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Guessing on coffee

Guessing on coffee

Coffee fortune telling is one of the most effective ways to find out your destiny. Everyone can see in the patterns left at the bottom of the cup, their past and future. This ancient fortune-telling came to us from ancient times. On it you can make an accurate prediction of what is in store for you in the near future.

This method involves interpreting the symbols that make up the coffee residue. Animals, plants, figures of people and lines contain a secret meaning.

What can tell the coffee grounds

Coffee is a source of vitality. A person drinks coffee in the morning, but does not realize that this drink can be a source of secret knowledge. Before embarking on the process of divination, it is important to concentrate and formulate your question mentally.

When you make coffee, it is important to do so in complete silence so that foreign objects do not distract you.

In Turk, you need to pour a few spoons of whole-grain coffee and wait for the water to boil. Then take the cup and saucer. It is desirable that the inner surface of the cup was without any patterns, and then it will be difficult to discern the characters formed. Pour the drink into the cup and drink.

After that, grasp the handle and make several circular movements clockwise. Once you have done this, turn the cup abruptly upside down and put it on a saucer.

The secret meaning of coffee patterns

If you are guessing the first time, then know that the residue remaining on the saucer symbolizes the past, and the thick in the cup is your near future.

There are certain rules that read the fate of the coffee grounds. First, the larger the symbol in the cup, the more influence the prediction has on the life of the fortuneteller.

If a cup with a thick one is completely covered with sediment and no lumen is visible, then a cloud is hanging over your life. When the sky clears, it depends on your determination and ability to control the situation. The more bright spots in a cup, the happier a person goes along the road of life.

A guessing person has a difficult task to consider a certain pattern in a distributed thicket. With the right mood, the inner voice is able to suggest associations that arise when you first look at the sediment. Experienced people have long been familiar with the meaning of symbols, but beginners should get to know each of them in detail.

Meaning of characters in divination

Harp — harmony in family relationships, a happy outcome of love affairs
Butterfly — frivolous and exciting adventures
Boot — an unexpected move, leaving work
Bottle — exacerbation of chronic diseases
Libra — litigation. Balanced scales — the triumph of justice, unbalanced — the victory of enemies
The nail is a threat from the inner circle, you may be treated unfairly
Eye — be cautious in business
Mountains — success on the road to achieving the desired
Tree — fulfillment of desires
Toad — flattery and deception of loved ones
The castle is a symbol of fortress spirit
Umbrella — you will need help soon
Cabbage — unfounded jealousy in communication
The key is the prospect of discovering new opportunities.
The book is a difficult quest for truth
Ring — completion of business, quick engagement
Crown — big success, inheritance
Ladder — career advancement, increase in material wealth
Horse — news from the beloved
Bear — making unwise decisions leading to complications
Bridge — luck can leave you at the last moment
Knife — discord and break in relationships
Fire — rash acts and outbursts of anger
Necklace — support for relatives or relatives
Spider — perseverance in character, cunning
The letter is bad news.
Fish — luck in personal life and affairs
Candle — hard work
The sun is a great joy, power
Ax — transient difficulties
Flower — fulfillment of desires
Man — to take guests in the house
Turtle — sensitivity and criticism
Hat — the emergence in the life of envious and enemies
Egg — Prosperity, Success and Wealth

Use fortune telling on coffee when you find yourself in a difficult life situation and you urgently need advice. Without much effort, you can learn what fate is preparing for you and what to hope for.

The main purpose of fortune telling on the coffee grounds is to correctly interpret the meanings of the symbols appearing on the cup. If you can not see the figures, it is best to repeat the rite again. Try to grasp the meaning of the picture and build an associative array.

In this case, you will open the boundaries of the unknown. Guessing on coffee is available even to inexperienced people, do not forget to press buttons and

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