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Guessing love on chicken bones

Guessing love on chicken bones

Guessing on chicken bones are not too numerous, but the fact that they provide very accurate answers is beyond doubt. Our ancestors were able to decipher information about the future, even in such trifles.

Divination for desire

It is necessary to eat chicken and bones in a red rag. Next, go around the house and sentence: «What was in the egg, what came out of the egg, what walked around the yard and the millet pecked, what the head was chopped and boiled with noodles, what I dressing and the bones from the flesh removed, say: be my wish performed by or not? «. Next, make a wish and leave the bones for the night.

Check this place in the morning: if the bones are not in place, then the desire does not come true, if they are covered with sand (in winter — with snow), then it is better not to strive to fulfill your desire. In the case when a few bones are not in place, dragged or blown away by the wind, then first all the higher forces will help you to reach the goal, but as a result, nothing will come of it. Happiness will smile upon you in the event that you find everything exactly as it was left.

You can find out whether your wish will come true in several ways, for example, by reading a book.

Divination for the wedding in the current year

After the holiday feast, collect the chicken bones, wrap it in a bundle and, after walking out of the house, bury it in the ground right in a rag. Check out this place in the morning. If it is dug up, then the matchmakers will soon be sent to the house and you will have a wedding.

If this place is not dug up, there will be no marriage this year.

On a loved one

first way:

Girlfriends get together and the older one throws up chicken bones. Everyone can find out what her bridegroom will have for the bone that he will catch. If you got a chicken leg, then a stranger, wings — it means local and it is likely that the couple will live with the mother-in-law. If a girl gets a bone from a chicken neck, she can manipulate her husband as she wants.

A girl who has not caught a single bone will remain unmarried for the time being. Lucky lucky ones can choose the right day for marriage, so that the family can be strong and happy. This can be done according to the lunar calendar.

second way:

Another way to find out if the future husband lives in your city or in another is possible in the following way: each of them brings in one chicken bone and marks it in order not to be confused. All these bones together form a hollow. The next day, check: if the bone is left, then the husband will be local, and not found — then a visitor.

Thymus bone: good luck or bad luck

Another easy guessing on chicken bone is breaking open the chicken thymus. Two people hold it at two different ends and pull it at the same time, breaking it. Whoever gets the big bone, will get lucky.

From the second person, luck can turn away.

It happens that the chicken bones are affected by black magic in order to harm, and then they hide in the house of a person whom they wish evil. This is called a lining. If you found chicken bones in your house in a secret place and the child could not put them there, then do not touch them, wrap them in cloth and burn them, and burn the ashes.

This is not the only kind of lining, so be careful. All the best and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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