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Fortune Telling by Elena Golunova

Fortune Telling by Elena Golunova

Psychic Elena Golunova told on her official website that she herself often turns to the help of fortune telling to clarify any situation. The witch admitted that she receives most of the information directly from the world of the dead. However, sometimes spirits cannot give a definite answer, and here the witch comes to the aid of an ancient fortune-telling fortune, which has been passed down in her family from generation to generation.

Elena Golunova said that no matter how many times she resorted to using this ritual, the result always amazed her with its authenticity.

So, how to know your future and get answers to the most intimate questions with the help of a special black ritual? Former finalist of the show “The Battle of Psychics” Elena Golunova said that in order to perform this ceremony, no special preparations are required. You will need only a strand of your hair, a wax church candle and a thin small needle.

Guessing the fate, according to the witch, should be only on women’s days of the week, otherwise the result of fortune-telling may be false.

On the right day from 7 to 11 pm, you can begin a black ritual. Stay completely alone in the room, close the door tightly and open the window or window. In the room must come fresh air from the street. Before you begin this fortune telling, cut off a small strand of hair.

There may be few hairs, but they should be at least 4 centimeters in length.

Now, according to Elena Golunova, you need to prick your thumb and little finger on your left hand with a needle, then hold a strand of hair between them and slide it from top to bottom to smear them with blood. Then focus on your desire or question. Think and imagine a situation that worries you.

This fortune telling for the future will help you make the right decision and learn about upcoming events, thereby warning you of success or trouble.

After all this, you need to light a church candle and say clearly three times: “Fire will reveal the truth and erase doubts in my heart. Tell me about what is waiting for me and what I fear in my future. Amen».

Now bring a strand of hair to the candle flame and set it on fire. As Elena Golunova says, in order to know your fate, you just have to watch how your hair will burn.

  • If the strand ignites immediately, then in the future you will succeed.
  • If your hair is burning long enough and bright, then soon you will make expensive purchases.
  • If the strand does not light up for a while, this may symbolize illness and trouble in the future.
  • If the hair does not burn, but only smolders, then, according to Elena Golunova, this is the most terrible omen. In the near future, you will face death face to face.
  • If the hair does not burn to the end, then according to this fortune-telling on fate, you will be expected to betray a loved one.
  • If the strand begins to smoke much, it will promise a dramatic change in your life.

So, according to this divination for the future from Elena Golunova, you can certainly find out about what exactly will happen in your life in the near future. As the psychic told, at the present time, very few people know about this black ritual, since it is a family rite among a narrow circle of relatives of the sorceress. We wish you a good time for divination and do not forget to click on the buttons and

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