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Guessing a relationship from Marilyn Kerro

Guessing a relationship from Marilyn Kerro

Psychic Marilyn Kerro told about the method of fortune-telling on people’s relationships. This ritual will allow a person to find out how other people treat him. Sometimes it is impossible to even imagine who really wants good, and who in the depths of his heart hates.

How to guess the relationship

For fortune telling on the relationship will require a few matches. Their number should be equal to the number of people on whom the ritual will be performed. It is desirable that their number does not exceed five.

All matches need to stick in a piece of bread in a circle. Another one is stuck in the center, which will personify the guessing person. The rest will denote a particular person.

In order to remember which match symbolizes whom, Marilyn Kerro advises to make a mark next to each one, or simply to number them.

After you need to focus and think about the people on whose attitude to guess. Next you need to take a torch or a taper and gently light all the matches in a circle. Last central match is set on fire.

The value of fortune telling on relationships

When the matches completely burn out, you can proceed to the interpretation of divination. It is necessary to carefully consider the position of the match taken in relation to the match guessing after it burned.

That match, which will be bent in the direction of the central, says that this person treats the fortune-telling well. This is a good sign.

In the event that the match is bent in the opposite direction, — the person feels disgust for the fortuneteller, and probably secretly envies him.

If the match is completely burned and only ash remains from it, then this is a sign that this person will not be in the fortune-teller soon. The reasons for this can be many: quarrel, separation, relocation. Whatever happens, the guessing person will no longer closely communicate with this person.

If the match burned out completely, but did not crumble, then this indicates a person’s devotion and loyalty to the fortuneteller.

A match that burns badly or goes out immediately indicates that a person is not at all interested in communicating with a guessing person.

If the match has not changed its position and remained flat, this indicates indifference.

This ritual can be used as a fortune-telling for love and the future of relationships with a loved one. Marilyn Kerro recommends not too often guessing in this way, since the prediction may be wrong.

Guessing on relationships from the point of view of Marilyn Kerro, can be carried out no more than once a month. But on our website you can ask a question to a psychic and get advice. Discover your fate with Marilyn Kerro and don’t forget to press buttons and

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