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Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

Flower horoscope by date of birth

There is a belief that each person has his own plant, which can influence the fate of a person. This was noticed by the tribes living in ancient times — the druids.

They had secret knowledge and made a flower horoscope.

Some magic was attributed to the beautiful flora, by resorting to which one could control one’s life path.

Druid’s flower horoscope by date of birth

Druids were considered magicians, possessed sacred art. These magicians believed they could predict the future.

This caste proclaimed the indissoluble bonds of nature and man, called «the people of the oak.»

In ancient times, the oak holy worshiped. This tree bore the status of wisdom, power. Hence the name of the people.

They were confident that people sprung from the trees. Based on this, the Druid Horoscope appeared by date of birth.

Its essence is that plants, like people, have the same features and can be determined under the auspices of which tree a particular person is.

Consider in detail the characteristics of wood creatures.

Beech / 21, December 22 /

Protected by Buk, always look great, are in great shape, physically healthy.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

A straight tree is predicted for many years of life. They are weighted and practical, they set realistic goals., for example, reach certain heights in a career.

Excellent leaders have good material wealth, while trying to reach great heights.

Conceived bring to the logical end. Home, family, children are important to them.

Apple Tree / December 23 — January 1, June 25 — July 4 /

Those who are favored by the tree-defender are very contact, inquisitive. People-apple with great intelligence, highly developed erudition.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

They are open, easily and eagerly communicate with others, while not exhibiting their horizons. A quiet life is not for them, they live with emotions, they are ready to share their joy with everyone (figuratively speaking).

The apple tree is susceptible, it can flare up, but it goes away easily, does not remember evil. It is easy to offend such people, as they are direct and simple-minded.

Fir / 2 — January 11, July 5 — July 14 /

This sign is peculiar to its inner world. They are closed, reluctantly go on revelations, it is difficult for them to establish a relationship of trust.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

These are loners, often melancholic personalities.

  • They need some time to make contact. They are very demanding and tactful.
  • Therefore, it is difficult for them to make real friends. Their plus is in loyalty, patience.
  • The goal they set is necessarily achieved. Coniferous beauty is respected in society.

Elm / 12 — January 24, July 15 — 25 /

Leisurely, calm Elm is not looking for difficult ways, for him the simpler the better. Therefore, they look great in leadership positions, keep everything in sight.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

If any problems arise, Elm tries to solve them on its own. The affairs of the elm people are moving easily, at a rapid pace.

Material well-being is usually achieved by these people in a short time.

By their nature, they are calm, love silence, home comfort. Appreciate consistency, faithful in love.

Cypress / January 25 — February 3, July 26 — August 4 /

Slender Cypress trees always look good, attractive, resting their eyes on them. These people are romantics, they like to dream, sometimes they are great idealists.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

With all this, they have many friends, reliable friends who are not averse to giving their shoulders in difficult times. Cypresses themselves are ready to provide participation.

Sometimes they like to mess around, they are lightweight, but they make the right decisions purely on an intuitive level. Love for this sign is very important, valuable, the family is at the head of everything.

Poplar / 4 — 8 February, 5 — 13 August /

Poplar people are ambiguous. Sometimes in public they are alone, in their souls others, one may say, wear a mask.

They are heavily influenced by society, both in a positive sense and in a negative one.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

  • They spend a lot of time on their appearance, often changing outfits, experimenting with make-up, hairstyles.
  • Under the guise of fun, well-being, sometimes indifference, Topoli hide indecision, shyness.
  • Often they need support from the side, positive feedback, otherwise pessimism seizes upon them, they seem to fade.

Cedar Flower Horoscope / February 9 — 18, August 14 — 23 /

Appeared under this sign, open, optimistic, love life. Their gullibility may turn against them.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

Despite kindness and sentimentality, Cedars are decisive and responsible in their work..

For the sake of fulfilling this goal, they are ready to go all the way, even for a serious conversation with the authorities. If they like the matter, they perform it reverently and patiently. If necessary, fearlessly defend their rights.

Independence and love of freedom is not an empty sound for them. Cedars firmly, fearlessly solve professional tasks, as well as everyday ones.

Pine / February 19-28, from August 24 to September 2 /

All under the arches of the tree, they know their value, decisive, stubborn. They know how to insist on their own, considering their point of view to be the most correct, therefore they are supportive of those people who play along with them.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

They are surrounded by many flatterers and sycophants. Women of this sign are excellent hostesses, they have complete order in the house. In communication, they are attractive and strive to get what they want.

Men are not easy to communicate, always insist on their opinion, not turning from the chosen course.

Male pines honor traditions, cherish family values.

Willow flower horoscope / March 1 — 10, September 3 — 12 /

Wards of this mark are very sensitive natures. These are actors playing according to an invented scheme, because they need strong passions and emotions.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

They come up with their own plan of life. Often this is a creative nature: artists, poets, musicians or writers.

  • In the works of such people can be traced a minor mood.
  • Often they themselves are not able to master the problems that have arisen.
  • This contradictory nature with a rich imagination, then looking for an adventure, then suffering from melancholia.

Lipa / 11 — March 20, September 13 — 22 /

Charming, with a wonderful aroma of personality, exuding tranquility, this is Linden. They know how to get along with people, listen to them, provoke affection to themselves, do not like arguments, and enter into conflicts.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

These natures perfectly feel others, but they are not able to understand their desires, their attitudes, which often change.

  • Lipam lacks decisiveness and clarity in making a decision.
  • Therefore, they need a person to rely on, who will tell you the right direction.
  • People of this sign do not miss the stars from the sky, they are realistic, they believe in some kind of predetermination — destiny.

Oak / March 21 /

A tree that is male. Oak — brave, proud, independent.

Women who have this sign are usually male-minded.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

They are distinguished by excellent health and iron nerves. This giant is completely lacking diplomacy.

They are straightforward, open, not a detour.Yat sharp corners.

  • They boldly defend their opinions, they are smart, they are right in disputes, they don’t like to make concessions.
  • In disputes come out winners. They are difficult to manage, and they will not allow it.
  • Differ in high responsibility, diligence. Oaks are efficient, physically strong, strong in spirit.

Hazel / March 22 — 31, September 24 — October 3 /

Those whose patron is this tree are rather secretive. In appearance, Hazel is unattractive, silent and reticent.

But is the carrier of magnetic force.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

It is not often you can hear your opinion from them, they are not emotional, they prefer loneliness. He does not like to be among the crowds, the noise prevents him from concentrating on work. Financial side Leshchina little interest.

Can feel deeply and be a good friend.

Love for him comes to the fore, however, to get along with Hazel is not easy at all.

Olive / September 23 /

Under the sunlight it blooms, it becomes prettier and very sad in overcast weather. Olives are optimistic, loving life, always hoping for the best.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

They easily perceive the surrounding reality, just converge with people. If possible, we are ready to offer our help.

Olives are very responsible and purposeful, their patience is endless. Not without sound reasoning. They approach the work seriously, their conclusions are thought out.

In marriage, the Oliva-woman is often happy.

Rowan / from April 1 to 10, from October 4 to 13 /

Rowan trees are the embodiment of honesty, justice. This thin tree always fights for its rights, protects its interests.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

Assertiveness, awareness of their rightness, a clear position contribute to the achievement of high results in professional activities.

  • Not once will give a helping hand to the needy, the weak.
  • Rowan very well keeps his emotions, sociable, does not accept hypocrisy, calculation, honest.
  • Family ties are based solely on love. Usually in the house — full wealth.

Maple according to the flower horoscope / April 11 — 20, October 14 — 23 /

Those whose patron is maple are interesting, pleasant companions. Ironically, there is always a pair of jokes in stock.

Their speech smoothly flows from one thought to another.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

They are very erudite, inquisitive since childhood. Due to its erudition, the knowledge of the Maples quickly find contact with others.

They could achieve high results, but not enough dedication, endurance, perseverance.

People of this sign promise a lot, but often do not remember them, do not know the price of real friendship. Often, in their declining years, they are left alone.

Walnut / April 21 — 30, October 24 — November 2 /

Creates an appearance of calm, wisdom, thoughtfulness in business. In reality, Walnut is an unpredictable, complex nature.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

It happens arrogant, capricious, many times the mood changes. Have nerves of steel, solid character. Walnut is active, is a leader, it calculates in advance all the moves.

Those whose advocate he is, are not callous by nature, show charity. It requires the participation of relatives, but he himself remains deaf to the needs and problems of his relatives.

Walnut man is jealous not only against women, but also children.

Jasmine / May 1 — 14, November 3 — 11

The wards belonging to this tree are extremely sociable, friendly, sweet. They are not afraid of difficulties, they are efficient, they are distinguished by high diplomatic talent.

They love to attract attention.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

But the whole image of this sign depends on the surrounding reality. Jasmine prone to pessimism, doubt.

If the situation is not in favor of Jasmine, something does not work out according to a conceived plan, it becomes evil, vindictive, selfish.

In this case, the positive traits of character disappear, the positive image evaporates.

Chestnut / from 15 to 24 May, from 12 to 21 November /

Sociable natures love to be the center of communication, attention. Chestnuts are proud, do not recognize well-known rules and postulates.

They are freedom-loving, make decisions quickly, find a way out of a problematic situation.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

It is not always correctly assess the state of affairs, the real state of things, therefore they are misled. If Chestnut is drawn into various clashes that he does not tolerate, then usually victory is his.

A very positive feature of this sign is the love of children.

Ash / May 25 — June 3, November 22 — December 1 /

Those whom he patronizes, are realists, think practically, follow logic. They are intuitive.

Ash counts all the pros and cons before making a decision.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

There is a share of selfishness in them, but they are resolute, sure, rely on their strength.

  • Career for them is very important, good specialists.
  • Most often occupy high positions.
  • Ash copes with its responsibilities, it can be trusted.
  • He also responsibly approaches family relationships.

Hornbeam / 4 — 13 June, 2 — 11 December /

Citizens born in this period of time, usually materialists, pragmatists. They love stability, they hate change.

They are characterized by established traditions, the old way of life.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

Rarely change tastes, habits, career, place of residence. For any changes can not get used for a long time.

Grab confident in himself, makes the right conclusions, his opinion is true. People of this sign with a strong character, calm, not conflict.

The family has great value for them — they respect their close people, they love to mess with their children.

Figs / June 14 — 23, December 12 — 20

This tree is characterized by creativity, specific behavior, original thinking. Figs are characterized by sensuality, emotions sometimes whip over the edge.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

He likes to arrange holidays, with pleasure he may succumb to temptation, often idle. The mood is unstable — either joy, or sadness, may plunge into depression.

The fig tree is very sociable, but the feeling of loneliness is not alien to him.

He desperately needs the support of loved ones, seeking approval, understanding in the family.

Birch / June 24 /

According to the druids’ horoscope, this beauty is sociable and attractive. This is a broad, generous nature, has a rich inner world.

Flower horoscope by date of birth and name: the exact interpretation

Often Birches are creative individuals. She is hardy, patient.

In general, quite pleased with myself. Ready to turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of a loved one, may for the sake of him sacrifice some things.

With an adequate outlook on life, good-natured, Birch is in fact always always happy in marriage.

The root of the horoscope is simple: it includes 36 decades, in which each date of birth has its own name — a unique flower.

Let us consider in more detail each inflorescence in the horoscope.

FlowerDate of BirthCharacteristic
Gentian yellowJanuary 1-10Yellow gentian unselfish, generous. At any moment, ready to lend a friendly hand. To a large extent, the gentian is closed, it feels uncomfortable in a large company. Its mysteriousness can be explained by shyness. In family life is true, ready to make concessions.
ThistleJanuary 11-20As the flower horoscope says, Thistle is sociable, very restless and open. Often behaves frivolously, without restraint. But if desired, can reach certain heights. Treasured family relationships.
ImmortelleJanuary 21-31Persons with such an intriguing name are mysterious and refined people. Possess good potential, great energy. All have taste and moderation. They cope well with difficult situations, but also often do the work with an eye to, afraid to stumble. Restless nature.
MistletoeFebruary 1-10Berry shrub differs attractiveness, a huge magnetism, he often envy. They manage people very well, always in the forefront. In ancient times, was considered a talisman. Able to fall in love with anyone, have a lot of fans (female fans). Do not stay alone.
BelladonnaFebruary 11-20If you believe the horoscope by name, Belly is very attractive, with an interesting appearance. They quickly find a common language with the interlocutor, recognizing his thoughts and feelings. They can work with renewed energy, easily overcome difficulties. Do well in any field.
MimosaFebruary 21-28 / February 29The flower, bright as the sun, according to the horoscope by date of birth, is very delicate. With a vulnerable, subtle psyche. Mimoses are very respectable in relationships, they should be trusted. On occasion, may compromise. They get tired quickly, so they need to monitor their health.
PoppyMarch 1 — 10Mac charm seems unusual, fragile, it is more inner beauty. People of this sign are bright, decent. Choosing a goal, you can go to it all your life. They are professionals in their field, but sometimes they lack firmness and determination.
LilyMarch 11 — 20

The beautiful Lily loves to surround herself with a mystery atmosphere. She is self-confident, sweet. Sometimes behind this appearance lies insidious personality. These flowers are not simple and do not open their world to anyone. In a relationship, fickle, but capable of action.DigitalisMarch 21 — 31This is what stands out for pragmatism, decisiveness. Digitalis works hard, a good leader, brings the begun to a logical conclusion. Its vulnerability is that it is too emotionally worried about everything. It will always help, but if something does not suit her, she can release poison.MagnoliaApril 1 — 10Horoscope by date of birth and name recalls — Magnolias love to be in the thick of things, to make advertising. They are persistent in achieving their goals, they are not content with what they have. Usually reach career heights. Magnolia is a good friend, in the family occupies a dominant place.HydrangeaApril 11 — 20Hortense’s unusual attractive appearance, her friendliness will not leave anyone indifferent. Broad personality. This is a flower holiday. Loves fun companies, parties. No different patience, hassled a lot of money. The family give birth rather late.Dahlia

April 21-30Dahlias inherent versatility. Due to the inconsistency of nature, decision-making, many are reserved to them. This flower is kind, then sharp, then romantic, and sometimes calculating realist. He is afraid to look weak, seeks to solve his own affairs. In work it is exacting.Lily of the valley

May 1-10Lilies of the valley gentle, sensual creation. By date of birth, these people of romance love to contemplate, while themselves remaining invisible. Differ in participation, charity. They are vulnerable, it is difficult to experience confusions. As a friend, Lily of the Valley will never let you down.Purslane

May 11-20He who elevates, loves himself dear, is Portulak. Loves tokens, confident in their exclusivity. Do not tolerate any prohibitions. Calculate their moves in advance. In the work Portulak can progress. True to the person they love.Chamomile

May 21-31Nice looking flowers are very cute, inspire confidence. Daisies love to listen rather than to open up to the other person. With seeming simplicity, many do not agree. People of this sign are patient, they do their work with dignity. In a relationship, honest and looking for your ideal.Bell

June 1-10Representatives of this sign are conservative in everything. Does not like to change anything, be it work, housing. Any reform for him is stress. For a long time does not get rid of the trash, although the house is always clean. Problems of the family takes to heart. Bell Monogamous, tied to madness.Daisy

June 11-21According to the flower horoscope, this flower is modest and shy in life, capable of a strong deed. May spend a lot of energy on the implementation of an old dream. Pleasant, friendly Daisy carefully protects the inner world from strangers. In love, capable of high feelings.Tulip

July 1

About people of this sign, we can say that fortune smiles at them. Fate is favorable to them. Tulips love bright life, all-round rest. These are independent natures, family life is built in a mature period. Mutual understanding involves strong feelings.Water lilyJuly 2-12Water lilies are practical, adapt to any circumstances. People like them, optimists by nature, easily converge with people. In work shows a good result. Enters into a relationship only for love.VioletJuly 13-23She does not have a bright appearance, but is not deprived of attention. Violet hardworking and honest. Does not change its principles. Thanks to good intuition, avoids sharp corners. Very distrustful and chooses a life partner for a long time.RosehipJuly 24th —

August 2

Such people may seem indifferent, and they need thorns for self-defense. Rosehip remembers betrayal. For friends, the people of this flower are kind and vulnerable. In love, addicted, ready to make concessions.SunflowerAugust 3-12I must say that the flowers of the sun achieve success in their careers because of their determination, assertiveness. Sunflowers are sociable, have their own opinion. Always surrounded by many friends. They love home warmth, hospitable.the RoseAugust 13-23This flower believes that it is unique, everyone should revolve around it. He is handsome, surrounded by the attention of the opposite sex. Works with great dedication. You need to have the courage and patience to win the love of Rose.Delphinium

September 2

Unusual flowers have modesty, love order in everything. Can hold various positions. Demanding to others. In marriage, the Delphinium is very faithful, love pushes him to feats, but not always happy.CarnationSeptember 3-11About the people of this sign, we can say that they are companions of justice. Speak openly. With their critical approach by chance, they can offend the interlocutor. Therefore, it is not easy to get along with. Carnations — family people, loyal partner.AsterSeptember 12-22Beautiful Asters radiate optimism, love of life. They are not vindictive, are the soul of the company. In love, gentle, caring. Owing to the carelessness there can be disorders in work.Heather

September 23 — October 3According to the flower horoscope, people of this type are magnificent — external chic and inner beauty. Heather — erudite, knows his own worth, a jack of all trades, gives good advice. Easily overcomes obstacles in its path. Smart and independent, chooses the same life partner.CamelliaOctober 4-13Camellias are adventurous. If possible, avoid work, finding other ways to earn money. This flower loves beautiful things and surrounds itself with interesting people. For the sake of a happy life is ready to sacrifice their own interests. Marries once and for all.LilacOctober 14-23Those whose assistant is Lilac, amorous, enthusiastic nature with a broad soul. He takes part in the affairs of others with great enthusiasm. In work diligent, purposeful, respected. Friendly, but has many envious.Freesia

November 2

By nature, a freesia man is a workaholic, with huge ambitions. They will do everything to advance in their careers, even if they make sacrifices. Other people’s feelings don’t bother them. Freesia will convince anyone, this is an excellent diplomat. It can be a good partner for someone who does not interfere with her work.OrchidNovember 3-12Orchids are attractive, mysterious personalities. Freethinkers, they intuitively read other people well. The orchid is not distracted by trifles, it does not fix small details, it is based on sober meaning, experience. People of this sign are patient, they will not miss theirs.PionNovember 13-22Peony has excellent health, in sport reaches certain heights. These flowers are carriers of the strongest spiritual energy. To the partner does not impose high requirements, indulgent.Gladiolus

December 2nd

This sign distinguishes perseverance, hard work, ambition. Decisions are not taken immediately, listens to the opinions of others. Loves to travel. Gladiolus does not fully reveal itself to a partner, but values ​​family values.DandelionDecember 3-12Sun-loving plants. Often stand out, delaying attention. Dandelion tend to think outside the box, responsibility in the work. Connecting life with a dear person, aims at openness, does not forgive treachery.LotusDecember 13-22Light sign, which is characterized by purity of thoughts, nobility. Having a good flair, full of ideas, finds them the right application. Values ​​his time, does not waste energy. Lotus loves faithfully and once.EdelweissDecember 23-31Flower horoscope by name indicates inconsistency in the behavior of Edelweiss, his impulsiveness. He is not accustomed to acting on orders, loves innovation. Self-sufficient, romantic, but sometimes annoyed by the misunderstanding of others.


We can say that the horoscope on the date of birth and name identifying your flower, reveals the essence of a particular person, can guide your actions in the right direction, contributes to the correct assessment of their capabilities, to avoid mistakes in the future.

Summing up, it can be stated with confidence that every person has his earthly protector. Druid horoscope by date of birth helps people to reveal their qualities, to know the character more deeply.

If you take the time to communicate with your tree symbol, you can get away from many mistakes, strengthen the power of the spirit, develop your intuition.

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