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Fleece Odal: direct and inverted position, interpretation

Description and meaning of the runal Odal (othilia) in the upright and upside down position

Fleece Odal: direct and inverted position, interpretation

Today we will talk about a very interesting symbol of the Elder Futhark, which is closely connected with our roots, family, inheritance, property that is passed from generation to generation or comes to us from our relatives. Otala is a rune whose value is difficult to understand right away.

Therefore, let’s understand slowly and in order.

Runa Otala — basic meaning and interpretation

Many beginner runologists believe that Otala always means property, but in fact the interpretation of this rune is much more extensive. To understand the whole deep meaning of this magic symbol, it is worth going to the distant past.

Imagine that you were just born: yet you are not a full-fledged person, you have nothing of your own.

You grow up, gain experience, accept certain principles that your family lives by, acquire your own views and habits, and gradually, as you grow up, you will “grow over” with this “baggage”. All that you have absorbed into yourself, all that you have learned and now carry through your life — this is your property.

And around this concept will be built the whole meaning of the rune of Atal, its meaning, description and interpretation.

This is not the property that Fehu implies, this is a completely different slice of reality — this is something that cannot be taken away from you.

These are the ancestral traditions, the memory of ancestors, the genetic characteristics of your character or appearance, spiritual attachment to the house where your childhood passed, real estate that passes to you by inheritance, in one word — that you cannot buy for any money. It is yours and yours alone.

If we look at the photo of the rune of Otal, we will see that it seems to outline the boundaries. I would like to talk about these boundaries separately.

Every person aspires to freedom, to the absence of any framework, restrictions, prohibitions, but as soon as he receives complete freedom, he immediately becomes a nobody, an empty space.

In a world where there is only one freedom and there are no boundaries, absolutely everything loses its meaning.

What determines our personality? A set of certain concepts, which include character traits, habits, appearance, attitudes, beliefs, behavior, friendship and family ties.

This is our personal «baggage».

Now imagine that there are no boundaries and all these labels from the category “good — evil”, “beautiful — ugly”, “righteous — unconscionable”, “modest — pretentious” simply disappear. Together with them, that which makes each person an individuality disappears, and as a result we get a solid gray mass.

It turns out that certain boundaries are still necessary for the world to exist, right? So that we could define the framework of good and bad actions, we learned how to separate evil from good and evaluate all facets of reality.

This is what the rune of Otala urges us to think about — how to combine freedom and scope.

Solid restrictions are bad, but so is complete freedom. The power is in their harmony and balance.

Returning to the mantic meaning of the rune Otala, one can say that it will speak primarily about the heritage — material and spiritual.

If we ask the runes about a person, she will tell us that this person belongs to a decent family, if we ask a question about his character traits — she will say that he knows how to properly organize his own life, finds a balance between borders and freedom.

  • Nautyz — Otala: The sign that the person we are asking about is very pragmatic

Sometimes Otala will directly indicate the receipt of an inheritance, for example, a house or apartment, or else hereditary character traits or spiritual views that were passed on according to gender.

  • Vuno — Otala: Will reflect the desire of man to the ideal

The value of the inverted rune Otala

The value of the inverted rune of Otala can largely depend on the characters that fell next to her in the scenario.

In most cases, she will talk about an impatient person who is eager to rush things, a bad heredity, a violation of plans, the impossibility of achieving the desired by an easy way, and sometimes Otala is a reminder that not everything can be bought for money.

  • Inverted Laguz — inverted otala: A person makes a mistake by acting spontaneously and not thinking about the consequences
  • Fehu — inverted Otala: This is a hint that a person considers money or movable property as the most important thing in his life, forgetting about the spiritual realm

The significance of the rune Otala in divination for business and work

When we ask the magic symbols questions about professional activities and get an answer in the form of the rune Otala in a straight position, we can interpret this situation as an indication of something related to finances. We can talk about working as an accountant or in a pension fund, about a family business or a situation where the questioner will have to continue the work started by one of his relatives by chance.

If a client asks about a complicated, confusing situation that has arisen as a result of his service, Otala will advise him to seek help from one of his relatives, or to a more experienced person, one who has a large amount of luggage behind.

  • Soulu — Otala: A combination usually describes a person who is ready to work hard not for decent remuneration, but for the sake of work.
  • Fehu — otala: This pair will symbolize stingy and greedy person

Inverted Otala in career questions predicts difficulties, obstacles on the way, all sorts of delays, especially.

  • Inverted Fehu — Inverted Othala: This combination may indicate that a person is trying in vain to solve problems with money
  • Inverted Dagaz — Inverted Otala: This is advice not to dwell on existing problems, because at the moment they will not be able to solve them anyway

In general, the inverted value of a symbol is pragmatism, a financial dead end, and difficulties.

Runa Otala in fortune telling on relationships and love

There are differences in the meaning of the rune of otal in love and relationships among the runologists. Some argue that this symbol always speaks of loyalty, the ability to create and protect your personal space.

  • Ansuz — Otala: A couple speaks of a love union in which the rights and obligations of partners are clearly delineated

Other experts on the runes believe that Otala is not so positive and, on the contrary, reports that the load you are carrying should be dropped, i.e. end relationships that have no prospects, as they simply limit you.

  • Raido — Otala: The neighborhood of these two runes predicts a new acquaintance on the road

The meaning of the rune of Otala in relationships and love, if she fell out of it upside down, also has several interpretations:

  1. Insufficient flexibility of the person, inability to make concessions.
  2. Some inevitable losses that will occur.
  3. The probability of parting with a loved one, or a complication of an existing conflict

When a reverse symbol falls out, pay attention to its “neighbors”.

  • Mannaz — Otala: Someone else is clearly affecting your relationship.
  • Evaz — Otala: You will have to part with a partner due to the fact that one of you will have to leave

What does Otala mean when he divines health issues?

As we have already said, the rune of property also implies a home, therefore its appearance in health issues advises a person to be cured at home — a comfortable, familiar atmosphere will more effectively help him to get rid of the disease, rather than being in hospital walls. If negative runes appear next to Otala’s line — there’s no need to panic, they only talk about temporary disability.

The reverse Fleece advises to pay attention to the health of your relatives, especially the elderly. Do not be lazy to visit them and persuade to undergo an examination.

  • Inverted Laguz — Inverted Otala: If such a bundle falls out, then this is a sign of bad, heavy energy of your home, which negatively affects the well-being of the household

Use in magic

Most often, the meaning of the rune Otala is used in magical rituals associated with the protection of the house. But you need to understand that this is not the protection of specific people living under the same roof, but the dwelling itself from various disasters: fires, leaks, the breakdown of household appliances, theft.

The symbol is also used in rituals associated with ancestral karma, and in situations where it is magically required to establish certain boundaries, for example, it is fair to divide the inheritance between all heirs.

Amulet with rune otala: what do you need?

As an amulet, you can use the photo of the Otala rune to get closer to your family, for example, to develop the inheritance abilities, to get rid of internal restrictions, to improve relations with your relatives. Talisman with Otala is also recommended to have with you at the time of purchase of real estate.

Tattoo with rune otala: can it be done?

To answer this question, let’s go back to the beginning of our conversation and recall how we talked about boundaries.

Since the rune means first of all property and the installation of a certain framework, it can be assumed that a tattoo with it will provide too strong a binding to its genus.

This means that the strength of the character does not allow you to “break away from the roots” when it is necessary, for example, when creating your own family. Therefore, to do such a tattoo is not recommended, because it is not an amulet, which at any time you can just stop wearing.

Understanding the meaning of Otala as the Runes of the Day is possible through her mantic meaning. On this day, you will feel a particularly strong connection with your close relatives and distant ancestors already gone into the other world.

You are under their protection, which means that any business will go well — business negotiations will end successfully, purchases will be profitable, and friendly and love meetings will bring spiritual walls, visit the graves of deceased relatives or just call.

Board runes

Knowing the meaning of the rune of Atal, it is not difficult to guess what this symbol can advise. Of course, he advises you to spend time with your family and loved ones, pass the evening to your parents, if they are far away from you.

Only unity with its kind will allow you to feel a surge of vitality.

Questions for meditation on rune otala

If you learn ancient symbols through meditation, focus on the photo of Otala’s rune and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I feel a true spiritual relationship with my parents, grandparents, other relatives?
  • Are there any unnecessary boundaries that I intentionally set? Can I get rid of them?
  • Do I value my spiritual and material “baggage” that I collected during my whole life?
  • What makes me myself? What did my kin give me?

The study of the runes of property will help you better understand yourself, look into the depths of your own soul and realize what changes you need at the moment.

Rune Odal: Meaning, description and interpretation

Fleece Odal: direct and inverted position, interpretation

There are only 24 runes that foreshadow different events to man. The last character is called Odal and is derived from the Old German alphabet. The location of the runes in the deck indicates the value and essence.

The symbol of Odal refers to the genus and heritage.

The emergence of the runes Odal (Otila)

The designation of the rune Odal from ancient times was — a noble man. The symbol is formed from a combination of Gebo and Inguz.

His interpretation of the «gift Inga» is associated with inheritance.

The origin of the word Odal is from Scandinavia. It meant the transfer of land by inheritance. It could not be divided or exchanged.

Fleece refers to the magical allotment of land and blood. The ancients considered the holy manifestation when a red liquid was spilled on the soil.

Thus, the peoples confirmed their readiness and provided protection to the sprinkled territory.

The sacrament of blood and land in the symbol of Odal is associated with the donation of the king in tribalism. The ancient people considered their leader a direct descendant of God, which in Scandinavia was called Odin, Tyura or Freyr.

Thus, the personification of the symbol takes place as loyalty to the family, clan and community.

The origin of the name of the rune Odal does not have a precise confirmation. Some argue that it originated from the word «atta.» Its meaning, in Danish, is translated as father.

Russian is a similar word «tata», which also has a definition.

The first designation of this “atta” in Skandivnaya indicated the origin of the community from one ancestor. In Germany, the phrase was adopted, and began to have the meaning of the nobility.

The direct meaning of the rune Odal

The designation of the runes Odal characterize loyalty. The symbol defines a figurative, personal, or territorial boundary. The value of the rune provides a person with information about his ability to cross the line.

Some are afraid to take a frank step, and do not cross the allotted border.

Primary meaning

The total value in the direct position Odal represents the property. The symbolism of this sign lays the foundation and affects the interpretation of other runes. Odal has several of the following meanings:

  1. Fleece denotes real estate, land and acquisition for money in personal possession.
  2. Symbolizes the pursuit of the ideal. It depends on the questioner’s understanding.

The value of inheritance can be regarded as a material aspect, and the moral. Symbolism can shift to the moral and spiritual principles of the person asking.

Its essence and characteristics are determined, then it is interpreted as belonging to an ancient genus. Also, the designation of the fallen rune Odal for the questioner speaks of a pragmatic character.

This person knows what he wants, and boldly takes up the organization of his life. This value applies to the activities of others.

Justification of the runes depends on the adjacent characters. Therefore, more precise definitions indicate heredity and characteristics of the genus.

Love and relationships

Runa Odal in the attitude to the relationship has the value of getting rid of the past failed love. The exact definition lies in the desire to go further, and leave behind all the negative points. In the future there will be new people, and love feelings not experienced before.

Placing the runes in a straight position means that these emotions will be deep and noble.

Rune Odal: meaning, description and interpretation

Fleece Odal: direct and inverted position, interpretation

Runa Odal (Otila, Otal) — the 23rd symbol of the runic alphabet. It is influenced by the elements of the Earth. It symbolizes the acquisition of something: property, wealth, profitable acquaintances and useful connections.

Let’s talk about the meaning of the Odal rune in more detail.

Odal value in straight position

Any rune of the Slavs and the Scandinavians has two meanings: favorable — when it falls in the upright position, and unfavorable — in the upside down.

First, consider the value of the Odal rune when it falls in a straight position. It means:

  • Large purchase — most likely, you will become the owner of an apartment, house, land, expensive car or something else that is just as expensive
  • Perfectionism in its positive quality — you aspire to the ideal, the image formed in your head, constantly trying to become the best version of yourself
  • Support and help from people with whom you have close friendships. Friends will never leave you in trouble, will always be around in a difficult situation
  • Getting a large inheritance, thanks to which your financial situation will significantly improve

Odal is stability, financial stability, good relations with close people. If at the present moment in a person’s life everything is smooth, it can literally mean that “as everything is, so it will remain.”

That is, there will be no unpleasant situations that can change life for the better.

Value upside down

When the rune falls in an inverted position, its value becomes negative. It means:

  • Hasty and thoughtless actions that will harm you and change the current course of events for the worse
  • The task that you have in mind will be difficult to carry out because of the constantly arising obstacles in your way. It will take a lot of patience and great endurance, as well as attentiveness and good faith, in order to succeed
  • Conceived plans can not be implemented. You are moving in the wrong direction or have set the wrong goals.
  • There will be a difficult situation in life, you will need money, but you will not get help.

The symbol in an inverted position is financial instability, lack of stability, doubt in the success of the intended business. Perhaps in your life everything will turn upside down.

Combination with other runes

Odal combinations with other symbols of the runic alphabet have the following meanings:

  • With the runes of Ansuz or Mannaz indicate that the person has the gift of foresight. He is able to anticipate the onset of some important events, to predict the outcome of current affairs
  • With a fleece Sovilo say that the man — a real workaholic. He enjoys working, regardless of the results that brings his work. This is a good sign — you managed to find your destination. But do not forget that any work should be paid decently, do not work only «for the idea»
  • But the combination of the serrunic symbols of Berkano, Fehu, Vuno or Naudiz is a sign of greed that obscures a person’s eyes. He can be successful, but often uses people for his own selfish purposes, for which he will be punished.

Runes are also used in magical rituals. They are used in divination or for the manufacture of amulets, amulets, talismans.

Odal’s application in magic

The rune is used in magical rituals to achieve such results:

  • Provide reliable security for the house and property of the person, protect his financial situation
  • Make healthy sick relatives, ensure the longevity of older relatives
  • Create a working attitude to inspire yourself to succeed in business and business
  • In divination, the value of the runes will depend on what area of ​​life you are interested in:
  • You do not have a developed intuition, but are able to “read” the emotional state of other people. You know how to draw conclusions from their behavior and influence it in the way that benefits you.
  • You are an emotional person, but within reasonable limits — in the right situations you can “turn on” the brain and act, relying on logic and reason. You are a leader and are used to being the center of attention. But do not seek to win the favor of everyone, otherwise you may be disappointed.
  • You are the ideal profession of a lawyer, scientist, realtor, archeologist or publisher. You are ambitious and accustomed to achieve your goals. You have excellent self-discipline and a strong sense of responsibility.
  • You are a man, strong and enduring physically. But tend to give more importance to their own appearance — there is a considerable amount of narcissism. You should be less obsessed with how you look and what impression you make.
  • You know how to think, accept and analyze information, make the right conclusions. Also, you are able to generate original ideas that no one before you came to mind. You are a person who is able to make a discovery, to bring something new into familiar things.

And remember that if the rune fell in a negative sense, this is not a reason to get upset, but a sign indicating that in life you should pay special attention in order to succeed.

Runa Otila — description and meaning, practice

Fleece Odal: direct and inverted position, interpretation

  • German name: Otila (Othila);
  • Anglo-Saxon name: Ethel (Ethel);
  • Norse name: not;

Phonetic match: O (O).

Traditional match:

  • Patrimonial nest;
  • Home security;
  • Innate talent;
  • Acquisition;
  • Wealth;
  • The power of accomplishment;
  • Possession;
  • The right to property;
  • Savvy;
  • Self sufficiency.


  • A faithful wife keeps the family hearth and loyalty to her husband;
  • The descendant keeps the relic from its ancestors;
  • The library keeps old books on dusty shelves;
  • The human body is composed of various organs;
  • A house that stands up hard during an earthquake;
  • Wounded soldiers are being carried to the rear of the army;
  • The priest keeps faith in God in his heart;
  • The earth contains valuable minerals.

Description of the value of the runes

Otila translates as “ownership” or “power of ownership”. The right to own and develop their personal qualities derived from their ancestors. It is about the talents and abilities acquired from the past lives of our immortal soul.

The symbol of Othila is also a runic fulfillment, as the time comes to “collect the fruits” of the hard work of numerous incarnations.

Just rune Ethel is associated with the house or any other material property. Often used to protect homes from detractors, natural disasters or other force majeure situations.

The power of Ethel’s rune itself lies in a clear line of separation between “own” and “alien”, followed by limiting and closing the circle.

It is important to understand that this rune does not have the power to protect the person himself, but sometimes can be brought out of a difficult situation by sacrifice, in this case, the victim of a material kind.

The rune of Otila has a pronounced social character inside the family tree, therefore its action seems to be consistent with the interests of the higher self, which most people are unconscious of.

Fleece is especially useful for running a family business, as it helps to intuitively feel and direct the flow of material wealth towards you.

The sign of Otila will be active for the benefit only if the person has not betrayed himself (and therefore his ancestors) and does not have within himself a sense of guilt for the committed unworthy acts, as well as outgoing excuses.

Finally, having got rid of the “chains of the past”, a person clears the connecting link with his higher self, which means that now he will walk confidently through life without fear, mindfulness and old fears. The power of Otal’s family nest protects in all matters, therefore such a person will always have something to rely on and where to return in case of danger.

Rune Otila can help you:

  • To attract wealth, first of all material wealth;
  • See your limitations in the physical world;
  • Cultivate a sense of order, both in your own home and in yourself;
  • Honor and respect your home environment;
  • Develop pledged talents, use ingenuity.

Inverted Rune Value

The reverse rune of Otila means that a person has come close to the line when his inner world will drastically turn over.

In most cases, these changes are very painful, since not all of us can easily part with acquired habits, moral qualities or material goods.

If you have the reverse rune Ethel advise you to show maximum flexibility in thinking and subsequent behavior.

In other words, it is very important not to “take to heart” any changes that will be very much in this period. In this case, we advise you to choose the position of a «bystander».

This means you need to try to take a neutral all the events, while it is very important not to identify with the events.

Thus, you will get rid of the negative reaction to what is happening and you will see what really “fate” has prepared for you. During this period it is better not to strive for the goal by active actions.

Quarrels with relatives, illness, loss of finances are possible.

We recommend to do general cleaning, both in your home and in the social circle.

Runa practice

Otilla — Personality Development. Learning information.

The accumulation of experience.

This Runa is associated with the evolution of consciousness. In this Rune, the Force of Evolution of the Universe Consciousness is concluded. This Rune contains the original energy of the Universe.

Thus, the future time of the Universe is contained in this Rune. Human consciousness tuned to this Runa develops forward in time.

When working with this Runa, a person develops his consciousness.

Posture Description

The magician who creates the Runa is in a high pose with straight legs. Body straight.

Hands at neck level. Energy goes from the hands to the legs.

Mantra Description

The mantra of this Runes Oout. The sound of this Mantra activates personal development.

The consciousness of the Magus is tuned with the intention of the Universe to develop.

Description Gesture

Both hands of the magician are doing Runes Gesture. Fists clenched.

The thumb and index fingers of the right and left hand are apart and crossed.

This Runa develops consciousness and promotes the person along the path of evolution.

Deity runes

The deity of this rune is the development of the consciousness of the universe.

Fleece Odal: direct and inverted position, interpretation

Odal means ancestral estate, hereditary property or inalienable property, unlike Fuhu — movable property. And if Fehu is money, then Odal — real estate.

The prototype of this rune is a fenced plot with a gate., consecrated possession, a cult sanctuary surrounded by a fence, the sacred territory of the courtyard and dwelling.

Even visually Otal gives the impression of something sustainable and stable. Because in the layouts she also points to stability, both positive and negative.

Fleece slow and thorough.

Runa Odal encourages practical ingenuity, contributes to profitable land acquisition, loyal investment and fortification infamily relationships.

It will help maintain order and cleanliness in the house, and adopted work schedule.

This rune contributes mutual respect and harmony in the family, between colleagues, and between the authorities and subordinates.

Fleece Odal is closely related to the inheritance of the kind with genetic inheritance. She personifies loyalty to your family, family, community and country, therefore, associated with such concepts as patriotism, tradition, family nest, home.

The preparatory step before the completion of the Third Circulation of the Cycle is to remove from business to search for the meaning of existence, but in order for this reassessment of values ​​to take place, some kind of protected place is needed in which no external influences can distract from the main goal. Fleece Odal just is the symbol of such individual point of support, this is the space in which being folded when necessary to rest before the decisive leap.

Runa Otal possesses enclosing quality.

Odal allows you to use family experience, use their achievements, because Your achievements will also be sent to the common pot for the benefit of posterity.

These are our innate qualities that determine temperament and character, talents and abilities stored in the Soul, and they belong to us by right. Odal — a symbol of a closed territory, gives sense of safety and security.

This rune can be compared to the walls of Asgard, erected to protect against giants. In addition to the protection of property Otila protects any new venture, gives a sense of reliability, helps to build skills and everything you need to achieve your goal.

Therefore, it applies to the runes accomplishments — of what was achieved as a result of labor, and then saved for transmission and inclusion in the integrity of your personality.

Odal is boundaries and limits. It can symbolize your comfort zone, that is, your state of comfort and coziness. But in order to grow, to advance, to achieve their goals, it is often necessary to push their limitations, to take a step forward.

And then it all depends on the person: either he crosses the border, or — no.

Odal is responsible for questions related to relatives, especially the older ones in the family, with property and material wealth, with traditions, and also a question security and security.

Since the rune Odal is associated with the family and family, with a circle of relatives by blood, it carries a pronounced social character.

And on the one hand it gives the possibility of help from there, and on the other hand, it requires the coordination of individual interests with generic or public interests.

therefore in the rune of Odal there is always some center where all the ray convergeand, he can act like in the role of the foundation, as well as brakes, ballast.

As a center, the rune indicates deep processes, when, not paying attention to changeable forms, the soul highlights the main thing and accumulates its experience, crystallizes it. Then a situation arises, as if you wake up and say to yourself: I know that.

This knowledge is identified with the Odal rune. Inside a person, everything is stored valuable and necessary.

Odal is a rune of separation. Therefore points to the inheritance, cutting off negative programs from a person, as well as with a negative situation on the break in relations.

With your partner you can build a house and create a family. Relations are harmonious, stable and sincere.

In case of problems you can expect support from relatives. Your family — safe haven, where you feel relaxed and protected.

Rune Odal indicates partner loyalty.

Strengthening ties with loved ones becomes an important and pleasant thing, you sincerely enjoy communicating with them, do not miss the opportunity to share experiences, talk about what is happening in life. If Odal went to your partner, then it means a person standing firmly on his feet who can appreciate help and signs of attention, as well as ready to support when you need help.

Favorable time for marriage. Cohabitation.

Caring for older family members. In the hands, Otal often indicates relatives, usually parents, for good reason she stands next to Inguz — rune of children.

Work in the field real estate, construction and repair.

Cash receipts. You are going to profit from long-term enterprise or property sales, also points to inheritance.

Material wealth, increasing wealth, buying a house, land, moving to new home.

Often related matters with relatives, financial assistance from them. Runa Otila recommends work at home.

On the working moments it is worth consulting with experienced people.

In general, Odal is favorable for those who are concerned about the state of their financial affairs, because associated with the continued growth of well-being, prosperity, fixed income.

May indicate a high financial position, achieved through the efforts of ancestors.

Inverted Odal:

Says that domestic problems seriously hinder your work. Or someone from homerejects you at work, and sometimes unknowingly, it usually mother or wife.

Inverted Fleece Odal advises do not start real estate projects, or not at alland time to postpone the planned project, as it is possible because of some serious error or miscalculation lose your existing property.

If an inverted Odal came out for the purchase of real estate, then it is worth refusing to buy, because

Most likely, all your households will constantly be ill with something, life will turn into a nasty toffee, and you will forget about joy as such.

Inverted Odal with Inverted Laguz may indicate a hidden pad or the fact that someone’s house and place cursed.

  • Odal is responsible for all the fluids in the body, especially for blood, as well as for genetics.
  • Fleece advises to be treated at home, and that relatives visit the patient more often.

Fleece Otal: value. Fleece Otal inverted

Fleece Odal: direct and inverted position, interpretation

Runic writing has been known for a long time. It is found in the old Germanic peoples, in Siberians, Hungarians and Bulgarians. Specifically, on the basis of the runes of the last peoples, historians reconstruct the so-called «Russian runes».

Each of them had its own concept and was a specific letter for pronunciation.

Despite the complexity of the image, such a sign was read easily enough, because any rune has its own name, and its 1st letter was a weighty sound. In order to make it more clear, we give an example.

Let’s take the runic alphabet “Fechu, Uruz, Turisaz, Ansuz, Raidu and Kaun”, separate them from the first letters, resulting in “Futark”.

Futhark is a runic alphabet.

About rune otal

Among the runes that occur in futarku, I want to pay attention to the rune Otal (synonyms — Otila, Odal, Ethel, Hotel, Otala, Odal). It means a hereditary estate, ancestral estate, inalienable property.

The prototype of the rune is a section with a gate, fenced from all sides, or a cult sanctuary surrounded by a fence or a rope. Here is also understood the sacred territory of the yard and housing.

In the esoteric sense, this rune means safety and security, shelter behind a certain fence. This also includes such definitions as stealth and inaccessibility.

The origin of the name of the runes

Trying to understand what the rune of Otal means, first you want to know how its name is interpreted. Today there is no clear explanation and answer to this question.

According to one of the guesses, it rises to the Indo-German “atta”.

Maybe it came from the Danish «ato-s», which sounds very much like the name of the rune, and the older «atto» means «ancestor, father».

Initially, this word indicated the formation of a tribe from the 1st ancestor, later the tribe itself followed, and only after it — a generous race.

If we take the name “o ðala”, which sounds in Russian as “odal”, then it defines generic property. Specifically, from the root of the word formed the German concept of «Adel» (nobility).

If you focus on the ancient translation of the notion of “otal”, which reached us from the mainland Germanic sources, it sounds like a “authoritative person.” In this sense, this word is specifically associated with the Anglo-Saxon «atheling», which means «prince, authoritative person.»

From the same root came a word such as the German “adel” and the Dutch “edel”, the meaning of which is similar to the aforementioned Anglo-Saxon.

Rune shape

The shape of the rune Otal is a combination of signs such as Gebo and Inguz. It is for this reason that it can be explained as a gift of Inga.

Maybe because some modern researchers associate it with inheritance. If we compare the symbolism of Inguz and the concept of «inheritance», we can come to the conclusion that we mean genetic inheritance, at least at the occult level.

As for the physical world, in this case Otila is connected with the inheritance of land or the rights to its ownership. So, for example, in Norway even now the so-called right to Odal has legal force.

It consists in the fact that a person who lives in someone else’s estate, can stay in it and live after the death of the legitimate owner. The right of Odal could be enjoyed by all family members, right before the realization of the estate.

For 20 years after implementation, they had the right to buy patrimonial lands without obstacles back.

How is the house connected with the rune Otal

The usual meaning of Otal is home. This is a very capacious sign, personifying a certain place in which a person feels safe.

The house is the place where we were born and where we return if there are any problems. It is inherited and is the emblem of the family.

Specifically, in this sense, in heraldry there are such expressions as “the house of the Romanovs” or “the house of the Hapsburgs”.

Usually, in the Middle Ages there was a family coat of arms or a house symbol. The symbolism of these emblems includes, in addition to the image of animals, tools, armor, shields, besides magic signs.

This means that at the beginning they served not only as signs of the genus, but also as typical idols that protected the front door from the invasion of something evil and unkind.

The threshold and the door of the house also have a specific symbolism that separates the transition from a protected place to an unprotected one.

Many of us ask ourselves the question of why tribal estates are necessary. Every person is obliged to have a Motherland, but not an abstract one, but one that will connect it with the Earth, nature, forefathers, with God.

A person can be healthy and happy only when he has these connections, when he is part of something whole. Rod is the most important thing in the concept of «family estate».

When we grow up, we become independent, we often think that our ancestors are no longer necessary.

But over time, on a sensual level, we feel a lack of the energy that we received from our very youth. And most importantly, nothing can change it.

Plus, we also cannot give our children the energy that their own grandparents give them.

And in order not to lose her, you need to keep in touch with parents. This will allow us to stay with all our people, so that we will have the opportunity to feel the help of our prots.

Odal’s extensive use (rune, the meaning of which is “house”) was also found in magic. Here it is characterized by such concepts as the protection of the house or any real estate.

It is recommended to use it only in more recent cases when a person is ready, as they say, to give half the kingdom for a stallion.

In other words, there is a situation where the need arises to protect a particular object of belonging, and which asks for immediate permission at any cost.

This rune will help, but in return will claim fees. A person will have to lose something, and it is almost always impossible to imagine what it will be.

In addition, in almost all situations, this rune is used to protect property, inheritance, family or family. Another nuance of its magical introduction is the formation of boundaries, in other words, an exact distinction between one’s own and another’s.

Fleece in divination

Mantic meaning Otal — home. This is a safe place where you can always hide in difficult moments, a typical rear.

Under this value is assumed and physical labor, care for the elderly, repair, construction, etc. .. Here we can also include such concepts as heritage, real estate, testament.

In fortune telling, it can fall out either in the upright position or in the upside down position. In the latter case, Otal (Fleece) has a completely different meaning.

This may be alienation, domestic conflict, detachment from something substantial, disorder, and sometimes vagrancy, homelessness, and difficulties with real estate.

The first thing that is described in divination is the situation. If Odal (the rune, the meaning of which is characterized by the main concept of «house») falls in a straightforward position, then it means that you will have certain cases related to the acquisition of something, including very important objects, such as housing, company.

This sign predicts the help of influential people. Maybe it will be financial support from the side.

When solving a case-related question, it can mean mutually beneficial cooperation.

If we talk in general about the process, it is associated with divergent methods, in which there is an update, rejection of the old one and the search for a new self.

If the rune is turned upside down, in this case it means procrastination and predicts a lack of support over the already established channels and connections.


If the runal Otal is in a straight position, it means a real advance, an opportunity to gain strength and position. It can also mean finding a home connection in the form of trust and love.

In the upside down position, the rune indicates that you need to finish rolling in the swamp.


If the sign fell in a straight position, then it means that you will have to sacrifice something very important at this step, something that brings wealth and satisfaction. If the rune Otal is inverted, it means that you need to slow down, because all new things, trips, purchases will end in failure.

The rune in direct position says that it is necessary to get rid of the old one, without regret, from what you have not used for a long time.

If you need to make investments for this, then you need to do this without thinking for a moment. In the upside down position, she guards, appealing to you to be mindful of all, even the most petty affairs.

It is recommended to use new patterns of behavior, because the old ones have already become obsolete.

Otal value coupled with other runes

The sign has a completely different meaning in the compartment with other runes. So, with Solow, it says that you look like a triangle, and you can’t imagine any other life for yourself.

If the runes of Feu and Otal come together, it means that soon your wealth will increase.

Personal things

Quite often, people guess not at home, but in their personal affairs. If in this case the rune falls in a straight position, then it means that with the elect you can safely build a home.

If divination occurs before marriage, this sign also says that it will be better for newlyweds to live separately from their relatives.

If Otal is turned, it means that you are not yet ready to start a family. And if you are on the eve of marriage, then this marriage will end in nothing else, like a divorce.

It is necessary to wait and check your feelings towards the chosen one or to the chosen one.

Guessing for health

If the issue in the rune scenario is health, then when the Otal falls out in a straight position, you are recommended to perform healing at home.

If you can’t do without hospitalization, then the relatives with whom you specifically live should be visited as often as possible. If the runes that surround Otal are not good, then it means that after healing the unhealthy will not be able to leave the house.

It is not recommended in this case to move to other regions, because it can significantly reduce the life of a person.

If the rune Otal fell upside down, then it means that you urgently need to visit the medical institution. Separately, it is worth to pay attention if the inverted sign stands next to the inverted rune Laguts.

It says that the house is cursed or in it is an esoteric artifact of a negative or deadly direction. People living in a particular vicinity of him are very sick.

Often these are diseases that can lead to a deadly finale.

If such an artifact to find unrealistic, it is recommended to change the home.

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