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Fortune telling

Fortune telling

The question of money has always worried people. If you can not wait to find out whether you will become rich, give you a debt, if you are lucky in the lottery, or how soon your income will rise, then you can guess the money. We offer you three ways of divination, with the help of which you can find answers to any questions related to finances.

Card fortune telling on money

For this fortune telling you will need a regular deck of 36 cards. Shuffle, guess your question and lay out any nine cards in front of you. Now look what suit fell more.

  • The clubs are a money suit. If it is she who prevails in the deal, then very soon your financial situation will improve. This is a sign of profit and monetary luck.
  • Peaks foreshadow money problems. Be careful with the costs.
  • The diamonds and hearts of hearts do not promise changes for the better or for the worse. This is a sign that your financial situation will remain at the same level.

Divination for money with water

If you want to know about your financial future, then take a saucer with water and put it in the evening on the windowsill. This fortune telling is best done either at the full moon or at the rising moon. In the morning look at the contents of the saucer.

If something has fallen into the water at night (a fly, a leaf of a plant or something else), then this means that a profit is waiting for you. If there is still only water in the saucer, then nothing good can be expected in the near future. If there is less water in the saucer or it is somehow spilled, then financial losses are waiting for you.

Guessing money on coins

With the help of the following free fortune telling you can find out how soon you will have the profit you are interested in. Take any three coins, hold them for a minute in your right hand, then toss and see if an eagle or tails have fallen.

  • If all three coins fell by an eagle, then the money will come to you very soon.
  • If one eagle, the rest — tails, then the conceived profit will appear no earlier than six months.
  • If one tails, the rest — an eagle, then in a year.
  • If all the coins have fallen off, then you will not see the money for a long time.

These fortune telling on money and success will help you know your future and find answers to your questions about finance. Do not just wonder too often — the future does not like when he is disturbed. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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