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Guessing at the person: who is who in your environment

Guessing at the person: who is who in your environment

Sometimes it is difficult to determine who is a friend and who is an enemy. People can smile at us and say compliments, and dismiss unpleasant rumors behind their backs. How to find out who treats you?

We suggest you use fortune telling on the attitude of a person.

How to tell fortunes to man

For fortune telling, you will need a simple white candle and a photograph of the person you are guessing at.

Guessing the attitude of a person is best carried out in the evening, after sunset. Sit back at the table, put a photograph of a man in front of you. You can frame the photo, as long as it is standing, not lying.

Between yourself and the photo, put a lighted candle. Then extinguish the light and watch the candle burn.

  • If the flame burns evenly and calmly, then the person you think is good to you. This indicates the sincerity of his relationship with you.
  • If a candle burns out on one side, it means that a person often lies to you. He is probably not sincere with you. But this does not mean that he treats you badly, because a lie can also be a salvation. In addition, this person may simply be a pathological liar.
  • If the candle begins to smoke or crack, then this indicates anger and hatred on the part of the person. Most likely, he envies you, but does not manifest it openly.
  • If wax begins to drip abundantly from a candle, this is an unkind sign. In this fortune-telling on attitudes, this phenomenon reveals a grudge concealed against you. In the past, you have greatly offended a person, betrayed or disappointed, and his wounds are still fresh.

This fortune-telling on attitudes is more productive to conduct with a living person, and not with his photograph. That’s just not everyone will understand this ritual and very few people will agree to let you know all his underlings. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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