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Guessing «formula of love»: what future awaits you in a relationship

Divination «Formula of Love»: what future awaits you in a relationship

With the help of Chinese fortune-telling «Formula of Love» you can learn about the future of relations with your loved one. How will your fate? Will you be happy together?

What problems in the pair can arise? All of this will tell our fortune telling on paper.

How to calculate your formula of love

For the fortune-telling «Formula of Love» you will need a piece of paper, a pen and the table below.

  1. these are letters A, K, U, b
  2. these are letters B, L, F, E
  3. these are letters V, M, X, Yu
  4. these are letters G, N, C, I
  5. these are letters D, Oh, H
  6. these are letters Е, П, Ш
  7. these are letters Ж, Р, Щ
  8. these are letters 3, C, b
  9. These are letters I, T, S

Answer seven questions:

  1. How many letters are in your name?
  2. How many letters in the name of your chosen one?
  3. Does your name contain the letter O? What about the account? (if not, then put 0).
  4. Does your chosen one have the letter O? What about the account? (if not, put 0).
  5. What is the numeric value of the first letter of your name? (Use the table).
  6. What is the numerical value of the first letter in the name of your chosen one? (Use the table).
  7. How many letters L in your names?

Answers to these questions should be given in numerical form. Having received seven numbers, we calculate the future of relations using the formula of love: (L — 7) x 2.

L is the sum of all the answers.

The result must be converted to a prime number (from 1 to 9) by summing its components.

The interpretation of fortune-telling «Formula of Love»

Number 1 — your love is strong. You experience a great attraction to each other. Your relationship is full of emotions and feelings. But harmony can collapse as soon as one of you begins to subdue the other.

Do not limit the freedom of your partner and try to control it. Such a pair has every chance of a long and happy union.

Number 2 — You are very similar. Your partner and you understand each other perfectly. You seem to be made for each other. On the one hand, this is good.

In such a union, you can always find a common language, understand each other and agree. On the other hand, such a couple will not constantly lack of emotion, which ultimately leads to quarrels. Look for better adrenaline and emotions in hobbies, sports, at work and other places.

A partner give only tenderness and love.

Number 3 — such a union can be called happy. You are well suited to each other. Understanding and mutual attraction immediately arise between people in such relationships.

Common interests, mutual respect and, of course, love — this is what keeps such couples together.

Number 4 — controversial alliance. Together you feel bad, apart even worse. Guessing «Formula of Love» indicates that in such unions, lovers are constantly at the peak of passions and emotions.

They always have in reserve claims against each other and the reasons for the quarrel. Relationships in such a pair can be strong and happy if the partners start to love each other as they are.

Number 5 — this union is built on passion and deep feelings. In such a pair, people are initially blinded by their feelings and desires. But time passes, and they notice that the one who is close to them is not so perfect. Caution!

Together with the pink glasses, love can disappear!

Number 6 — quite harmonious union. Partners in this pair understand each other. They are good together, and this is important. However, feelings can be destroyed due to mutual distrust.

Jealousy can ruin all love. Partners need to learn to trust each other.

Number 7 — this union can become strong and happy, but only if one of the partners agrees with the leadership of the other in the pair. Equality here will not work. Lovers in this union will mutually strive to obtain new sensations and emotions that will constantly refresh their relationship.

Number 8 — difficult union. If at the beginning of a relationship was romance, then it will quickly pass. Partners can get bogged down in mutual recriminations and discontent with each other. Do not turn life together into hell.

Either it is necessary to disperse, or to find common points of contact with the chosen one. Patience, mutual understanding and the desire to be together no matter what will help create a strong union.

Number 9 — complete incompatibility of partners. In such an alliance, it is very difficult for people to compromise, understand each other and support. In addition, the relationship will be a constant war for leadership. But this does not mean that this pair has no future.

In order to maintain relationships, it is necessary to make concessions more often and listen to each other’s desires.

We hope that this ancient Chinese fortune-telling «Formula of Love» helped you to know the truth about the future of your relationship. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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