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Guessing on coins: find out why money does not go into your pocket

Guessing on coins: find out why money does not go into your pocket

Often, financial difficulties are pursued constantly, and money does not want to go to the person in the hands. Learn about the strong fortune-telling on coins, with which you can determine exactly what is the cause of material failures.

Preparing for fortune telling

You will need three identical coins, no matter what denomination and color. Put them in front of you and light a red candle. Flame over the money, say: “Only in you is the truth, tell about everything. Truth is in you, help is in you! ”

After that, on each of the coins, draw a sign. Any material will be suitable for this. Our ancestors did this with the help of natural paints, but you can resort to using a spirit marker.

On the first coin there is a vertical strip, on the second — a circle, and on the last — a cross.

Prepare a small bag of linen, preferably not dyed. Fold the coins into it and, tied up with a red ribbon, leave them under a pillow for the night. The next morning you can proceed to fortune telling.

Guessing on three coins

The ritual of divination must be performed upon waking. Take out the bag and twist it in your hands. Remove the ribbon and tie it on the right hand. Stand facing the south, and hide a bag of coins behind your back.

With the hand on which the ribbon is tied, pull out the coin. Each of them will have its value.

Coin with a vertical stripe. If it was she who was in your hands, then all your financial difficulties are simply an unfortunate set of circumstances. You are able to take matters into your own hands and solve the accumulated problems. Your time will come soon, and you will find the desired wealth.

Apply a little more effort and engage in active work. Such a sign in fortune telling symbolizes first of all its own unwillingness to be successful. Tune in a positive way and act.

Coin with a circle. The monetary problem lies in your fears: you are afraid to put financial plans into practice and do not want to make important decisions. In search of easy ways, you yourself have driven yourself into a corner.

In the future, avoid loans and less borrow money. A little thought, you will find a way out of a difficult situation and come up with an effective way to make money. The circle also symbolizes eternal repetition.

Change your business and environment, and you will throw off the shackles of fate.

Coin with a cross. Someone strongly prevents you to bring money into life. It is possible that you have undergone monetary damage or evil eye.

Refer to the protection of talismans and other ways to remove the curse. If the situation does not change over time, contact an extrasensory perception specialist.

Pay attention to your surroundings: perhaps among friends you have enemies. Regular communication with them should be avoided and in no case take money and things from their hands. You should also do with strangers.

Before taking the funds, ask them to put them on the surface and take them from there. And most importantly: when giving alms, put a coin in a special container, and not in the hands of the one who asks.

With the help of this fortune telling you will determine the main cause of monetary failures. Proceed to action to improve your financial situation. Carry out the ritual according to all the rules, and your hand will be the very coin that tells a lot of useful information. Wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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