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Guessing for girls — three varieties

Guessing for girls is one of the most beloved, most exciting and most exciting activities. And this is not surprising, because they open the door to the world of the unknown and the mysterious, give answers to the most intimate questions, and sometimes make it possible to make the right choice.

The following are the most popular and effective ways of such divination.

Guessing for girls - three varieties

Apple is one of the most mystical fruits. He was actively used (and used to this day!) In pagan rituals, magical rituals and fortuneteering. A young girl with an apple can decide which of the boys she likes more and which one of them will be better for her.

To do this, you need apples in an amount equal to the number of young people from which you choose. On each of the apples write the name of one of them.

Then in the dark room, bite each apple in turn. Take out the apple, which will be the most delicious, and read the name on it.

This will be the best guy!

This fortune telling gives the answer to any question posed. To do this, mentally ask any specific question, for example, «Does he love me?». After that, you need to go out and carefully listen to the answers of passersby.

The first phrase you hear will be the answer. This fortune telling is both simple and complex. Simple because no special items are needed for it and you can use it anywhere and anytime.

Difficult, because you need to be able to correctly interpret the answer received. This requires not so much experience and knowledge as a good intuition.

Guessing for girls - three varieties

A deck of 36 cards is taken. It decomposes into as many piles as there are letters in the name of the guy you are guessing at.

When the cards are finished, take the stack on which the last card was placed and place the cards out of it into the remaining piles. Then again, take the stack with the last card and fold it again. Repeat until only one pile is left.

Then lay out two cards from it until two identical pictures appear.

If this:
2 jacks — he is crazy about your figure
2 ladies — he likes your face
2 kings — he likes your mind
2 aces of different colors — he loves you
2 red aces — passionate love
2 black aces — fatal love

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