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Guessing feelings using cards

From time immemorial, girls have sought to learn about the feelings of the chosen one to themselves. And today this question remains very relevant. Therefore, divination of the senses is a very popular rite.

Despite the fact that today on the Internet you can find a huge number of sites with online divination, many are eager to learn about the feelings of a person using old-fashioned methods.

Guessing feelings using cards

There is a huge number of rituals, thanks to which you can get reliable predictions about the feelings of the chosen one. Guessing feelings can be obtained using various attributes.

The most popular fortune telling is the rite using a deck with 36 cards. In this case, you can only use a new deck of cards.

Cards are carefully shuffled, and then removed with his left hand towards him, and the top card is laid out in front of him face down. Similar actions continue until you have seven cards in front of you.

After this, the cards are reversed, and the decoding of the resulting alignment is performed:

  • The first card reveals personal feelings, deep feelings of a person and his expectations;
  • The second card opens up your prospects, you will understand what the future development of your relationship can be and how serious they can be;
  • The third map shows the concerns that you have about your relationship with your chosen one;
  • The fourth card emphasizes what you and your elect can donate, and you and your partner are willing to pay for love and peace in the relationship with the continuation of the relationship;
  • The fifth card tells specifically about the attitude of your elect to you and reveals his feelings, as well as views on you in the future;
  • The sixth map indicates how much higher powers will favor the development of your relationship;
  • The seventh map predicts various options for the development of relations in the future.

Decoding cards can be found in the article The Value of Cards in Divination, but it is important to take into account their combination by suit and be sure to listen to your own intuition.

Guessing feelings using cards

In order to find out the feelings of a loved one, you can use the fortune-telling, which is known as the Three Kings. First you need to pull out of the deck of all the kings.

Among them, you need to indicate your chosen one.

The selection must be made in accordance with the following rules:

  • The King of Hearts is suitable for a man less than 50 years old with blond hair;
  • The King of Clubs is suitable for a man less than 50 years old with dark hair;
  • King tambourine is suitable for a man over 50 with blond hair;
  • King of Spades is suitable for a man over the age of 50 with dark hair.

The card, which will mark your chosen one, on which divination is carried out, must be placed on the center of the table, and the three other kings will be laid out above it.

After that, the cards need to be shuffled and begin to lay out on the kings, face-up, with the king, denoting the chosen one, must remain free until the last card in the deck, which will need to be put on it. Then the cards are collected from all the kings again in the deck and all actions are repeated until there are three cards on the king, symbolizing your chosen one.

After that, three cars need to be turned over and interpreted in combination, taking into account their meanings:

  • Ace — your chosen one feels tender feelings for you, but you should not rush things and you should wait until life itself puts everything in its place;
  • Lady — you have a rival, and your elect cannot yet make a choice. And it should be understood that if the lady is the first card on the king, then the situation is very serious;
  • Jack — you need to carefully look at your chosen one, most likely, he is an egoist and next to you is for mercenary purposes. You should understand how correct your choice is;
  • Ten — your elect has exceptionally friendly feelings for you that have nothing to do with sincere love;
  • Nine — love from your chosen one is sincere and real, but, unfortunately, in life events will always unfold, so that she will always be threatened with something. In order to save the union, it is necessary to put a lot of effort;
  • Eight — it will be possible to talk about the strength of feelings and the nature of relationships only after a serious conversation takes place between you and your chosen one;
  • Seven — your chosen one is very serious about you and soon there may be an unexpected offer from him, which will not necessarily concern the marriage;
  • Six — you do not have a common future with your chosen one, you are completely different people and if you try to go against fate, none of you will be happy.

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