100 — dreams of a kiss with you;
  • 2101 — likes to look at you;
  • 2102 — you will soon get news;
  • 2110 — you will soon be parted;
  • 2111 — he will upset you;
  • 2112 — a conversation about love is waiting for you soon;
  • 2120 — he does not love you;
  • 2121 — he wants to be friends with you;
  • 2122 — do not make the guy nervous;
  • 2200 — you are cute to him;
  • 2201 — constantly feels for you a feeling of jealousy and suspects of infidelity;
  • 2202 — watching you and your behavior;
  • 2210 — meeting and love are waiting for you soon;
  • 2211 — he wants to part with you;
  • 2212 — always wants to be with you;
  • 2220 — he wants to forget about you;
  • 2221 — only friendship awaits you;
  • 2222 — he often dreams of you.

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

Chinese ritual Guan Yin

In addition to paper fortune telling on sticks, there is an old ritual that came to us from China. The name of this rite is Kuan Yin, in honor of the Chinese goddess of love.

It is made with the help of real sticks, the set consists of 100 pieces. Each of them has its own meaning.

One of these sticks will respond to the generated request.

  • To perform the ritual, a box of chopsticks is taken, shaken well.
  • While the sticks are mixed in the tank, you need to focus on the issue that is most interesting at the moment, and pull out the stick.
  • The value of this stick will be the answer to the question.
  • On the day you can ask Kuan Yin only one question.

Outsiders are not recommended to see a set of sticks, as well as should not be aware of the results of divination. Therefore, Kuan Yin must be kept in a place inaccessible to prying eyes.

If the set falls into the wrong hands, the energy exchange between the host and the ritual chopsticks will be disturbed.

You can make a set of Kuan Yin by yourself. You can write the 100 values ​​on the sticks yourself, or use the ones listed above.

Alternative divination

Every day a lot of things are piling on us, sometimes there is no time to rest. Especially to tell fortunes.

But you can always find a moment to find out what surprises await us in our relations with the beloved (beloved).

  • Take a pen (pencil, marker) and a sheet of paper.
  • Sit back, remember your chosen one (the chosen one) — eyes, gait, smile, and then begin to draw a line of sticks (III …).
  • Stop only when you are tired of this task, however, the lines should fit in one line.
  • Next, go to the next row.

After you have four lines ready, you must cross out three lines in each of them, starting with the first wand (III III …). We are only interested in balances.

It is necessary to write them as a four-digit number (if everything is crossed out in the series, we write zero) and find the corresponding prediction in the list below.

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

So, you did:
0000 — rejoice! He (she) loves you.
0001 — for now you should not be persistent. This may scare the chosen one (tsu).
0002 — a pleasant surprise awaits you.
0010 — he or she likes you. However, do not rush things.
0011 — perhaps shyness interferes with the beloved (oh!
0012 — do not be too intrusive (s),
0020 — he (she) expects decisive action from you.
0021 — he (she) doubts your sincerity.
0022 — he (she) wants to introduce you to his friends.
0100 — your desires are the same.
0101 — he (she) can confuse your head.
0102 — you will spend more time together.
0110 — he (she) hides a grudge against you.
0111 — he (she) is angry with you.
0120 — do not rush to pour out his soul to him (her) — it is likely that they will not understand you!
0121 — if you have a secret, it’s time to open it to a loved one.
0122 — the beloved will arrange a date for you.
0200 — talk heart to heart.
0201 — most of all a heart friend (friend) like your appearance.
0202 — when meeting with him (with her) be affectionate.
0210 — you are waiting for a passionate kiss.
0211 — try to tell other days.
0212 — you are dear to him (her).
0220 — he (she) admires you.
0221 — friends or family do not approve of your choice.
0222 — a quarrel with a loved one is possible.
1000 — it is possible that you will be disappointed.
1001 — invite your lover (s) to the movies.
1002 — he (she) is pleased with your company.
1010 — he (she) often thinks about you.
1011- from his (her) side possible deception.
1012 — do not rush things.
1020 — he (she) wants to talk with you about something important.
1021 — even a harmless joke can hurt a dear person.
1022 — ahead of the wedding.
1100 — perhaps he (she) has another one (s).
1101 — do not ask him (her) too many questions.
1102 — you will not be easy together.
1110 — do not rush to join with him (with her) in the vicinity.
1111 — a love message awaits you.
1112 — more interested in his (her) affairs.
1120 — you will find a romantic date.
1121 — your friends or girlfriends can spoil everything.
1122 — he (she) loves you more than you his (her).
1200 — he (she) appreciates you for justice.
1201 — fate brought you together.
1202 — he (she) likes the way you dress.
1210 — maybe he (she) is deceiving you.
1211 — give him (her) a gift.
1212 — invite him (her) for a walk.
1220 — wait for your beloved (th) to visit.
1221 — without you, he (she) is sad.
1222 — you are far from each other.
2000 — perhaps one of his (her) friends dislikes you.
2001 — A hearty friend (friend) can help you solve problems.
2002 — it is time for all-consuming love and passion.
2010 — in your relationship is scheduled a little chill.
2011 — loves with all my heart.
2012 — perhaps some misunderstanding on the part of the beloved (oops).
2020 — try to call a hearty friend (girlfriend) to a frank conversation — you will learn a lot of interesting things.
2021 — you do not quite fit each other, but if you make an effort, the relationship can be maintained.
2022 — to stay together, apart from feelings, you need common interests.
2100 — you should be more attentive to the partner.
2101 — a rough showdown is coming!
2102 — a pleasant surprise awaits you.
2110 — separation is possible.
2111 — do not be fooled by him (her).
2112 — the beloved (s) may ask an unexpected question.
2120 — you will have to endure much together.
2121 — you make your chosen one nervous.
2122 — do not give a reason for jealousy — it can end badly.
2200 — you are made for each other.
2201 — a loved one is jealous of you.
2202 — introduce your friend (friend) to the company of your friends — this will bring you closer.
2210 — you will be invited on a date.
2211 — perhaps he (she) is thinking of parting with you.
2212 — beloved wants to be with you.
2220 — you should take a break from each other.
2221 — it’s time to pour out his soul to him (her).
2222 — he (she) often thinks about you.

With the help of stones

Litomantia is a fortune telling on precious stones. Gems are a good informant, easily telling about the future.

At the same time, the stones themselves have great strength, which also affects the purity and effectiveness of fortune telling.

Guessing on stones enjoyed incredible popularity among all peoples who lived on the shores of seas and oceans

  • Before the start of the ritual, wash the stones in running water, thus washing away the accumulated information and energy from them.
  • Also, in advance, remove the clock, turn off the mobile phone and other electromagnetic and mechanical devices that knock stones out of the right path.
  • The amulet of solidate, tanzanite, rock crystal, amethyst, topaz, calcite, and obsidine helps make the prediction even more accurate.
  • All the above mentioned stones affect the enlightenment of a person, giving him clairvoyant abilities.

Divination is carried out on an empty stomach and even more so on a sober mind. No food and even more so — alcohol!

Guessing on dashes online, meaning and decoding

Flower divination

Another method of floral divination is made on the hips. It is necessary to pick a rosehip flower, make a wish and throw the flower up, and then see how it fell to the ground. If the flower fell flower receding up — the desire will come true, if down the stem — the desire does not come true. Another old fortune telling — flower.

The first way is divination on lilac flowers about whether the wish will come true or not. We must make a wish, find a flower with five petals on a lilac branch.

If found — the wish will come true. If there is no such flower on the chosen branch, the desire will not come true.

Remember that usually the lilac has four-petal flowers, and before embarking on divination, decide whether it is worth it to end up disappointed and upset.

  • If you are not satisfied with either the first or second option, try — the third.
  • In the summer, go to the field with blooming sunflowers, after making a wish.
  • Remove ten seeds from a sunflower.
  • If among the seeds there will be at least one empty one, then in order to fulfill the desire you will have to work hard.
  • If there are more empty seeds, the desire will not come true.

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