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Guessing on a loved one from Elena Yasevich

Guessing on a loved one from Elena Yasevich

Psychic Elena Yasevich told on her website about the old fortune-telling on a loved one. With the help of this fortune telling you can learn about the feelings of your chosen one and how the relationship will develop.

How to tell fortunes to a loved one

Guessing for love Other psychics> Elena Yasevich «> Elena Yasevich recommends after 10 pm. Close all windows and doors, remove jewelry and metal objects from yourself and sit in front of a mirror.

Take two wax candles of the same size and thickness. Write your name on one candle, the name of your chosen one on the other. Mentally ask a question that interests you about your relationship with the man you are wondering about, and light both candles.

Next, observe how they will burn.

  • If the candle of your chosen one will crackle and smoke strongly, then his love for you can be called painful. They are very jealous of you and want to be in charge of relationships.
  • If his candle burns evenly, the flame does not move, the man is serious about you.
  • If the candle flame flutters to the right, then to the left, then the man is not sure of his feelings for you. He probably does not take you seriously or is staring at other women.
  • If the flame of the candle of your partner has gone out, it means that you will not be destined together.

Pay attention in this fortune telling on a loved one on the flowing wax.

  • If it is on your candle and the candle of your man flows down to the left side (to each other), then your relationship will be strong and happy.
  • If the wax drains onto the right side, then there will often be disagreements and quarrels in the relationship.

Elena Yasevich does not recommend extinguishing candles after divination. It is better to leave them burn out. When they go out on their own, you can find out who loves your couple more.

Whose cinder will be less, and that love is stronger.

This free fortune-telling on a loved one from a participant in the “Battle of Psychics”, Elena Yasevich, will let you know the whole truth about your relationship with a man. In order for the prediction to be accurate, it is necessary to tune in to receive information from the other world. To do this, it is enough to concentrate on fortune telling and believe in your own strength. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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