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Guessing at home: how to guess the tea

Guessing at home: how to guess the tea

To know the future, it is not necessary to perform ancient magic rituals. It is enough just to believe in the magical power of the objects that surround us. You can use in fortune telling what everyone almost always has at hand.

Such simple divinations are interesting because they can be used anywhere and at any time. The main thing is to tune in to receive information about the future. One of such divinations is divination on the tea leaves.

Tea fortune telling is one of the most common ways of fortune telling. It is somewhat reminiscent of fortune telling on the coffee grounds, but the interpretation of this fortune telling is very different. In order to find out the future by the tea leaves, it is necessary to pour a spoonful of black leaf tea into a white cup and brew.

Tea should be chosen as a small-leaf one, since it is very difficult to read on large leaves of tea.

After that, you need to drink a cup of tea to the bottom, leaving only tea leaves and some liquid. With your left hand, you need to shake the cup a little and then you can begin to interpret divination. The shapes on the bottom of the cup are the key to your future.

The interpretation of the signs is as follows: visually divide the bottom and walls of the cup into two parts: the part that adjoins the handle is what happens to your loved ones, the other side is what will happen to you personally.

Saw the cross — it is a harbinger of illness or death. It can also mean trouble and betrayal.

Ladder means success associated with professional activities. Most likely, you will be promoted or offered a more profitable place of work.

Arrow means bad news. A circle may be a sign of a quick marriage or the appearance of the second half in your life.

Destroyed building foretells impossible dreams. All the things you are most dreaming about right now will not come true.

The road promises changes in relations with relatives and close people. If the road is uneven, then this is a sign of difficulties that will fall in your way. The road, which abruptly turns aside, foreshadows unexpected changes that may take surprise.

The key is a sign of happiness and good luck. All your wishes will come true soon. This sign promises success in all spheres of life: in work, love and money.

The tree foreshadows good health. If he was seen by a sick man, he would soon recover.

Ax — a sign of danger. Be careful in everything, do not trust unfamiliar people, avoid unnecessary cash waste and control your emotions.

A hand means strong support from your parents. This is what gives you the strength to move forward and seek new victories.

If the tea leaves do not look like a particular figure, then this can also be interpreted. If they are arranged in groups, it means quick profits, financial gain and good luck. If the tea leaves are lined up, this is a sign that your wish will come true soon.

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