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Guessing love on the cards: what awaits you with your beloved

Guessing love on the cards: what awaits you with your beloved

When love befalls us, it leads to a lot of questions. Love or not? How long will our relationship last?

When is the wedding? Does he cheat on me? Of course, you can leave all these questions and just go with the flow.

But there is another option — you can look into the future and find out the whole truth. Divination for love there is a great many. We offer you a serious card divination that can clearly and concisely tell you about the future of your relationship.

For fortune telling you will need a deck of 36 cards. Stir them and remove with your left hand towards yourself. After that, lay out the cards in a row, in random order, in front of you.

Put as many cards as letters in the name of your loved one. For example, Jacob — 4 cards.

Then shuffle the deck again, remove and again pull out the cards in a random order and place them in a second row. Only now lay out as many cards as there are letters in your full name.

Repeat the whole process again and lay out the third row. In the last row of this fortune telling, there should be as many cards on playing cards as your names add up to.

After that, collect cards of the third row and start to lay out them in two. If the cards turn out to be paired (for example, two aces, two eights, etc.), then they should be put in a pile. If there are an odd number of cards in the row, then the remaining card must be postponed.

She may still be useful.

After that, you need to open the first and second row. This should happen as follows: first lay out the first card of the first row, next to it is the last card of the second row, then the second card of the first row and the penultimate card of the second row, and on the same principle go further and put off the pair cards. The remaining cards can be postponed, as is the case with the third row.

If you have not a single pair, then something interferes with the relationship. This can be learned by repeating the scenario. Only for this you need to use the cards remaining in the deck and those that were postponed for lack of a pair.

In case if after that there was not a single pair, this is a very bad sign. Most likely, your elect deceives you and he has another woman.

If you have formed a pair, you can proceed to the interpretation of fortune telling:

Two aces — if the aces are dark (cross and peaks), then you are not destined to be near. Circumstances wrap up so that you have to leave. If the aces are bright, then you will have a long and happy relationship. If one ace is bright and the other is dark, then on your way to happiness there will be both troubles and joys.

In the end, everything will be fine. When you repeat the scenario — the relationship will prevent some misfortune.

Two kings — With your chosen one, you will be in complete protection. He will do everything for you, but you will have to sacrifice your principles for the sake of happiness. When you repeat the scenario — you will meet another man, because of whom you will throw your lover.

Two ladies — In a relationship with your chosen one, you will choose the position of leader. A man in all of you will obey and indulge your whims. You will become the head of your family.

When you re-arrange this fortune-telling for the love of a guy, a rival will stand in your way.

Two Jacks — This is a sign that in the near future you will have a child. If both jacks are bright, then you and your chosen one will desire this child. If one of the cards is dark, then your lover will be against pregnancy or will simply be unprepared for this event.

When you repeat the scenario — you will be separated by distance.

Two dozen — Between you true love, passion and affection. However, if both cards are dark, then everything can collapse, and the reason for this will be only you. When you repeat the scenario — your relationship is hindered by your character or the character of your chosen one.

Two nines — Everything goes well. There will be everything: love, family, children, money and a family hearth. If the nines are dark, then only sex or calculation will bind you together.

Re-alignment — the vice of your man prevents you from maintaining a relationship.

Two eights — Sign of the wedding and family well-being. If the cards are dark, then you reject this offer, or you have to wait a very long time. When you repeat the situation — your straightness, your past and its prejudices interfere with relations.

Two sevens — Mutual interest, love, general activities and unanimity. All this as a result will unite you. However, if the cards are dark, then you are likely to get tired of his company and want to part.

If this is a repeat alignment, then the man does not take you seriously.

Two sixes — You are waiting for a long relationship. If the cards are of dark suit, then as a result of this relationship you will be left with nothing. When you repeat the situation — your relationship is hampered by different views on life and differences in lifestyle.

This fortune-telling on love cards will help you to know the fate with your loved one, and even to find out the reason why there was a rift in your relationship. To believe in cards or not is everyone’s business. But it is worth noting that nothing reveals fate in such detail as fortune-telling on playing cards.

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