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Guessing a career (work and business) — tarot online

Guessing on a career and success in business on the Tarot cards online

There are many ways of fortune-telling for a career, because everyone is interested in what fate awaits him. The work is different and we do not always like the fate that awaits, and that is why I want to look beyond the edge and see what lies ahead there.

What hides time from us and try to change it if the result is not pleasant.

Since ancient times, people used magic and invented various ways to implement their plans. Tarot cards, candles and wax, various signs — all these are landmarks, based on which you can go through life, getting only what you want.

All methods that are presented here have been tested for centuries and act with high probability in each.

Divination for a career Tarot online

It is necessary to relax and get rid of all thoughts from the head, nothing should distract us from the task! And now you just think about your career and click on one of eight cards, the one you want to click on!

Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online
Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online
Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online
Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online
Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online
Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online
Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online
Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online

Interpretation of divination:

Professional situation of the questioner as a whole at the moment

  • The Six of Wands symbolizes the success of any undertaking.
  • People are reaching for you, people of the opposite sex are trying to strike a relationship.
  • It is possible the receipt of unexpected income.
  • Cards are recommended to spend money on yourself, make yourself pleasant, pamper yourself once again.
  • If the alignment is made for a woman, the King of Wands points to a close friend and patron who is ready to help, as soon as the need arises.
  • In a situation on a situation, this card does not indicate the specific person.
  • It characterizes a favorable climate for business and personal relationships.
  • The inverted map Queen of Pentacles characterizes you as a lazy and wasteful person.
  • Having made a lot of unnecessary purchases now, you can not understand why you bought them.
  • You are constantly jealous of friends who consider you an unpleasant person and try to limit the time of communication with them.
  • Your financial problems can be easily solved, it is enough to start working. The map indicates problems in work, quarrels and irritability.
  • Often, the map tells us that stupid behavior is taking place, but this stupid behavior does not have a recognition, that is why our problem cannot be solved.
  • It is necessary to recognize the mistakes of the past, not to repeat them now and in the future, fate will lead us to a new stage in life, having entered into which we must do everything without repeating the mistakes and delusions of the past.
  • The map shows us hopelessness, we can do nothing, but we can get ready, because we are always waiting for a new stage.
  • For money or heart matters, for the questioner, an inverted World card means a negative reward for his work and intentions.
  • It is very possible disappointment or even failure.
  • There is an option when you have to sacrifice your goals or love, you may even have to flee or pay for the evil they cause.
  • So, the card promises a financial increase in contentment, fulfillment of desires, full concentration. The card calls for a long and serious struggle.
  • She points to the fact that at the moment there is some test of your will and ability to withstand adversity.
  • Victory will come, however, it will be necessary to fight for it.
  • There is no road on which no matter what the obstacles, and in your case, but you have enough strength to overcome all obstacles and win.
  • But you do not seek to find a job and earn it, all your searches are aimed at a loan or a loan.
  • It is possible to catch a bad cold and, if you do not immediately begin treatment, recovery will be protracted and quite costly.
  • The card advises not to make any sudden movements and just wait out this period of stagnation.
  • Considering these factors and signs, one must be careful and take into account any, even seemingly insignificant, trifles.
  • It can also symbolize a break in relationships or friendship.
  • Perhaps there is a quarrel or break in business relations.
  • So be careful and try to avoid conflict situations.

We prophesy on playing cards

To perform divination, you should take a deck of 36 cards, which should not be previously used in the game. Stir it thoroughly and place the cards in four identical heaps face down. During this, you should ask a question about when a successful career will develop.

After that, start turning cards until an ace appears, which should be put aside. If the next card is also an ace, then set it aside.

When there is another card after the ace, and only then the ace, you should not put it off. The challenge is to find aces that follow each other.

Cooled heaps should be analyzed in the same way. By the number of aces that went one after the other, deciphering the divination for the career of a woman or a man:

  • 4 aces — in the near future you can count on a grand career takeoff;
  • 3 aces — career growth will be good, but for success you should wait a while;
  • 2 aces — to move up the career ladder will have to go a long way, but you should not give up ahead of time;
  • 1 ace — the position has no prospects, perhaps you should think about changing jobs.

Guessing on a career with ice

Take a shallow bowl, pour water and look at it for a while at its reflection. After that, mentally ask a question about a career, and then, put a container of water in a cold place at night. In the morning you should look at the ice and by its appearance conduct an interpretation of fortune telling at work and a career:

  • the hole was formed — you should not even dream of a career;
  • uneven surface — there will be both rises and falls;
  • flat surface — you can achieve progress, but everything will be gradual;
  • formed a hump — a career will be rapid.

Source: womanadvice.ru/gadanie-na-kareru

Playing cards method number 2

Any person wants to know what his future career will be like. What steps on the career ladder will be correct, and what should not be done.

Maps will also help us in predicting our career growth. In this article we will analyze how a fortune-telling is made on a career with the help of the same playing deck of thirty-six cards.

Take a deck and carefully shuffle it. Now lay the cards in four identical parts face down.

Ask yourself a mental question about how soon your career will develop.

Next, proceed as follows.

Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online

  • From the first part of the spread cards we remove the card after the card until the ace appears.
  • If the next card turns out to be an ace again, then we remove it to the side of the first one.
  • Just as the third with the fourth, if it so happened that they go one after another.
  • If the cards are hidden in the following order: an ace, some other cards, an ace card (s), an ace, then we will need only the very first ace, and the remaining aces and other cards do not matter.

Our task is to find the aces following in succession. We do the same with the rest of the unfolded cards.

The result should be several aces in our hands.

Now see what this can mean:

  1. four aces — you can breathe easy, soon your career growth will go uphill, you will get a long-awaited or even a completely unexpected increase, with all, as they say, the consequences.
  2. three aces — you keep up the pace well, walking up the career ladder, and if at this time there are not any obvious signs of official, official or creative growth, then you should not be upset, because soon you will turn on the afterburner and take off.
  3. Two aces — there is hope for a career growth, but this path will be a long one. And although the distance of your career path is long enough, you should not give up and despair ahead of time. Despite the fact that time, as it seems to you, flows very, and very slowly, your career plans are close and will come true soon. And time flies not noticeably.
  4. one ace — try to forget about career growth in your chosen profession, it is frozen completely. It is worth considering whether you need such a hopeless job, and whether it is better to change your profession in time. Try to succeed in any other direction.


In employment, you always want to know the positive and negative aspects of a new job. After all, information about the team is not in the individual contract, as well as the real prospects for your career growth.

Guessing a job will answer these and most other important questions.

Change of work is an important and irreversible step.

  • It can not be done thoughtlessly, but, seeing the full picture of a probable future, it is much easier to make a decision.
  • Ancient prophetic systems will come to the aid of novice businessmen.
  • They will warn against wrong steps, unfavorable contracts and point out the aspects on which efforts should be focused.

Varieties of free online fortune telling at work and career

The most complete information is given by cards. They not only detail the events, but also show how soon they will occur.

You can tell fortunes by selecting a deck yourself. Most prefer proven playing cards and classic tarot cards.

They show prospects and reveal the causes of failures. In each scenario, the questioner is given valuable tips and warnings.

  • Among the online divination popular runes, the Chinese system, I-Ching, oracles, dice.
  • Fans of numerology also have the opportunity to make a forecast for themselves.
  • Knowing the date of formation of organizations, it is possible to determine its development, income stability and profitability in general.

Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online

We define new work

What thoughts do not overpower the unemployed! How quickly will be able to find a job, how much to earn and how good will the new team be?

It will be possible to learn this even before the cherished call from the personnel department. It is enough to carry out a simple guessing about finding a job online on the cards.

Independently carry out divination is easy. It is only necessary to think about the desired job: what responsibilities do you want to do, what will be the size of the salary or the work schedule, is there a prospect of an increase. With such thoughts, you need to reveal inverted maps on the monitor screen.

An interpretation of the value will appear next to the open card. It remains to compare and comprehend the new information — this will let you know how quickly you will be able to find a job.

For greater effect, you should list in detail your own preferences to the new place of work — preferably in writing. It remains to send a resume, as well as prepare for interviews — after the work done, the stars will help with the search for a successful place of employment.

Reflections on career growth

For a person who has the makings of a careerist, an analytical mind and prudence, no divinations and predictions are needed, because he is able to achieve everything himself, gnaw his way to the top with his teeth and go over their heads, despite any prejudices. But many people lack such qualities, and they just need to know in advance whether it is worth changing their job at the moment, whether it will be possible to establish contact with colleagues and managers at a new place, if there is a success and a good career in the future.

  • Divination for work and career is used by many people who lose a lot of time to think, can not independently decide on an important step and change in their lives.
  • In addition, with the help of the alignment, you can learn about material well-being, on what details to focus your attention and efforts so that everything always works out.

Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online

Not everyone who wants to find out about his future work or career growth knows that you can read fortunes online for free, so they use the help of fortune-tellers. But this process is also available at home with a computer, and will allow us to find out in advance not only about a certain day or week, but also for several months or years ahead.

Before starting the process, you need to tune in to the positive, remove all unnecessary thoughts from your head, and think about the issue that worries you the most. Then select 10 cards from the deck and carefully read the designation of each of them.

  • Maps will tell about the past, present and future, tell about the feelings in which you are, about external factors of influence and desires.
  • Having overcome your fears, armed with hope and positive emotions, you will surely succeed in everything you expect, the main thing is faith in yourself and your abilities.

We learn about business

Issues related to material well-being, which gives a successfully developing business, interest any entrepreneur — the beginner and the “shark” of capitalism. To get a really true picture of upcoming events, before guessing on a business you need to retire and concentrate.

At the same time with meditation ask the Tarot cards to give an objective answer. After moral preparation, you can proceed directly to the process of divination.

Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online

The virtual alignment of the Tarot magic cards to a business offered free of charge and online will shed light on the entrepreneur’s questions through the prism of the main components of our world — water, fire, earth, air.

  • This fortune telling can be done both for yourself and another person.
  • Going to the finale of the Tarot cards, a person will get a complete picture on many issues — whether to open a business, invest in production, the outcome of transactions expected in the near future, conclusion of contracts and so on.
  • Alignment from a technical point of view is simple. Treatment of cards is also offered.

Actually, the most accurate fortune-telling online for free on a business using, for example, Tarot cards is not determined by any particular alignment. Although partly a specific alignment of magic cards affects the wording of the question. That is, if you need to know whether the new concession (case) will be successful, you should use the layout called “Business” and so on.

Much more important in this case is the internal concentration, the presence of the Tarot deck with the younger and older lasso, which has never been played, a competently posed question.

Determining bad situations

There are several options how to guess the situation at work without the help of fortune-tellers. The most credible are the Tarot cards, which can provide answers to any questions of concern.

But in this case, you must have at least minimal knowledge of the layout of the maps.

  • The easiest way to divination is online divination by the Tarot cards.
  • This is the same as real maps, but in a simpler interpretation.
  • Guessing enough to read the tips to understand everything.

Several different layouts can tell you about the need to change jobs, career prospects, success that a person can expect in a particular industry. Financial well-being, the emergence of new work, events that allow to improve the financial situation — all this cards predict, helping to make the right decisions.

Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online

It is important to focus on fortune telling, to ask the cards correctly questions. during it is necessary to think about the desired. For each situation there is a certain map layout. The choice of the type of fortune telling is carried out in accordance with the situation of the diviner.

After all the cards are revealed, you should carefully read the interpretation. The whole layout is interconnected, it gives a complete answer about the events, you only need to delve into the fortune-telling.

We look in the near future

Every year, issues related to employment and the search for promising work are relevant for different segments of the population, because this is practically the only way to improve their financial position and well-being. Using tarot cards of various types of decks, tarologists offer to look at their future, with the provision of comprehensive information, for example, using the “Three cards to work” layout online.

  • Having mentally disconnected from the outside world, it is necessary to fully concentrate on your position at a particular moment in time.
  • Then remember how it was before the loss of work, or in the case of finding a new employer.
  • Spending online fortune telling for the future, the first Tarot card tells about what happened in the past, the second explains the situation at the moment, and the third predicts the future.
  • Analysis of maps will help to navigate and coordinate their actions in the near future.
  • You can also use the layout «Parachute» and «Crown» when searching for work and employment opportunities.

Any actions of divination must be carried out, fully concentrating and mentally speaking exciting questions that relate to the business, or planned work. And for this, the “Russian Sibyl” maps with the “business-related” layout will be useful. Taking advantage of fortune telling, you can get information on whether you should start a new business or better wait until better times.

Different types of fortune telling for future work and business show both radical changes that await a person in a positive way, as well as warn against possible troubles.

Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online

The uniqueness of online divination lies in the fact that the user does not necessarily have to understand any maps and their symbols. A full layout with explanations will be provided by the resource itself.

What we will do in the future

New job is always stress. Especially if it does not work for a long time.

Unfortunately, today it is very easy to get under the reduction and then roam for long months without the possibility to attach yourself somewhere. But with the help of fortune telling, you can find out what will wait next, and what should be done to find a place under the Sun as soon as possible.

  • Such fortune telling will answer any questions about work.
  • It is only necessary to form them correctly just before the beginning of the ceremony.
  • This will allow you to discover many useful things.
  • You can either independently do the excavations in the closet of Destiny, or use the fortune-telling for a new job, which will allow you not to worry about the ingredients or tools.

If there is a desire to work, but something is not observed in the vacancies themselves — it’s time to take advantage of fortune telling. Maybe something is done wrong. Or Fate is preparing a huge gift, you just need to wait.

As a rule, fortune telling at work is carried out on tarot cards — there are even several different layouts: “New job,” “Crown,” or “Getting a job.” Each of them answers the main question and a few side — what needs to be done to get a position, how to please the authorities, and even predicts the salary level and atmosphere in the team.

Several properly formulated questions in the process — and recommendations for the future are ready.

Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online

But it is worth remembering that in order to find a position, it is not enough just to read the new job, and then just try to get a job. To do this, you will have to create a great resume and please the employer.

And then everything goes just fine.

If you want to change the scope of activities

Divination is addressed not only in the case of family failures, predictions by fate, love relationships, but also in the episodes of job change, its gain. After all, no one knows whether to change the old place, because it is not always new better than the old. Many are concerned about the issue of prospects and further career growth, because if it does not exist, then such work will become useless.

It all depends on the person’s personality, as well as on his ambitions.

  • Such answers to the questions can be obtained when fortune-telling at a job change, without leaving your computer, or use the services of a private person.
  • If desired, the alignment is made independently, using new maps, but for this you should study their meaning.
  • If you do not have a craving for this process, then it is better not to undertake it, the information may be untrue, and you cannot decipher it correctly.

There are plenty of sites that provide an opportunity to quickly and effortlessly get answers to the questions posed, you just need to choose a quality resource. After all, not all sites that make predictions of fate are correct.

Read reviews, find out, maybe, which of your friends have already used this kind of resource. Find free divination when I get a job, and begin to act in accordance with the prompts.

Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online

Although fortune telling is done at a distance, but the statistics of reviews testifies to a large percentage of true predictions, and this is good, because now you have the opportunity to learn about your future without even leaving your home.

Wang on a partner relationship

Today, people live closely in society, and rarely there is a person who would not enter into a partnership. Under this concept one can mean friendship, communication with colleagues and subordinates, business partners, as well as love relationships between men and women.

Between the opposite sex there can be not only love, mutual respect, affection, tenderness, friendship, but also enmity, rudeness and hatred.

  • To protect themselves from intolerable communication or from the bitterness of separation, divination was created on the relationship of a partner online on tarot cards.
  • With it, you will understand how to find a reliable and loyal friend, as well as build a long and harmonious communication with him.
  • The balance of the tarot will tell you how a certain person treats you, and will also answer questions that usually arise during difficult times for a partnership.

If stability and success in communication with people are important to you, be sure to ask for help on the cards on our resource. With the help of fortune telling on relationships you will determine the true motives of your business partner to you, as well as the intentions of your beloved.

Thanks to the information that will become known from the personal situation, you can prevent bitter disappointment and resolve all issues in your favor.

During online fortune telling on partnerships, you can look into the past and future, compare the facts, and then soberly assess the situation. The treatment of the cards will be described in as much detail as possible, based on the interpersonal relations between you and the partner.

Therefore, do not make hasty conclusions regarding your loved one or colleague until you see the result of the Tarot deal. Maps will help to understand even the most difficult situation.

Card layouts

This alignment is made at the end of the quarter to find out what the next one will be. Shuffle your deck, remove 9 cards in any order.

If there are combinations shown below, then we look at the value of the drawn cards. Mix the deck in this way 9 times.

I never got a single combination — repeat the fortune telling in a couple of days.

Values ​​of card combinations:

  • All peaks fell out — job search is progressing very slowly.
  • All 9 cards — baptize: there is a lot of trouble and fuss. Also a great chance to get a job in a government house (state service).
  • All 9 cards are worms: everything will be fine in your team. If there is no work, it will appear very soon thanks to the help of friends.
  • All 9 cards are tambourines: your earnings will be significantly higher than last quarter.
  • 4 aces — wish fulfillment (read plot). You will find the job you dreamed of.
  • 4 Kings — a successful start and end of business, pleasant activities.
  • 4 ladies — gossip about the divisive will spread, which can interfere with the success of the conceived. Try to talk less about yourself.
  • 4 jacks — you will not have enough money, you will have to constantly bother about something and worry.
  • 4 dozens — there will be a temporary, but not a bad opportunity to work.
  • 4 nines — something to be surprised. Possible office romance.
  • 4 eights — you have to work hard, but the results will have to wait.
  • 4 sevens — fast separation. In this scenario, is interpreted as a business trip or a trip to work in other regions.
  • 4 sixes — guessing will feel unprotected. If there is a new post, then small. At the present work on you overstep the whole routine.

Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online

There is another alignment to work. Take a deck of 36 cards, thoroughly shuffle and lay them shirts down into 4 equal heaps. Mentally ask the question: “Will my career soon take shape?” And proceed further like this: remove cards from the first pile until an ace appears.

If the card following him is also an ace, send it to the first one to the side (as well as the third and fourth if they go in a row). If it goes like this — an ace, card (s), ace, card (s), ace, take only the first ace, and you will no longer need other aces and cards. The challenge is to find aces in a handful, one after the other.

Process the remaining 3 piles like the first one. As a result, you will have a certain number of aces left on your hands, which means:

  • 4 aces — a career take off is not far off, the increase should happen very soon.
  • 3 aces — the pace of career growth will be quite high, but you need to wait a little more. Even if he accepts official or creative growth unavailable, they will soon appear.
  • 2 aces — there are hopes for career growth, but you are only at the beginning of a long journey. Do not go the distance ahead of time.
  • 1 ace is a lack of hope. Perhaps it is worth changing a non-promising profession or trying to succeed in something else.

Frosty fortune telling

Pour water into a shallow bowl and, looking at your reflection in it, ask the question: “Will my career develop there and then there?” We put the bowl overnight in the freezer, and in the morning we look at the ice.

  • Vymerz well — the career will develop not too successfully.
  • The ice rose unevenly, with hillocks and hollows — there will be small career ups and downs.
  • The ice froze smoothly — the career will be smooth, without shocks, haste or backlog.
  • The ice has gone a hump — rapid career growth is necessary.

Guessing a career (work and business) - tarot online

Water fortune telling

Fill a basin or pot with water. At the edges of the tank, hang the same double-curved stripes where possible events will be written: “career takeoff”, “professional success”, “small increase”, “sticking from the boss”, “salary increase” and the like. Now take a half of the walnut shell, strengthen a small candle in it, ignite and lower the shell into the water in the center of the pelvis.

Depending on which edge the ship is going to float, such an event will occur in the foreseeable future. If a piece of paper is lit from the flame of a candle, the event will happen very soon and will have very large-scale results.

Repeated attempts are not considered, it is impossible to blow on the boat or water.

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