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Find out with the help of cards, whether you reconcile with your beloved

Card divination «May we make peace with our beloved?»

Questions of personal relationships, perhaps, one of the most popular, which are given to magicians and fortunetellers. Someone wants to know the estimated date of their wedding, someone — can not make a difficult choice of several options, and someone — wants to find out whether the quarrel with a loved one ends.

For the latter, fortune telling is just right, “May we reconcile with our beloved,” which we will discuss later in this article.

Find out with the help of cards, whether you reconcile with your beloved

The first method of divination

This is a rather rare version of fortune telling, which is notable for its impressive accuracy and will help to find the answer to the question: “Will the quarrel with the beloved person end? Divination can be used by both sexes.

In relationships, it often happens that the partners do not understand each other and at some point, they slam the door with a picture and renounce not having a relationship anymore. Love, of course, does not fade away, but because of pride (feelings of resentment, jealousy and other negative emotions) it is very difficult to step over yourself and go to each other for a meeting.

With the help of the following fortune telling, you will quickly find out whether you are destined to come to terms with your chosen one (or chosen one). It is very simple and does not require any significant effort from you.

You should prepare a previously used card deck, represented by thirty-six cards.

The time of the ritual is one in the morning.

Guessing is as follows:
1. Sit down at the table. In front of you lay out a new deck of cards.
2. From each of the four suits, remove the Queen, the Jack and the King. Total you get only twelve cards.
3. We will not use the remaining cards, so they should be put aside. In spite of them, mix well.

Cover your eyes and sit on the cards.
4. Then, seven times, say the words of the memorized magical conspiracy, which will open up to you, whether you can find a compromise with your beloved or whether you are destined to part.

“Kartishki, cartouches, sisters, bros. Tell me honestly, but not flattering. What happens next, I can make up?

I’ll get two cards, in the dark, without cheating. Reveal the secret: love or not.


When you have finished reading a hex, you take out the selected cards of Kings, Jacks and Dame in turn. And refer to the interpretation of divination, which will be as follows:

  • in the case of “different sex cards” (for example, Jack and Dame, King and Dame, and so on, while the suit does not play any role), we can hope for a speedy reconciliation with the beloved;
  • if the cards were combined in such a way that the Kings connected with the Kings, the Jacks with the Jacks, the Jacks with the Kings (that is, the cards of the same «gender»), then, unfortunately, your relationship is probably broken forever.

Find out with the help of cards, whether you reconcile with your beloved

Anyway, don’t be in a hurry to get upset and shed bitter tears about it. It would be much more reasonable to spit on the results of fortune-telling and, in spite of fate, to make peace with the one you love.

The second way — to reconciliation with her husband

The husband is the closest person to his wife. Therefore, it is so hard to survive the conflict situations that arise in the family.

And although women are traditionally distinguished by greater wisdom in matters of relationships, they do not always have enough determination to be the first to reconcile. Especially if the husband was wrong and badly offended.

If the quarrel was very strong, and you are not even sure if you can improve your relationship, you should use a more complicated version of card divination. An absolutely new deck of cards is also being prepared for him.

Before the process will require special training. You should be left alone in a separate room, put a lit candle and be in silence for some time.

It is important to think as much as possible about what worries you. Take a deck on which you will be wondering about yourself — this will help them tune in to the same wavelength with the guessing and will contribute to more accurate answers.

When the preparatory stage is completed, shuffle the deck of cards well and arrange according to this scheme:

  • first put the 1st card;
  • the 2nd is placed at some distance from it;
  • in the interval between the 1st and 2nd, put the 3rd;
  • on the right side of the 3rd card, place the 4th;
  • Put the 5th on the right side of the 1st card;
  • on the right side of the 2nd card — the 6th;
  • And the 7th, 8th and 9th cards should be placed in turn, starting from the 4th card in the direction from the left side to the right side.
    From the very beginning all the cards are placed upside down. And after the completion of all the described manipulations, they should be expanded so that the pictures are already looking up.

After that, you can take for interpretation:

  • under the 1st card you will receive information regarding past relationships;
  • 2nd will tell, because of what arose disagreements, alienating you with a partner;
  • 3rd card — tells about the life lesson that you have to learn for yourself from what happened;
  • 4th card — acts as a description of your relationship with your spouse;
  • 5th card — demonstrates that you will need to change in yourself if you want to resume communication;
  • 6th card — tells about the actions that you commit to lead to reconciliation;
  • 7th card — acts as a characteristic of your future relationship when you make peace;
  • 8th card — tells you how much you need reconciliation with your spouse;
  • The 9th card will reveal to you the reasons according to which you cannot find reconciliation. In addition, she talks about the future prospects of family life.

The third method of divination to reconciliation

Referring to the following method of divination, you will not know whether to reconcile with your lover or not. Instead, you will receive information regarding events occurring in the life of a loved one at a given time.

And it may be enough for you to understand whether it is worth going to reconciliation or not.

In this fortune-telling can be used, as the arcana Tarot, and ordinary playing cards. In the latter case, the interpretation of values ​​is much easier.

Find out with the help of cards, whether you reconcile with your beloved

First, you will need to do a thorough shuffling of the card deck. Then remove from it any 6 cards that will fall under your hands.

Lay them out also in a completely arbitrary sequence.
An important aspect is that the cards should be interpreted exactly in the order in which they fell. It will be as follows:

  • from the 1st card you will know what thoughts are now disturbing the soul of your beloved person;
  • from the 2nd — you will become aware of his feelings;
  • 3rd map — shows your loved one’s plans for his near future;
  • under the 4th and 5th you will find information about his desires and plans, which he seeks to translate into life in the near future;
  • and card number “six” will tell about the events occurring in the present tense.
    By resorting to this method, you will receive for yourself the answer to the question: “When is the best time for you to go to reconciliation with your beloved?” If you want to take the first step and restore your relationship.

If you are in a quarrel with your beloved, do not waste your time in vain — just ask for help from one of the card divinations listed in this article, and you will definitely find the answer to your question!

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