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Fate Line on Hand: Decoding Features

Fate line on hand: detailed decoding with pictures

The line of fate is found in the hands of not every person. But its presence and absence have a definite meaning.

We will understand how to correctly decipher the fate of a person by his palms.

basic information

To decipher the meaning of the line of fate on your arm, carefully study your right palm. The figure shows the location of this feature from the point of view of classical palmistry:

Fate Line: Decoding Features

Ideally, this line should be strictly vertically: from the middle of the wrist to the center of the middle finger. But all people, like their hands, are different, so this option is quite rare.


After you have found the line of fate on your palm, you can proceed to deciphering it.

The value may be as follows:

  • Ate the line of fate on the palm is, you need to explore its location. To do this, mentally divide the line of life into segments corresponding to specific periods of life. In those places where it intersects with Destiny — a time when a person is very zealously working to achieve their goals. This is the most favorable period for financial and personal growth.
  • If the line is clearly expressed, clearly visible, we can say that the person has every chance of becoming very successful. But only if it is sufficiently motivated, it will make efforts to achieve its goals. Otherwise, success is not worth waiting.
  • Some palmists believe that even a hint of the fate line of the palm is already a very favorable sign. He says that a person is a darling of Destiny, lucky, lucky in life. Higher forces always support him and send various possibilities to life

In general, a person with a fateful line is a very solid and reasonable person. He is able to find a solution to any problem, to come the shortest way to his goals.

He rarely makes mistakes in actions and actions.

No line of fate

What can be, if a person’s line of fate is absent:

  • He can be a bright person who lives an active and rich life. But at the same time he will not be happy, because he has absolutely no goals, he does not know what he wants and what he is headed for.
  • Such a person is like a sailboat without sailors, who simply goes with the flow. He does not control his life, but surrenders to the will of circumstances. Therefore, such a sign on the palms is often found in people dependent on alcohol, drugs, criminals

A person without a trait of fate can be successful. But this is likely to happen by chance, without setting specific goals.

In life, he can rush from one business to another, constantly changing jobs, and as a result, never find himself in anything.

Start line

Consider photos and pictures with different versions of the beginning of the fate line.

Fate Line on Hand: Decoding Features

Such a person is very dependent on a kind of family. Most often, he grows up in a family of hyper-responsible and controlling parents who do not let him go a step.

Mom, dad and other relatives have a tremendous influence on the formation of his personality.

Fate Line: Decoding Features

Very independent and independent of the opinions of others. He strives to do only what he wants, without really listening to the community of close people.

Most likely, between members of the family of such a person it was not customary to show love and express emotions towards each other.

This is a man of freedom who values ​​her above all. Does not tolerate restrictions and frameworks, tends to be «by itself»

Fate Line on Hand: Decoding Features

The vocation of such a person is to serve other people, be useful and help. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable profession.

For example, it will make an excellent teacher, coach, coach, social worker, volunteer.

Watch the video on:

Fate Line: Decoding Features

From an early age it is a very independent child. Parents bring it up correctly: they allow themselves to make decisions, to choose what they like, without imposing their own point of view.

Therefore, he grows into a person who does not depend on public opinion, chooses the activity that he likes. There is every chance to be realized in all spheres of life. High self-esteem, incredible self-love, but not narcissism — these qualities attract a worthy life partner, so everything will be fine in love

Such people have almost no chance of being unhappy. They have the least karmic debts and negative generic programs, they rarely become clients of psychotherapists.

Fate Line on Hand: Decoding Features

This option indicates that a person is able to do several things at once. His brain is multitasking.

Therefore, he can become an excellent leader, a businessman. If this is a woman, then she is able to establish an ideal lifestyle, even if there are several small children, and still have time to work.

Line of rock

Some palmists call the fate line the Doom line. That is what is given to man from birth and what he cannot change.

But not all experts agree with this opinion.

It would be extremely pessimistic to recognize that a concrete future has already been formed for a person, which cannot be changed. Therefore, if you do not really like the decoding of the lines on your palms, you do not have to accept it.

You can always direct your life into another, happier reality.

You must accept that which is given from birth. And then take responsibility for the events taking place around. Every thought of you, every action, every action is a choice that ultimately affects the future.

You can control it and change the line of fate.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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