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Grass charms in magic, proper use of fees

Grass charms in magic

Magic plants and herbs to attract good luck and money

Grass charms in magic, proper use of fees

I am a magician Sergey Artgrom in this article will tell about magical plants, such as, for example, a four-leaf clover that can make a bearer a true lucky one, or a fern flower, as a strong amulet. About the magical properties of representatives of the plant kingdom known long ago.

Plants have their own unique energy.

The power of herbs, flowers and trees can be used for the benefit of people, as well as to the detriment.

Plants are eaten, cooked broths and infusions, which are then used in sorcerous art and witchcraft. Create a strong personal amulet protection. The herbs protecting the house are widely known; Today, many people turn to such talismans who are so powerful and sensitive to foreign energy protectors.

And it is right.

Plant energy is thin and strong at the same time.

These unique properties have always been used by magicians to create medicinal potions, amulets, and poisons. Next — about the Slavic herbs charms for home.

Area of ​​influence of witch plants of amulets

Once all that surrounded man was not that it had magical power — nature still has it today — and people just felt it, these subtlest magical energies, living as life itself, powerful and inflexible like Gods.

To protect themselves from evil, people turned to the power of magical plants, using them as protectors. These charms are well known; and today, as in ancient times, they take care of people, become reliable armor from human black rumor and evil, from the rituals of black magicians, as well as from the dangerous influence of unclean spirits, whatever the origin of these entities may have.

Herbs and flowers amulets for the home protect and clean the dwelling space

Their custody extends to family and pets. Very strong personal vegetable amulets.

As a rule, they are made independently. And for the sake of extending the effective work of such a preserving flower, and to give the talisman additional qualities, contact practicing experts.

Vegetative amulets and charms are used by magicians in the administration of certain rites, in which the magician may need additional protection. Dry flowers-charms are used in ritual cleansing of the dwelling — fumigating the house with smoke from burning dry herbs, the magician drives out evil spirits, perpetrators and all astral filth.

Excellent in the protective plan are mixtures of dry herbs and preserving flowers. Placed in a canvas bag and tied with a braid of natural yarns, they will preserve peace and energy purity of your family hearth, and also protect you outside the home if you carry such a bag.

Pay attention to house amulets from plants. Of the many herbs that protect the house, which have magical properties, magicians distinguish:

  • tansy
  • nettles
  • heather
  • tutsan
  • wormwood

In these plants, energy, which can be called comprehensive, universal — it is both the guardians, and the healers, and the peacemakers of the vegetable kingdom.

You can also put basil and elderberry in a protective bag. And if your goal is to strengthen the immune system and become inaccessible to colds, pour dry in the bag flowers amulets — Vervain and Nine.

  • Basil is a pleasant spicy grass that will bring joy, happiness and prosperity to the atmosphere of your home. The energy of this plant strengthens kinship, protects the house from evil spirits.
  • Nines for centuries used as a home defense against malicious and destructive witchcraft. An amulet with this protective flower can be worn around your neck, like a medallion, stored in your belongings or put a dry bunch in the house. He brings luck, banishes evil spirits, protects from disease.

There is another way to turn to the help of Slavic herbs to protect the house — bouquets of dry witch plants. They can be hung in plain sight, and can be hidden in secluded corners. This is a good way:

  • improve energy in the house
  • create an atmosphere of security, peace and comfort
  • to hide from the evil eye, human slander and gossip
  • protect against damage and divination
  • avoid the dangerous influence of the astral being

Wormwood, Chernobyl, nettle, Ivan-da-Marya. If you collect these vedovo plants on Ivan Kupala, dry them in the shade in the open air and whisper a special conspiracy over them, then such a bunch would be an excellent defense of home well-being for the whole year.

Amulets as protection for the house of Slavic herbs amulets

  • Burdock and hawthorn. Flower and fruit amulets will expel evil spirits from the house, protect its inhabitants from energetic vampire bindings.
  • St. John’s wort is one of the favorite herbs practicing magicians. Dry amber flowers are used for the house in ceremonial cleansing from the negative, while creating powerful amulet protection, as well as in healing: St. John’s wort can stop severe bleeding and reduce inflammation.
  • Thistle. Another herb is a guardian that is often used by knowledgeable people in the practice of cleansing and protection. The smoke of burning dry grass drives out being, destroys household witchcraft.
  • Clover. A dry twig of this plant will give you a strong shield, make you invisible to the sorcerer’s eyes.
  • Mountain arnica. This protective flower will warn of impending danger and help a person develop the gift of clairvoyance. Relieve nervousness, stress, relieve unnecessary anxiety.
  • Verbena. This grass not only provides a strong defense against the negative, but is also famous for its bewitching properties. Moreover, it is not only a flower that protects against all evil and terrible, they also create amulets with verbena to attract money, good luck and well-being.

The secret of the Slavic talisman

The yellow water lily was called in old times overgrown with grass. This plant is used in medicine, as well as in magic as a powerful amulet.

Our ancestors believed that the Slavic amulet to overpower the grass would protect the wearer from sudden, early, “not his” death.

For newlyweds, there was a meaning of protecting the Grace of Grass

It was a symbol of a long and happy married life. An amulet with dry flowers filled the house with the energy of comfort, wealth and prosperity.
The magical plant conquers the grass was not the last value in medicine, was used for the healing of various ailments.

Numerous conspiracies have come down to our time, in the text of which this plant is mentioned. Amulets with the symbol of Grace Grass were widespread; it was believed that they are endowed with very great power.

Amulets with this plant were worn by warriors, and especially valued them, because they protected against death in the battlefield.

To the one who wore the amulet overpowered the grass, the magic of the flower helped heal wounds.

Travelers and businessmen read conspiracies. Away from home, on the road a person is very vulnerable.

To make the way easy and safe, you had to trust the Slavic amulet to overcome the grass.

Secrets and value of the Amulet of Grass

But, there is another Slavic amulet — the Fern Flower, which accompanies the solar symbol Odolen of the Grass. Together they form a bilateral solar symbol, which saves its wearer from various misfortunes and serious disasters with pure solar energy.

Today you can buy Charm the Grace of Grass from silver, gold or wood. But you can independently create for yourself a strong amulet protection by collecting and drying the flowers of the water lily.
The value of Chasing the Grade Grass may change depending on which task was determined.

The protective symbol was depicted on the dishes, and he defended from poisoning. Overcome-grass blocks the effects of poisons.

On military armor and weapons engraved this magic sign. Outlined on the shell, it served as a strong shield from the enemy sword.

Engraved on the weapon, the symbol helped the warrior to smash his enemies, delivering accurate and heavy blows.

Before you start wearing such a charm, you must hold it in the sun. This will clear the magic item and activate its energy.

Slavic amulet Fern Color, and in another way Ognetsvet or Perunov Color, is endowed with an incredible energy potential. And with this blessed energy he generously presents his carrier.

Our ancestors believed that diseases and disasters would send the Dark Forces to the human race, and a powerful double sign — strong amulet Fern Flower and the Slavic sign, Grace Grass, with its sacred flame, burns all evil, will not allow it to touch a person.

Slavic fire amulet Fern Flower is universal; It will suit a man, a woman, a child. He will support the lost, shield the helpless, show the right path, give strength to the spirit. Belief in the Fern Charm is the key to tremendous and generous strength.

This is the meaning of the amulet Fern Flower.

Both the Fern Flower and Grass Grace are classified as solar symbols, personifying the Sun and its perpetual motion.

Their purpose is deliverance and protection from evil, divine blessing, finding useful for man.

To buy a charm of the Fern Flower and constantly wear it is a good solution for those who understand that visible reality is only part of the rich and complex world that we all enter and live in.

There is a legend that Ognetsvet helps to find treasures, and the one who wears this talisman will certainly become rich. But in reality, the value of the treasure is somewhat different.

The image of the Fern Flower implies, above all, spiritual wealth.

Smart and hardworking people have very good chances to become successful. However, success is not the same thing as luck. Luck is always unpredictable.

Does not obey the laws, rules, norms and logic — it is spontaneous, instinctive and unexpected.

As usual, more often the other people are lucky and enterprising people. But even insight does not guarantee that it will attract fortune.

However, people do not lose hope to lure luck, catch and tame. For such a painstaking hunt, there are also their own devices — magic talismans and amulets.

And one of them is a clover leaf amulet.

This is a modest plant, found in the field, in the forest, on the road, popularly lovingly called honey stem, honey color, trinity. In the language of flowers, clover is good luck. The main properties of witchcraft are protection, love and wealth.

Therefore, strong amulets and lucky charms are obtained from clover.

For witchcraft rituals, clover is collected in the first moon phase at sunrise, over the dew.

The magical properties of clover are most pronounced on the days of the full moon, solstice and equinox. On the night of Ivan Kupala, a torn leaf clover acquires the truly mystical significance of an amulet.

In the old days they believed in the power that this plant carries in itself — in the energy of beauty, youth, love and happiness.

Clover leaves were collected, dried and then always carried a piece of clover with an amulet. Protector and guardian of the vegetable kingdom relegated:

You can always worship the plant, pick a piece of paper and create such a magical object for yourself; however, you can buy a clover talisman. He will protect the happiness of his carrier.

Strong luck charm — four leaf clover

Usually a clover leaf consists of three plates. But in the meadow, surrounded by thousands of his brothers, and hidden by them, a special four-leaf clover grows.

He has powerful power, and can give it to the lucky one who can find it.

Today, almost everything is available, you can even buy a four-leaf clover mascot.

But in the old days they believed that in order for luck to accompany literally everything, an unusual piece of paper must be found without fail, to be torn apart, dried and always carried around with you.

In Russia, the girls at issue tried to find such a sheet. Those who were lucky, did not sit without suitors.

Luck and luck, happy light share as a gift to his bearer — this is the main meaning of the talisman 4-leaf clover.

How to use the power of an amulet clover leaf

You can use the power of this magical plant in different ways, depending on what kind of help you need right now.

  • If you need to improve the financial situation, in monetary luck, then it is worth putting an amulet clover leaf into a wallet.
  • If there is a need to get rid of bad health and melancholy thoughts, then wrap a dry leaf with four plates in a shred of natural fabric, and carry it with you, closer to the body.
  • If you are waiting for your true love, then put a strong charm of clover under the insole of your shoes, and wait for good luck in love and relationships.
  • And if you want to protect your home, then put your magic in the hallway amulet clover leaf. Envious neighbors will no longer come to you.

Find a clover with four leaves is not easy, and is considered a great success. The fact of owning clover amulet with four leaves will launch a chain of favorable events that will bring to life the benefits that you can only dream of.

But, to find such a leaf of clover, and to make an amulet from it is difficult, and all because in this form it is extremely rare. However, I, the magician Sergey Artgrom cannot help but mention the esoteric goods stores, where you can buy a four-leaf clover mascot in the form of statuettes and jewelry.

Even handwritten on a piece of paper, this ancient symbol has protective power and carries positive changes in the life of a person who has trusted the four-leaf clover to the talisman.

Magical plants charms

Grass charms in magic, proper use of fees

Chinese coins, mirrors and bells have got accustomed in our homes, we hook on African, Turkish, and Indian amulets. And this is natural, since people since ancient times tend to seek protection from dark forces with the help amulets.

But for some reason we are drawn to someone else’s culture that does not belong to our culture, stubbornly ignoring our native Slavic traditions and charms that have been proven for centuries and thousands of years.

Meanwhile, charms not only by the hands of the ancient masters were created, plants can also block negative energy. But not everyone, but only those that have certain natural qualities, such as:

  • strong characteristic odor
  • spicy taste
  • the ability to burn or prick and so on.

Magical plants can be worn as a guardian with you, can be dried and stored in certain places of the home, can be planted near the house. Use grass grasses in ceremonial rituals, for example, on Ivan Kupala or on Makovei.

Sage-eaters took such plants for fortune-telling and love spells, and healers used it in medicinal herbal collections.

The magical properties of aspen

Sometimes in number magical amulets plants come from legendary considerations. So, for example, happened with aspen, on which Judas hanged himself.

This tree is among the plants cursed by God.

Aspen is able to take away negative energy, so aspen stakes are filled with aspen stakes, which are “not all right”. And so far we have avoided the neighborhood with this tree, it has never been used for making household utensils.

Magic tree yew

This is the tree of the god Thor, from which he made himself a spear, with which he defeated evil, but at the same time caused wars and the attendant destruction. This medieval legend gave rise to the belief in our ancestors that the yew shadow is extraordinarily dangerous not only for humans, but also for features.

Ancestors made Yew Amulets to protect against rabid animals and evil spirits. Crosses of yew tree were installed at the entrances to the settlements, it was believed that they protect the villagers from epidemics.

It was the custom of the Serbs to watch a stump of yew near the fire one spring night, and to notify everyone in the morning that he was ready to guard. It was believed that in this way the tree is endowed with special protective properties.

The stump was divided into pieces, which were worn with them as protection, part of the wood was burned, fumigating the children and livestock.

Thistle shading properties

The name of the thistle speaks for itself — “? Rt –polx” — to fade away (frighten) the devil, to whom, if not this sharp thorn of the astrovic family, should one ward off the unclean one?

This plant, thanks to its thorniness, even deserved the honor of being a symbol of Scotland. In the war of Dann and Scott, the thistle played on the Scott side.

When in the middle of the night the data tried to get close to the Scots settlements barefoot, they did not notice the thistle growing near the villages.

Pranking, the data began to scream from surprise and pain, and thus awakened the Scots, who were not slow to break the army of the unlucky «partisans.»

For protective purposes, the thistle is valuable inside the home., outside it, the energy of this plant does not work well. But in a dried form in the secret places of the attic or basement, from the inside of the entrance doors, the thistle will leave all the negative energy behind the threshold, and the positive will give way.

A branch of a thistle was hung at the head of the bed of a restlessly sleeping child.

The most powerful magical properties of this plant becomes at the time of flowering.

Hypericum defender

The people still have the following names: a branch, a young grass, red grass.

This plant is not only famous for its ability to be a cure for many diseases. It turns out St. John’s Wort is a conductor of positive solar energy, which, as you know, devilry can not stand on the spirit.

St. John’s Wort is considered the strongest conservation plant.. At least, our ancestors firmly believed in this: “Clover, verbena, dill, and St. John’s wort power will overpower the witches of any kind.”

Therefore, dried whisk with a hunter in the old huts could be found in almost all the «frontier sites» — above the entrance door, under the threshold, not far from the window openings.

Worn charms from the root of the Hypericum and on themselves, it was believed that so you can protect yourself from the evil eye.

Helpful advice: At your summer cottage, do not spit out a small natural oasis, a piece of natural “weed” grass, including nettle, chamomile, wormwood, and, of course, St. John’s wort. It is useful to add it to tea, and a nice bouquet for yourself and your loved ones will not hurt to dry.

Wormwood (Chernobyl)

In its coastal properties Chernobyl is almost not inferior to the St. John’s wort. Dry wormwood was hung not only at the frontier sites, but also in the bedrooms and the corridors.

  • To protect the family from foreign energy, before the arrival of many guests in the old days, door handles and sills were rubbed with this grass.
  • In the bedroom, wormwood hung to harmonize relationships in a married couple.
  • Wormwood was worn from the «evil eye» and envy,
  • The plant was taken on the road to return in integrity and safety.

If you decide to use coastal properties of wormwood, Note that they do not tear it up to the very root, because this grass grows extremely slowly. Tear only the top of the plant, to the same, its magic power, according to herbalists, is there.

How to make talismans, amulets, amulets of herbs

Grass charms in magic, proper use of fees

Since antiquity, people have used plants and herbs not only for treatment, but also firmly believed in their magical power. The talismans carried with them to protect them from damage and witchcraft, bunches of herbs were kept at home so that they would cleanse the home of evil and attract wealth.

A special place was given to talismans, which brought love, beauty and youth.

The content of the article:

How to make a talisman

First, decide on the request. Do you want to attract love or wealth, strengthen a love affair or protect yourself from negativity?

It is important to make an amulet with your own hands: to sew or tie a bag for herbs, collect the plants, make a composition of them to your liking. The talisman should evoke pleasant emotions, so try: buy a beautiful fabric or thread.

The size of the bag will not affect the strength of your desire to be happy, beautiful and loved — best of all, if the amulet fits in the palm of your hand.

Pouch color

  • • Orange restores health, strength, causes a surge of vital energy.
  • • Red attracts love, attention of the opposite sex.
  • • Yellow guarantees success, joy, happiness.
  • • Blue protects against evil eye, damage and negativity.
  • • Blue has a huge positive energy, so if you plan to drastically change your life, blue is yours.
  • • Green attracts material abundance and wealth.
  • • White — a symbol of purity, good for any bright amulet.

Plants for the magic formula

You can make a composition of plants — to mix several species, and you can restrict one. For some time (hour, day) live with the thought of what herbs you should fill your amulet, and only after that start collecting and searching for plants.

You shouldn’t go from the opposite: here is a birch growing under my window, let its leaves bring me luck!

Birch (leaves). Her strength helps people weakened, recovering from illness, relieves fatigue, drives away depression and longing.

Oak (leaves, acorns). Fills with energy, gives longevity.

Hypericum (grass). It has a positive effect on the vital activity of the body, clears it, strengthens the connection between the soul, body and mind.

Larch (leaves). Heals nervous disorders, its soft power helps to see the bright side of life.

Negative protection

Nettle (grass). It has the power that resists evil witchcraft. Later, autumn nettle protects against evil thoughts directed against you.

The plant requires a special relationship: do not pick it, carefully cut with a knife or scissors, and it will retain its strength.

Juniper (leaves) cleans evil from the space in which you are. Juniper mascot helps to protect family and home.

Sunflower (sunflower seeds). If you are in a society opposed to you, the power of the sunflower will help.

He also protects the house: an evil person will feel uncomfortable in your home.

Wormwood (grass tops). It is the most powerful anti-demonic plant.

Eliminates trouble and scandals, protects against unclean forces.

Poplar (leaves). His power does not help a person personally, but pulls everything negative from the environment.

Love happy relationship

Rowan (leaves, fruits). It helps women after 40 years, gives them love, awakens sexuality.

Hawthorn (leaves, fruits). This is a true symbol of love and marriage, brings the wedding closer, makes the family stronger.

Willow (leaves, twigs). The energy of willow gives women a special appeal, it is able to charm a loved one and improve women’s health.

The tree is extremely sensitive, therefore, before using leaves or branches for a talisman, for a few days just bear them with you, and if you notice discomfort, know: willow is not your assistant.

Rosehip (leaves, fruits, dried petals). Filled with love magic, erases all social boundaries, contributes to the emergence of warm feelings.

If while harvesting fruit or leaves for a talisman you injured yourself with thorns, a fatal passion can happen.

Apple tree (leaves). It helps to attract exactly the man that you need.

The power of the apple tree awakens sensuality in a woman.

Material abundance

Oakmoss It guarantees money growth, ensures success at the beginning of new affairs to careerists and those who strive for success.

Carnation garden. It blooms until late autumn and attracts wealth. This plant helps women and gives a huge amount of energy.

It also contributes to the realization of desires.

Corn (part of the cob, grain). Attracts money and wealth to the owner of the talisman.

Female power

Alder (leaves, fruits). Patronizes the family, improves relationships with relatives, contributes to the «binding» of the husband to the hearth.

Acacia (leaves). Helps couples to conceive a child, only the amulet with acacia should be worn by both husband and wife.

How to charge your talisman

Taking the finished amulet in your hands, give him your request. Imagine how warm your palms warms the bag of herbs, turning it into a special object.

You can sentence: «Help me», without specifying in detail what, otherwise you will limit the power of the amulet. Just imagine how it absorbs your energy and fills it.

How to wear and where to store

You can carry the amulet in your purse so that the contact is permanent, or you can leave it at home so that it fills your native space with your strength — in a closet with linen or in a box with decorations. In any case, keep it away from prying eyes and remember that any magic action must be performed with good intentions.

Magical plants charms

Grass charms in magic, proper use of fees

Remove the disease from the body without drugs, get rid of evil in the house and the evil eye, find out who is the witch in the district, gain strength and much more can be done with the help of herbs amulets. Common, growing in central Russia.

These knowledge came from our ancestors, the Slavs, and are used in our time.

What is the power and magic of grass and trees?

In pagan times, people worshiped groves, temples were organized there, ceremonies were held. With the introduction of Christianity, the role of forests in the faith did not go away, but gained a different sound. In the forests they began to build churches, organize cross processions.

In Poland, icons were hung on sacred trees, believing that they were adopting the power of nature. In the places of churches and tombs of saints, trees planted had healing powers.

Until today, rituals with trees have come down. They haven’t changed a bit.

For example, thousands of pilgrims from all over the world gather in Velikoretsky.

According to legend, on the bank of the Great River, in the roots of a tree, the icon of Nicholas was found. People believe that touching the sacred trunks can heal. Even more powerful are the roots of ancient trees protruding from the ground.

Under them you have to go without hooking in order to heal.

To crawl through the hollows and roots was taken in paganism. It was believed that the natural hole in the tree cleared the disease.

In general, the Slavs more revered trees with flaws: with hollows, crevasses, twisted and standing alone. It was a testament to the presence of the spirit in it.

Interesting and ceremonies that have not come down to us, but remained in mythology and stable expressions:

  • newlyweds were led around the tree before the wedding;
  • unnecessary things were thrown onto the tree;
  • the tree is the way to the afterlife. Hence the expression «give oak»;
  • the tree is creaking — the dead person asks to pray for him;
  • you cannot bring grass and tree branches from the cemetery, otherwise the soul of the deceased, enclosed in it, will suffer.

It all came from the identification of man and tree. According to external signs: roots — legs, trunk — trunk, branches — hands.

As well as energy. Hence the origin of beliefs about the world tree connecting the worlds: beyond the grave, human and divine.

Trees are the shelters of not only good spirits, but also evil ones. These are mermaids, ascending to birch branches, demons living in thorny shrubs, damned plants, etc.

Since ancient times, plants have been participants in holiday rites. In medicine, herbs played a dominant role because of their strength.

Before harvesting the magical and medicinal plants must remember the rules:

  • grass or wood should be explained — they are destroyed not just like that, but for good;
  • spirits should be given an offering: bread with butter or salt, a coin;
  • Do not take fallen trees that have fallen to the north. This is the side of winter, cold and death;
  • returning from a field or forest, you need to be cleaned with water, it is better to sweat in the bath.

The greatest strength of the grass was acquired during the holidays: at Trinity, at Ivan Kupala, on St. George’s Day.

Mention of the magical power of the tree is found in the Belarusians, Ukrainians and Russians. They are reduced to the following:

  • upon returning from the funeral, it is necessary to hang a rowan branch over the entrance so that the spirit of the deceased does not enter back into the hut;
  • for the newlywed for their ankle, mountain ash roots were thrown into their boots against spoilage;
  • to crawl through the branches of a mountain ash bush or split into two trees meant healing from the disease;
  • on mountain ash trunks they drove livestock on the first pasture in the spring;
  • a mountain ash growing on an ant hill raised a conspiracy against spoilage, toothache and fever;
  • do not use mountain ash as fuel because it is a vengeful tree;
  • Travelers from mountain ash made a staff or kept a chip in their mouths, so as not to become a victim of witchcraft.

Now the mountain ash is recognized as a medicine against avitaminosis, it treats the stomach and the liver. It is used as a talisman for witchcraft and the evil eye.

Enough to keep the berries on the windowsill, and a sprig in the doorway.

Its meaning is unambiguous — connection with the image of Perun. Oak groves and freestanding oaks were used as sacrifice sites.

Holidays were held here, and in the Christian era, churches and monasteries were erected.

Oaks are believed:

  • An old oak tree grew in the Minsk province. Whoever hits it with an ax will misfortune happen. And he was cut down. The lumberjacks were crushed by the trunk, and a storm raged in the area for a week;
  • in Bulgaria there were three sacred oaks. They protected fields from natural disasters. Each Trinity was buttered in the literal sense, doused with oil;
  • the Old Believers had a wedding custom, the newlyweds around the oak three times circled around;

The archaeologists’ findings (trunk with stuck boar tusks) also speak about the special role of oak.

The link between oak and Thunderer Perun is traced in fairy tales: God strikes a snake on an oak.

Oak is also associated with the male principle, strength, invincibility, masculinity. In medicine, oak bark is used now as a hemostatic and astringent.

Previously used in ceremonies aimed at curing children from a hernia.

As for witchcraft, mostly oak is used for the exchange of energy, but is suitable only for men.

Known as a plant, lit before Easter. It is believed that the twigs will protect the house from disaster and evil spirits.

Put a sprig in front of the icon — not the only rite. Here is just an approximate list:

  • in the thickets of old willows it was decided to send the disease, because the devils lived there;
  • willow is growing rapidly, so it was associated with a quick profit. For example, on St. George’s day, wreaths are made in the house for income;
  • on the day of the Forty Martyrs it was decided to whip the willow and the livestock and people. It brought health;
  • girls who dream of a child girdled with a sprig;
  • on Kupala, girls decorated a willow with flowers, led a round dance, and the guys had to capture it;
  • it was possible to pacify a thunderstorm, having set fire in the hearth on willow branches.

For therapeutic purposes, willow has long been used. The broth was drunk at a sore throat, tied to the back, so as not to hurt, sprinkled with powder wounds.

As a talisman, willow is now used mainly against evil spirits and natural disasters.

You should not take the branches of rotten or sick willow, drink water from under it — it is a shelter of devils.

Bad wood among Christians and pagans. As a talisman is used widely, it is used in magic.

There is no consensus why aspen has gained notoriety. Here are some of the Christian legends:

  1. From the aspen was made a cross on which they crucified Jesus Christ. The Virgin Mary cursed the tree, so it shakes.
  2. Some believe that the aspen showed no respect at the time of Christ’s birth, continuing to rustle the foliage. Therefore, it trembles even in calm weather, does not give fruit and can not cover anyone with a shadow.
  3. And the last legend. The repentant Judas hanged himself on an aspen. Only aspen allowed to do it, took it.

Paganism claims that devils live in aspen. Therefore, aspen was not planted in villages and feared aspen thickets.

Devils could lead a person astray, confuse him, bring visions. It is used in such ceremonies:

  • the witches made fire from aspen logs to prepare a circulating brew;
  • the sorcerer tumbled through an aspen stump to turn into a wolf;
  • Leshey was touted exactly in aspen;
  • with the help of an aspen they sought a thief The thing he touched was laid in a split tree. From this, the attacker fell ill, he had a desire to return the stolen;
  • plopped aspen with plots in order to say goodbye to the past;
  • so that the drowned people and sorcerers would not be disturbed, they were burned at the stake of aspen trunks;
  • aspen chased the snakes. To do this, she was spoken and hung on the branches of a snake corpse;
  • an aspen stake driven into the grave helped to get rid of a vampire or a walking dead man;
  • in the crib, they were placed against witches who steal milk. She was stuck into the walls and sheds, filtered through her milk. So the witch could not milk the cow and put the pestilence on the cattle;
  • in the Kupala night aspen stakes stuck in the field. It was a protection from witch damage, caterpillars;
  • during the construction of the hut, an aspen stick was stuck into the foundation. It was a talisman of unkind spirits;
  • the patient’s things, as well as his hair, his nails were buried under an aspen or hid in the crevice of the bark, in order to give the disease to the tree.

Aspen helped find the witch. Here are three ways to do this:

  1. Heat the furnace with an aspen log. The first to knock on the house is the witch.
  2. On Ivan Kupalu need to hide under the aspen harrow, so you can see the witch.
  3. An aspen peg was driven into the ground, planed and set on fire. A boil for filtering milk was boiled on this fire. This rite will attract the witch.

Now aspen is used in medicine as an anti-inflammatory agent; they treat tincture of gout and rheumatism. Aspen is used as protection against vampires and other evil spirits.

Good, revered by pagans tree. If oak was associated with a man, then birch is the owner of feminine energy, a haven of perfumes.

Meanwhile, the attitude to birch is different in different regions. For example, in the Russian North they did not put a house on the place where the birch grew and did not plant it at all, considering that it attracts death.

Most of the regions adhere to such beliefs:

  • on birch they were guessing at the betrothed;
  • the owner of the house was healthy if there was a birch branch in the red corner;
  • cereals and flax gave a rich harvest, if you stick a birch stalk in the field;
  • that the horses were healthy, a birch branch was buried under the threshold;
  • Birch log burned after baking bread, so that the lambs were born;
  • energy birch treated girls;
  • in paganism, people were afraid to approach the birches with branches down to the ground, because mermaids had climbed there;
  • a witch flew on a birch stick;
  • on Thursday, before the Trinity, it was customary to curl a birch tree (to fold the rings out of the branches and tie them to ribbons and corbels). Next to this tree they sang songs, danced and divined to marriage;
  • the girls asked the birch «shares», washed the birch sap in order to become fit and like the guys;
  • on the feast of Trinity itself, a birch was cut down, decorated with ribbons, and then burned behind the outskirts;
  • Birch branches, torn off at the Trinity, remained in the house. They were shut up under the roof in order to protect themselves from the elements;
  • On Ivanovskaya, cows were decorated with birch wreaths, twigs were hung above the entrance to the shed. It guarded against sorceresses;
  • a birch besom drove the ailments out of the child, drove away the evil spirits. He was set with bristles up near the baby’s crib.

Now birch is used in traditional medicine. The healing properties of the kidneys have antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal effects. Trinity rituals have survived to this day.

Believers are decorated with icons of birch twigs to protect the house. Some rites for money are also associated with birch.

The attitude towards the burning grass is ambiguous. According to some legends, nettle is a product of the damned and sinners.

She sowed the devil. Meanwhile, in most areas, it is a talisman. It was used in the following cases:

  • May nettle was taken to eat in order to stay healthy all year. At some other backgammon she received communion;
  • from rabies of animals called to help the decoction of the grass, cooked on Holy Saturday;
  • Another rite of health was held on St. George’s Day. Grass was whipped, wrapped and laid under the head;
  • on the Kupala night, the young people caught up with each other and burned with nettle brooms. It drove away the disease;
  • so that the evil spirits do not penetrate into the dwelling place on the Spirits day, the plant bunches were laid out on window sills and thresholds;
  • mermaids are also afraid of a burning flower, for this reason they threw a bunch of grass before entering the water;
  • nettle was a livestock advocate. She decorated milk dishes, pens, filtered milk through the leaves;
  • she was buried in the fields and garden for a big harvest;
  • protected from hail and lightning.

Now, as its talisman, little is used, the rites are forgotten. Until now, the plant is used as a medicine with a weakened immune system and a lack of vitamins.

Positive nettle affects women’s health. She treats many gynecological diseases, wash in order to get rid of seborrhea.

Grass with a pungent smell and bitter taste. These properties of wormwood made it a talisman:

  • the smell of wormwood helps to drive away the damage, the evil eye, cleans the bad energy in the house. For this it was decided to fumigate the house with a broom made of grass. In addition, a bunch of dry grass hung in the house. Above the bed, she guarded family life from interference, and drove scum over the entrance. To do this, weave a wreath of wormwood;
  • bitter grass increases vitality, drives away fatigue. For this, she was often tied up with bath brooms;
  • a sheet of wormwood in your wallet eliminates thieves;
  • wormwood leaf in shoe attracts good luck;
  • on Kupala weaved a wreath of wormwood with other flowers and herbs.

The healing properties of wormwood are used now. For example, in the collection to increase appetite and sedatives.

When harvesting grass, it is better to tear off only the tips, not to tear from the root. The grass can be sewn into the pillow, so the smell of wormwood normalizes sleep and soothes.

Thorny plants

All of them have their own properties and are equally used in magic. Values ​​are tied to two properties: prick, hurt and hold, do not let.

In this regard, we can distinguish the following protective functions:

  • protection from evil spirits. For this, the house and outbuildings were tied with branches with thorns;
  • so that the vampire could not come out of the grave, they put thorns in his coffin;
  • the witch could not harm the cattle, protected by a wreath of wild rose. He was hanged on Yuryev’s day over the door of the shed;
  • on the fire of hawthorn burned witches;
  • if someone was dying in the house, then the furnace was drowned with juniper after the removal of the dead man. It calmed his spirit. It did not let go home;
  • not only the grass and shrubs themselves served as a talisman, but also their mention in conspiracies;
  • thistle treated the disease. Mostly stabbing pain;
  • used spikes in love magic, in Christmas games.

The value of prickly herbs amulets and sharp objects has been preserved to this day. In the villages, they still shut up the cracks of houses with burdock and thistle.

Other plants amulets

The above are the most common herbs and trees used in rites and witchcraft. Their value has changed little since pagan times and equally in many countries. In fact, they are much more:

  • St. John’s wort is a powerful medicine for all diseases, except for this it protects against spoilage;
  • lavender — it was customary to fold in the bag and hide in the corners of the house. It drove away rodents and evil spirits;
  • Poppy — a symbol of fertility, because the poppy flower is often found in wreaths. Planted on the street, will save from the witch;
  • peppermint is a powerful sedative, and besides this, it protects from representatives of other worlds;
  • dill — scares a bad person from the baby;
  • onions and garlic — amulet against devilry, vampires, sorcerers and the diseases they sent;
  • hawthorn is a guard against vampires, because it must be placed above the entrance and on the windows.

Plant charms should not be neglected. A bag of herbs with amulets in a bag will not interfere, but it will bring benefit. Dried plants were made to sew a herbal needle into a pupa.

Its value depended on the content. It is almost the only pupa amulet that could be squeezed and crushed, from which she gained strength.

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