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Guessing attitude: what does a loved one think of me

Guessing attitude: what does a loved one think of me

How often we try to read other people’s thoughts and find out what our second half thinks of us. But an alien soul, as is known, is darkness, and the same applies to hidden feelings. In such situations, fortune-telling and rituals simply cannot be done — only with their help one can find out what lies on the heart of the beloved.

In some cases, divination helps the feelings of a loved one.

Sometimes you can meet for quite some time or even live for a long time under the same roof. And suddenly to feel that your partner is not saying something: there are shortcomings, and the home atmosphere is heating up. Or, on the contrary, your man comes home silent and silent, refuses to answer your questions, and you are left alone with unthinkable guesses.

Love or not? Suddenly he has another? Maybe dinner was not as tasty as always?

So you can build assumptions to infinity, and then experience and fill the pillow with tears all night long.

A simple fortune telling with a candle will help dispel your doubts and find out what is happening in your man’s thoughts. Catch on wax drops and not be tormented by vain suspicions.

Fortune telling

Guessing on the feelings and thoughts you need in the evening. To do this, you need a regular candle, rose oil or rosemary, and a deep container, such as a bowl. It is important that at this time no one bothers you. You need to tie a ribbon on a candle: if you are guessing at a person with whom you already have a relationship, for example, for a husband, a beloved man, a young man — use a red ribbon.

If you go to know about the feelings of the beloved, in front of whom you have not yet revealed, take a white ribbon.

Having prepared everything you need, sit as you feel comfortable and light a candle. Looking at her flame, say the following phrase: “I appeal to you, the power of Fire. Please open your mind. (beloved name) for me.

The phrase must be spoken seven times.

After that, sit opposite the bowl, pour water into it and put 7 drops of rose oil that you have already prepared. Then take a candle in your left hand and begin to drip wax into the water. Attention should be paid to the condition of the candle: pour into the water the wax that will be melted by the fire after reading the plot, you do not need to overexpose the candle above water.

When all the wax has been drained into the container, do not touch or move it, it is better to just go to bed. In the morning you will need to go to the bowl and look at the drops of wax. They will tell you all about feelings.

If all the droplets gathered in one place, be sure that your other half loves you madly. Such a position of drops speaks of a very high probability of mutual feelings to those who have not yet connected their lives with their beloved.

If the droplets of wax are not gathered together and frozen separately from each other, you should think about whether your beloved is a true companion of life — perhaps you should reconsider your relationship.

Sometimes in wax drops figures or objects are guessed. They can be used as tips. But the exact interpretation of such figures is not attached, because only you can unravel the secret meaning of the message intended for you.

In this case, you need to allow the thoughts to connect themselves to guess or use to decipher tips for fortune telling on the coffee grounds.

Many people think that it is not necessary to know how others treat you in order to be happy. You can just love and enjoy life. Sometimes a simple frank conversation is enough to reveal all the cards. If this does not happen, use a simple fortune-telling on the ratio of frozen wax and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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