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Gua number — what is it and for what purpose is it used?

Gua number — what it is and how to apply it

Many probably heard about such a thing as the number of Gua, but not everyone will be able to correctly answer the question: «What is it?». Nevertheless, we all want to have good health, good luck in all spheres of life, but often do not know how to achieve the desired.

If you also suffer from this ignorance, we suggest you turn your attention to the ancient art of Feng Shui, which is closely intertwined with the number of Gua.

Gua number - what is it and for what purpose is it used?

What is the number of gua

Why sometimes we put on a truly titanic effort, but can not achieve the desired? What stands in the way of fulfilling our dreams?

But what if no one actually puts obstacles in our way, and we just use our energy incorrectly?

If we consider the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, the number of Gua helps to establish the positive and negative sides of the world in the Bagua grid — a magic hemisphere that personifies our World and divides our space into certain areas. If you live and work in favorable zones — your life will become more successful, you can easily get everything that you want.

How to calculate your gua number

To calculate the number of the Gua, you should use only your date of birth. And if the month of your birth is January, then the past year is taken into account.

Calculate the number of Gua is easy enough, just follow these points:

  1. First, the last two numbers of the year of your birth are added, and then you need to get their sum. The model of the year is 1994: 9 + 4 = 13; 1 + 3 = 4.
  2. For representatives of the stronger sex, the final figure should be subtracted from the dozens. We get on our example: 10-4 = 6. But if a man or a guy was born in the twenty-first century, then replace the top ten with nine.
  3. For the beautiful half of humanity to the number you need to add the top five. We get: 4 + 5 = 9. And if a girl was born in the 21st century, we replace the top five with a six.
  4. If in the final calculation you get a two-digit number, you will need to add it again, but what happens in the end will become your personal number of Gua.

As a model for a girl born in 1990 = 9 + 0 = 9, 9 + 5 = 14, 1 + 4 = 5.

And for the guy of the same year = 9 + 0 = 9, 10-9 = 2.

Eastern and Western subspecies

According to the ancient teachings of feng shui of all people according to the number of Gua can be divided into eastern or western categories.

  • East — consists of people whose number Gua is equal to one, a three with a four or nine
  • Western — those whose number of Gua is equal to two, five, six, seven and eight.

Feng Shui teaches that west and east are constantly hostile parties. Therefore, it is quite difficult for people belonging to different categories to find a common language with each other.

The opposite side of the light also has a negative effect.

For example, if you are a representative of the western group, then you should not put the bed on the east headboard, and also work, eat food and perform other actions, turning your face to the east side. The same rule is the opposite for the second category.

You can also select positive or negative directions in the Bagua grid for each group.

So, for the «eastern» people (1,3, 4, 9) the positive directions are:

And for «Western» (2, 5, 6, 7, 8) representatives have positive energy:

  • West direction;
  • Northwest;
  • Northeast;
  • Southwest.

More interesting information about the number of Gua will tell this video.

Positive and negative directions according to the Gua number

They are on a par with the directions of light located in the Bagua grid. But they, on the basis of the specific number of the Gua, relate to different areas of the world and for this reason are there in a different order.

Any number of Gua has 4 main positive and negative areas:

  • Area of ​​wealth (money);
  • Area of ​​Love (sphere of love relationships, family zone);
  • Health Area (provides a high level of health);
  • Area Personal (self-actualization, career growth).

And from the unfavorable zones are the following:

  • The Area of ​​Unhappiness is the most negative sector in your home. Being in it for a long time a person becomes irritable, various troubles with disappointments begin to occur with him.
  • The field of the Five Spirits — it provides trouble in the personal sphere.
  • The area of ​​the Six Kills is a sector of 6 failures that fall together on a person. Presents monetary losses, pathologies, loss of reputation, death of relatives, separation from children, problems with the law.
  • The Area of ​​the Loss is the place of the most serious misfortunes, which consist in death, complete bankruptcy, fatal pathologies.

You probably already had time to get scared, but, fortunately, the state of affairs can be quite improved. If the positive zones coincide with the zones of influence in the Bagua grid, then it is these areas that have the main influence on your life, and success will follow you in them.

If the same thing happens with negative zones, it is worthwhile to put considerable effort in if you want to improve their condition. They pull you to the bottom.

The main task for you is to determine in which places of your home these hidden enemies lurk, and which areas of your life they control.

Gua number - what is it and for what purpose is it used?

How does the Gua number work

To determine the location of these places using the number of Gua you should draw a beautiful octagon and put it on top of the plan of your home.

In this case, combine the directions of light in this order with their counterparts in the home:

  • Higher edge — responsible South side;
  • Lower — North;
  • Right — Western;
  • Left — East.

And in the middle of them will be located the Northeast and Northwest, as well as the Southeast and Southwest directions.

Each personal number of Gua has its typical positive and negative areas, which are located in different sectors of a geometric figure. In addition, the directions in the Bagua grid are also located in good or bad sectors for this figure.

By comparing the dominant areas in the art of feng shui with favorable and unfavorable — in terms of the number of guas, you will succeed in activating or neutralizing the impact of these zones. Special talismans help to make it.

The calculation of negative trends is necessary in order to correctly navigate in everyday life in space, performing those or other actions.

Features of Gua’s personal number

The final aspect that you need to understand for yourself is that your personal number of Gua starts to act — how are areas of influence based on the directions of the world.

Gua number - what is it and for what purpose is it used?

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the general characteristics of all 9 numbers:

  • Hidden place. It has an impact on career, education, material success.
  • Longevity. It is a more favorable zone, which is responsible for money and harmonious relations.
  • Heavenly Healer. It is a very powerful zone that controls the sphere of health and wealth.
  • The origin of Qi. The most powerful of all positive zones. It contributes to success in material matters, increases the authority of a person.
  • Unhappiness. Not too pronounced, attracts into the life of a person failure, unhappy accidents.
  • Six Sha. It has a negative impact on the sphere of family and work.
  • Five Spirits. It provokes quarrels with thefts, fire.
  • Losses. Causes pathology and death.

And so there is a distribution of the described sectors for specific numbers of Gua in ascending order (from the least pronounced to the most powerful).

Gua number one

  • Northern — is the secret sector (it is a zone of work);
  • Southern — acts as a zone of longevity (the same is the sector of Glory);
  • East — Highest Healer (family sector);
  • Southeast — Origin of Qi (sector of material success);
  • Western — Tribulation (creative sector);
  • Northwest — Six Kills (sector of those who help you);
  • Northeast — Fives of Spirits (area of ​​knowledge);
  • Southwest — Losses (sector of Love).

Gua deuce number

  • Southwest — is the Hidden Sector (zone of relations);
  • North-West — long-lived (aid sector);
  • Western — Heavenly Healer (creative abode);
  • Northeast — Origin of Tsi (field of knowledge);
  • East — Unhappiness (family sector);
  • Southern — Six Kills (Glory Sector);
  • Southeast — Fives of Spirits (material well-being);
  • Northern — Utrat (career sector).

Gua troika number

  • East — serves as the secret sector (family zone);
  • Southeast — long-lived (material wealth);
  • Northern — Highest Healer (career implementation);
  • Southern — Origin of Qi (Glory);
  • Southwest — Unhappiness (area of ​​happy relationships);
  • North-East — Sha Sixs (your Helpers are here);
  • Western — Loss (creative area).

Gua number four

  • The Southeast is the Secret Sector (Material Area);
  • East — Longevity (family);
  • Southern — Healer of Heaven (equivalent to the site of Glory);
  • Northern — Origin of Qi (career sector);
  • North-West — Misfortunes (your Helpers are here);
  • West — Six Sha (creative zone);
  • Southwest — the Five of Spirits (love area);
  • Northeast — Losses (similar to the field of knowledge).

The number of Gua to calculate for women five

  • South-West — Sector mysteries (Love);
  • Northwest — Longevity (Help);
  • Western — Highest Healer (Creative energy);
  • Northeast — Revival of Qi (Knowledge);
  • East — Misfortunes (Family);
  • Southern — Six Sha (Glory);
  • Southeast — Fives of Spirits (Monetary sector);
  • North — Losses (Career).

Gua number 5 for the stronger sex

  • Northeast — is the mystical sector (Cognitions);
  • Western — long-lived;
  • Northwest — Supreme Healer (Help);
  • Southwest — Revival of Qi (Love);
  • Southern — Misfortunes (Glory);
  • East — Sha Six (Family);
  • Northern — Five Spirits (Career);
  • Southeast — Loss (Monetary area).

Gua number six

  • Northwest — Hidden Place (Help);
  • Southwest — Longevity (Love Sector);
  • Northeast — Highest Healer (Cognition);
  • Western — Revival of Qi (Creative energy);
  • Southeast — Distress (Money Sector);
  • Northern — Sha Six (Quarry);
  • Eastern — Five Spirits (Family);
  • Southern — Loss (Glory).

Gua number seven

  • Western — Shielded sector (Creative);
  • Northeast — Longevity (Area of ​​Knowledge);
  • Southwest — Heavenly Healing (Love);
  • Northwest — Revival of Qi (Relief);
  • Southern — Unhappiness (Glory);
  • Southeast — Sha Six (Financial);
  • Northern — Five Spirits (Career);
  • East — Loss (Family).

Gua number eight

  • Northeast — Mystical Sector (Cognitions);
  • Western — Longevity (energy of creativity);
  • Northwest — Heavenly Healers (Help from above);
  • Southwestern — by the Birth of Qi (Love);
  • Southern — Unhappiness (Glory);
  • East — Sha Six (Family);
  • Northern — Five Spirits (Career Sphere);
  • Southeast — Loss (Wealth).

Number gua nine

  • Southern — Hidden Place (Glory Sector)
  • Northern — Longevity (Career area);
  • Southeast — Heavenly Healers (Wealth);
  • East — The Origin of Qi (Family);
  • Northeast — Harm (Cognition);
  • Southwest — Sha Six (Love);
  • Western — Five of Spirits (Creativity);
  • Northwest — Losses (Helpers).

Having studied the correct location of good and bad zones in your home, you can protect yourself from various troubles. There is also an opportunity to improve life through the revitalization of those areas that are not working well enough, as well as neutralizing the negative ones.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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