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Guessing on burnt paper: an easy way to know the future

Guessing on burnt paper: an easy way to know the future

Man has always dreamed of learning to see the future, but science has not yet found such a method. But in the esoterica there are many types of divination. One of them is on burnt paper.

Numerological fortune telling has become very popular in the modern world. Confidence instills that the numbers themselves are accurate. Their energy is understandable and can easily be used to predict events.

Guessing on burnt paper is a very ancient way to look into the future.

Preparing for fortune telling

You will need a sheet of paper, the size of which may vary depending on your preferences. Both tetradny sheet and newspaper page will be suitable. Putting a burning piece of paper will need to be refractory to something.

For this ideal plate. You will also need a candle.

Next, you will need to decide what method of fortune telling you choose. There are two main ways. The first is with a question, the second is over the shadow.

You can guess at once in two ways. It is necessary to guess only at night when nobody bothers you. It is better that you be alone.

There should be no mirrors nearby, since they distort the energy flows.

Divination with the answer «yes» or «no»

You need to ask a question, the answer to which will be either «yes» or «no.» Further you should write this question on a leaflet. Then you need to crumple the sheet, put it on a dish and set it on fire. You can join a sheet in any arbitrary way.

This should be done without thinking.

Next, read the plot: “Show me the answer, tell me everything. What I will, and what will not. Who will give me the answer?.

If the paper burns completely, then the answer is “yes.” Otherwise, the answer will be negative. Thus, one can guess not only on the Epiphany evening, but on any other day.

It is best to guess on burnt paper in the New Moon. Guessing should be no more than once a month.

Divination by shadow

You can also follow the shadow that falls from the burning leaf on the wall. First try putting a candle in and putting a crumpled trial sheet in front of it to make sure that the shadow is clear and understandable. Such divination is carried out no more than once every six months.

So, you set fire to the leaf with a candle, then put it on a plate and look at what you end up with. The shadow of the rest of the leaf symbolizes your future. It is useless to give interpretations here, because everyone’s imagination and associative possibilities are different. Someone will see the house, and someone — something else.

It is important to rely only on their own feelings.

Conspiracy before the beginning of fortune telling: “The fire and the shadow came together in the night. Only you do not scream. Do not shout about what will happen.

Who will praise — who will condemn «.

After fortune telling you need to wash off the ashes in the sink. Do not throw away the paper — burn it to the end or tear it into small pieces, saying: «Let it be so».

Divination will help you to know your fate, so get ready for what you can be upset by what you see. However, you should not worry ahead of time: it is known that every person can change the predicted fate according to his strength. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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