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Guessing for the near future on playing cards

Guessing for the near future on playing cards

Each of us at least once dreamed of knowing our future fate. One of the most accurate ways of divination for the near future is a regular playing card deck. With the help of a simple layout you can find out your destiny and attract luck to yourself.

Guessing on an ordinary playing deck is primarily used by gypsy predictors. Gypsy fortune telling eventually spread and became accessible to all.

Simple card layouts will allow you to know your future one day or a week in advance. For successful and truthful divination, it is necessary to observe several immutable rules:

  • the deck must be purchased specifically for fortune telling;
  • do not give another person to use your deck;
  • need to guess alone;
  • it is better to keep the deck in a certain place, and also to have a special tablecloth for it.

The value of playing cards for fortune telling

Peak 6: long road, moving or traveling; unjustified hopes, boredom and discontent. Tip: it all depends on your efforts.

7 peak: discovery of the secret and hidden, unexpected discovery. Advice: do not trust strangers.

8 peak: new connections and acquaintances, visiting, emotional communication. Advice: listen to the instructions of loved ones.

9 peak: obstacles and troubles, difficulties and obstacles; severe physical and emotional state, which will have to cope alone. Tip: fight for yourself.

10 peak: restrictions, asceticism, lack of understanding of others, violation of plans. Advice: let yourself be alone.

Jack peak: futility, laziness, idleness, longing; depression; rumors and gossip. Tip: overcome yourself.

Queen of Spades: evil, malevolent woman; hidden threat. Advice: be careful!

King of Spades: registration of official papers; training. Tip: fate is on your side.

Ace of spades: the bitter truth, the bad news; unnecessary meeting; fears, stress. Tip: Be careful.

6 clubs: stable situation; cases, let loose. Tip: no time to change circumstances.

7 clubs: new information and conditions; changes in the way of life. Tip: take advantage of this opportunity.

8 clubs: meeting destined by fate; unexpected success. Tip: catch your chance.

9 clubs: big money; acquisitions. Tip: help solve the problem of money.

10 clubs: unexpected pleasant changes; gifts, new meeting; beauty. Advice: have fun.

Jack of clubs: many worries; help other people; everything will depend on your decision. Tip: Believe in your strength.

Queen of clubs: success and humor; scheduled celebration. Advice: take everything into your own hands.

King of clubs: timely assistance; meeting old friends. Tip: you are responsible for your actions.

Ace of clubs: new meeting that will benefit. Tip: look at your friends.

6 tambourine: road; a pleasant surprise. Advice: follow the call of your heart.

7 tambourine: celebration, joyful meeting; a dream come true. Tip: maintain your good mood.

8 tambourine: successful solution of domestic difficulties; home purchase; repairs. Advice: go to meet the changes.

9 tambourine: egocentrism; new circumstances; Difficult choice. Tip: get yours at any cost.

10 tambourine: justice; increased health; quiet time; no problems. Tip: do not stay alone.

Jack tambourine: sadness left behind; help of old friends; reconciliation. Advice: consult with relatives.

Lady tambourine: important decision; possible pregnancy. Advice: be on your guard.

King tambourine: a dream come true; your plans are close to execution. Tip: do not give up.

Ace of diamonds: favorable material costs; entertainment, party, holiday. Advice: get as many pleasant emotions as possible.

6 worms: the return of health; nice road. Advice: do not be afraid to insist on your own.

7 worms: intuitive knowledge, spiritual experience, mysticism. Advice: they keep a secret from you — wait for the moment and uncover it.

8 worms: surprise; drastic changes; pleasant acquaintance. Tip: communicate more with new people.

9 worms: wedding; wedding; nice trip. Advice: expect happiness.

10 worms: romantic relationship; new novel, love. Tip: rely on your emotions.

Jack of Hearts: secret romance; guests and unexpected news. Advice: be careful, notice what is happening around you.

Lady of Hearts: healthy pregnancy; children; change for the better. Tip: look for support in your family.

King of Hearts: safe way home; work that brings joy, creative enthusiasm. Advice: bring light and happiness to other people.

Ace of Hearts: communication with young children; long-awaited trip. Tip: learn to give way.

Divination for tomorrow

This alignment allows you to get a description of tomorrow, or any day that interests you. The alignment shows what to expect from morning to evening, what course of events to prepare for and how to behave in order to spend the chosen day as well as possible.

Alone, prepare a place for divination and shuffle the deck. Then draw three cards with your left hand and place them in a row from left to right, face down. Then pull the second three and put it in the second row under the first one.

Then repeat the action again, putting the third row under the first two.

This alignment fully characterizes your day: the top row tells you how the morning begins, the second — how the day will pass, and the third — what to expect from the evening. After you have laid out all the cards, draw another one and put it aside: it is interpreted as advice.

Fortune telling for a week

A week card layout is able to help you to approximately interpret each day and see the expected course of events. Having prepared a place for fortune telling, shuffle the deck, mixing cards with your left hand.

Then draw seven cards from the deck and place them in a vertical row from bottom to top. Then draw seven more cards and place them in the second row, copying the first one. After turning over the cards at once in both rows from the bottom up: the first two cards will tell you about Monday, the second about Tuesday and so on.

If you like to play solitaire, then solitaire-fortune telling is a good way to know your future. With it, you can draw a whole picture of what awaits you, and get comprehensive advice. We wish you a happy fate and good fortune telling. Smile often and don’t forget to press buttons and

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