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Four of the Pentacles Tarot — the value of the card

Tarot Card Value Four of Pentacles (Junior Arcanum)

On the classic version of the map of the Four Pentacles depicts a man sitting on a stone. One coin is above his head, the other he holds in his hands and two more coins are under his feet.

Such an image symbolizes financial security and indicates that knowledge and natural talents can bring pleasure and create a stable material basis in life.

Four of the Pentacles Tarot - the value of the card
Four of the Pentacles Tarot - value cards

The value of the map of the Four Pentacles in the upright position

In the direct position of the Four, Pentacles always indicates material stability. But, as a rule, the lasso indicates that a person will come to material wealth through years of hard work.

Therefore, this card adjusts to the fact that the guessing person will surely achieve material well-being if he works hard and is rational about life. This card never foreshadows instant wealth, and at the same time very often focuses attention on the fact that a person has exceptional natural talents that must be used.

If there are other positive cards in the scenario next to the Fourth Pentacles, this indicates that in the near future someone can present an expensive gift. For students, this combination of cards foreshadows the successful passing of exams.

But next to strong negative cards, the Four of Pentacles can be a precursor of mandatory spending, so it is important to plan expenses and incomes correctly, as well as try to minimize risks.

The influence of the Four of Pentacles on other spheres of life activity is as follows:

  • In matters of health, the card also focuses on stability and the absence of risks to ill health.
  • In the sphere of personal relations, the card indicates stability, but on the other hand it symbolizes philistinism, dullness and narrow-mindedness. Very often in life in such cases, partners are kept close to each other only by habit.
  • In the business field, the card indicates that the person is stable and has a steady income. His growth will continue to be entirely dependent on the industriousness, initiative and zeal of the fortuneteller. Sometimes the Four of Pentacles can foreshadow material acquisitions.

In general, the Four of Pentacles in a direct position personifies a wealthy person who has achieved life success by his own work. Often these people choose professions related to financial activities.

Sometimes the map indicates that there are people with conservative views surrounded by a guessing person.

The meaning of the map of the Four of Pentacles in an inverted position

In the inverted position of the Four Pentacles foreshadows the deterioration of the financial situation or instability in the whole financial sphere. Very often she warns that wastefulness and hard work will not lead to anything good.

Other negative interpretations of this card are connected with the fact that on the way to material well-being there can be many obstacles. On the other hand, a map may emphasize a person’s lack of organization or his overload with affairs.

As for domestic issues, such a card may fall out when a situation arises in life related to the division of property between relatives or disputes over inheritance issues. She points out that at the moment a person feels a sense of his own powerlessness due to the inability to influence the situation in any way.

In other areas of human activity, this card may indicate the following:

  • The state of human health during this period of life may significantly deteriorate, and for a sick person, a crisis may occur.
  • In the area of ​​privacy, the card may portend a deterioration in relations between partners. Moreover, quarrels and conflicts, during this period, will mainly arise on the basis of lack of money.
  • In the business sphere, things will not be formed simply, which would entail material losses. Many contracts will not be profitable, and most transactions will be disrupted due to the occurrence of various adverse conditions. In this case, the person simply will not be able to control the situation.

Map of Pentacle Four can personify greedy, suspicious and envious people. She also points out that there are people who are interested only in financial matters surrounded by a fortuneteller.

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