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Guessing at home: three divinations for love

Guessing at home: three divinations for love

Sometimes love bursts into our lives unexpectedly, and we don’t know what to expect from it. The feelings that have arisen in the heart, can give rise to a lot of questions, the answers to which without the help of fortune telling are sometimes unrealistic. Divination for love, which was used in ancient times, can reveal the truth and show us the right path. Are you ready to learn the truth about your loved one?

Learn the truth about the feelings that he has for you and the further development of your relationship? Then these five fortune telling will help you figure it out.

First fortune telling

One of the most ancient, will help you to know the name of the one who has a feeling of love for you. Take a piece of paper, cut it into small strips. On each strip write the name of the person who you think may be in love with you. Then take a bowl of water and glue pieces of paper around the entire circumference.

After that, light a small piece of the candle, place it in the shell of the walnut (or in any other object that does not sink in water) and run the whole structure in the center of the bowl with water.

To which piece of paper a candle will come up and set it on fire, the person whose name is written on a piece of paper loves you. In the same way you can learn the development of relations with your other half. Only instead of names on pieces of paper you need to write events that may occur in your relationship (parting, wedding, childbirth, etc.).

Second fortune telling

Divination can answer the question about your relationship and the sincerity of the feelings of your chosen one or chosen one. Take two candles. One candle is you. The other is the person you are interested in.

Light your left hand first with your candle, then with the candle of your other half. The essence of fortune telling comes down to how two candles will behave. Watch them burn.

If both candles burn evenly and without cod, then your relationship will be calm and stable. If your candle started to crackle or smoke — this is a sign that you will soon change your attitude towards the person you are wondering. Perhaps you yourself will break with the person you are interested in. If his candle starts to crackle, then that person does not have strong feelings for you.

If both candles burn with a bang and melt, then it will be very difficult together. In this case, you can hardly be together.

Wax read

This fortune telling is one of the most truthful fortune telling on a loved one. With the help of this fortune telling you can get an answer to any question about the relationship and your loved one. To do this, take a candle and a plate of water.

Light a candle and wait until the fire melts the wax at the base of the wick. Then take the candle in your left hand and tilt it over a plate of water. The wax will drip and shapes will form on the surface of the water.

The interpretation of fortune telling on wax, as a rule, is based on clear figures formed by drops of wax. These figures can be interpreted independently, it is enough just to show imagination. If the figure on the water is not like anything, then the prediction can be interpreted by the location of wax blots and drops. If you see a few drops, about the same size, then you will find a strong love.

If on the water you saw one big blob — this is a sign of loneliness or unrequited love. If there are several drops and they are stuck together in front of you, then this is a harbinger of happiness and mutual understanding in love. If the drops formed a strip — it means that you still have to fight for your love.

It can also mean checking your relationship for reliability and loyalty.

Knowing your destiny, finding out the name of your second half and telling fortunes — such a desire does not leave people alone in the 21st century. And all because curiosity and the desire to predict events take precedence over us. Divination for love is a great way to satisfy your curiosity. The truth is that fortune telling does not always come true.

That’s because our life is unpredictable, and everything in it can change at any time. However, most people in our world trust fortune-telling for the future and use them as a reliable source of information. We hope that your fortune telling will come true and do not forget to press the buttons and

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