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Fortune telling at Christmas time or Christmas divination

Christmas time, that is, the period from between Christmas and Epiphany, in ancient times was the most fun time of the year. At this time, it was decided to walk, play, have fun.

Homes went mummers, fun games and dances were arranged. But Christmas time was a time not only fun, but also magical, optimal for conducting magical rites.

After all, the Christmas season is a time when a great turning point is made in nature, the days begin to grow, and the winter, imperceptibly, but surely, begins to give in. Therefore, divination for Christmas time has always been the most important and popular in the year.

These divinations were considered the most loyal and most exciting.

Fortune telling at Christmas time or Christmas divination

For centuries, do not lose the popularity of the Christmas divination. For all its simplicity, they give quite a few hints about the events of the future.

Knowing how to understand these hints, you can get answers to many questions that concern you.

For fortune telling at Christmas time in the shadows you need to take a large sheet of paper or an old newspaper and crumple it well. At the same time, the paper does not need to be crushed into a spherical lump, it is only necessary that it ceases to be flat and acquire a chaotic relief. Put crumpled paper in a saucer or plate and set it on fire and let it burn and smolder.

Then, without touching the paper itself, place the saucer with it near the wall. Put a lit candle on the other side of the paper plate.

Carefully look at the outlines of the shadow that the paper throws in the light of a candle — in these figures you will see hints of your future. A feature of this fortune telling is that it can be repeated several times, predicting different events.

Another type of fortune telling associated with fire — Christmas divination by matches. This fortune telling gives the answer, whether the boy and the girl will be together.

To find out, you need to vertically insert two matches on the sides of a matchbox and set fire to it. If the tips of the burnt matches look at each other, then these young people are destined to be together, if in different directions — their life paths will diverge.

With the help of fortune-telling at Christmas time for barking dogs in the old days guessing the age of the future groom.

For this night they lit a candle and said:

After that, they listened to whether the dog barks where. If the dog barks hoarse, then the groom will be elderly. If the barking is ringing, then the girl’s fiance will be young.

Having heard no barking, divination was repeated.

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