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Guessing by the hour on the same numbers: instructions for hands

Guessing by the hour: what will tell the same numbers

Not very popular fortune telling on the clock undeservedly forgotten. But this is a simple and proven way to know the future.

You do not need to perform any special ritual — just mark when you see the repeating numbers on the watch, and memorize them.

What do the same numbers say

If you notice the same numbers on your watch, remember them.

Guessing by the hour on the same numbers: instructions for hands

Important: all four numbers will not necessarily match. It can be a variety of combinations, each of which also has a specific meaning.

Units and zeros

Deciphering numbers by electronic clock:

  • 00:00 Promises speedy fulfillment of desire. But on the condition that you do not dream of harming someone, if your intentions are pure and will benefit others. In the coming days, it is desirable to abstract from negative emotions.
  • 01:01. Good buddy pleases good news
  • 01:10. You spend a lot of energy and strength on useless things. Productivity falls, get busy, not empty entertainment, and success is guaranteed
  • 01:11. You will receive several attractive financial offers that may seem absurd at first glance. But do not refuse, but think well — perhaps this is your chance to correct the situation.
  • 10:10. You will win in an exciting situation, but on condition that you put enough effort into a favorable outcome.
  • 11:11. Powerful and wealthy person will subjugate you in the future
  • 02:02. A close and loving person will please you with a pleasant surprise soon.
  • 02: 20. You often are careless in statements. Match words before you speak.
  • 02:22. The secret will be revealed. Get ready to be surprised
  • 03:03 In the near future you will meet a man of the opposite sex, with whom a tumultuous romance will begin. But how it will develop depends on you more than on your partner.
  • 03:30 Stability accompanies you in everything, cardinal changes should not be expected
  • 03:33. A favorable period in life. Good luck accompanies in everything, do not miss profitable chances

If you look at the time on the clock and constantly see combinations with fours:

  • 04:04. You are moving in the wrong direction and completely confused. We need to stop, reassess priorities, and then continue
  • 04:40. Get ready for the difficulties. By the time they will last 24 hours. If you want to avoid — do not leave the house day
  • 04:44. Figures predict a series of quarrels with colleagues and supervisor

Guessing by the hour on the same numbers: instructions for hands

  • 05:05 Someone is sharpening your teeth, spreading gossip and false rumors, trying to ruin the reputation
  • 05:50 You are in danger, be alert and look around
  • 05:55. Your life can dramatically change for the better. Some new acquaintance will affect this.

06:06 Wait for an invitation to a major event

07:07. Problems with the law are likely, even if you didn’t do anything

08:08. Suddenly get a large amount of money. This is either a gain or a return of old debt.

09:09. You are too wasteful, try to treat spending more intelligently.

Combinations of numbers

Look not only at the same numbers, but also at their combinations. These may be similar pairs of numbers, or mirror images: for example, 12:21, 14:14, and so on.

Guessing by the hour on the same numbers: instructions for hands

  • 12:12 In a relationship with a loved one, peace and quiet. Everything will be fine and calm
  • 12:21 Someone in love with you
  • 13:13 Your constant rival, with whom you compete from time to time, runs the risk of winning
  • 13:31. The combination promises the fulfillment of the old desire
  • 14:14. Take the initiative and take the first step towards your loved one. Then everything will be fine
  • 3:15 pm Do not ignore the advice of those who are older and more experienced than you.
  • 16:16. Adverse travel time
  • 17:17. Abstract from the usual environment — it spoils your life
  • 18:18. In the near future, avoid public transport.
  • 19:19 There is a white stripe, good luck will be in everything
  • 20:02. Conflicts and quarrels with friends are likely.
  • 20:20. Try not to quarrel with loved ones
  • 21:12 We need to finish the work as soon as possible.
  • 21.21. You suddenly find out that some old friend has long been in love with you
  • 22.22 You will meet an important person for you who will play a huge role in your destiny.
  • 23:23. There is a negative person in your environment, an energetic vampire. We need to protect from any contact with him.
  • 23:32. Be wary of old enemies

Watch the video about the value of numbers on the clock:

Tips and tricks

There are some rules you need to know if you want your fortune-telling to be reliable:

  1. Repeating numbers and their combinations acquire magical significance in just two days of the week: Thursday and Tuesday. On all other days, do not pay attention to the clock, if you notice the same numbers, they have no mysterious meaning and do not carry predictions
  2. Do not try to specifically look at the dial in the «happy» hours. Such an attempt to deceive the Universe is not only useless, but can attract negative in life. Higher forces will definitely try to teach you a lesson
  3. In the East, it is believed that it is necessary to fear any combinations with the nine. If you do not want to see a negative prediction, try to forget about what you saw on the dial.
  4. The most powerful predictions that come true quickly contain odd numbers. Even, on the contrary, often slow down the course of events, and also predominantly speak about negative events that will soon occur

Remember: not every prediction comes true. The universe can simply send you a sign — a warning about what you should not do, and what you need to pay attention to.

Proper behavior in such situations will save you from negative consequences and help you quickly execute positive ones.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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