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Guessing for love: the alignment of cards on relationships

Guessing for love: the alignment of cards on relationships

Learn about what kind of relationship you develop with your loved one, you can in many different ways. But more popular is still the card game. Guessing love on the cards will help to see the whole picture of your relationship.

A simple alignment and the desire to know the future will help you learn all the secrets of your novel.

For fortune telling you will need a deck of 36 cards. Immediately you should make a reservation that the cards on which at least once played, will not work for fortune telling. To find out your fate, it is better to get special cards, on which you will only guess.

Shuffle the deck, remove the top of the little finger of your left hand and fold the cards one shirt up into several stacks. Stacks should be exactly as many letters in the name of your chosen one. In the process of divination for love you need to think only about him.

After you lay out all the cards, turn over each pile. If your sweetheart is blond, then all the black suits should be removed in order from each inverted pile until a red suit appears. If your chosen one is a brunet, then it is necessary to remove the cards of the red suit from each pile before the appearance of the cards of black suits. When the first cards in each pile are the suits you need, you need to collect all the cards, but do not mix them.

After that, the whole procedure is repeated, only the number of stacks will change. It will be equal to the number of letters diminutive name of your partner.

Then all the remaining cards need to be collected and put on two. Watch the result of divination for love is necessary by the presence of paired cards:

  • 2 sixes — marriage, loyalty, love;
  • 2 sevens — date If one of the sevens of the peak suit, then the meeting will take place in the dark and drinking alcohol;
  • 2 eights — serious talk. If there is a peak suit — it is to parting;
  • 2 nines — love, happiness and mutual understanding. If one of the cards of the peak suit, then you will find unrequited love, tears because of the beloved and mental agony;
  • 2 dozen — in the relationship will be the calculation. Someone in the pair will seek the benefit of a love union, use the material means and connections of their partner;
  • 2 jacks — problems and differences in the pair. If one of the jacks is peak, then quarrels will be from scratch;
  • 2 ladies — gossip, intrigue, rival. If there is a queen of spades, then this is a sign of quarrels motivated by jealousy and distrust;
  • 2 kings — friend, helper, new boyfriend. If one of the cards of the peak suit, then beware of the ill-wisher;
  • 2 aces — intimate relationship. If with a peak ace, then problems in bed or destructive passion.

If among the cards there will be no pair, This means that your fate has not yet been determined, and you, thanks to your actions, words and actions, can achieve the result you desire.

This fortune telling on love cards is not recommended to be used more than once a month, otherwise the cards will tell a lie. In order for the prediction to be accurate, it is necessary to take into account the energy binding with the maps. If you often wonder, then you must protect your deck from the hands of others.

Only then will the maps always give you an accurate forecast.

Do not forget that fortune telling for love can only offer you one of the most likely scenarios for the development of events in your relationship. Fully trusting the prediction is not worth it, especially if it is unfavorable. Remember that you yourself are the creator of your destiny, and fortune telling only helps to avoid trouble and suggest how to change the situation for the better. And to attract good luck in love, do not forget to press the buttons and

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