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Exact divination — Oracle fate — online, find out what lies ahead

«Oracle of fate» — guessing on the magic ball online

Since ancient times, people believe that you can lift the curtain of fate and look at the future that awaits us ahead. Everyone wants to have only positive moments in life: money, love, friendship, but not grief, deceit and separation, and that is why I want to know a little more than today.

Thus, from ancient times, various methods of divination and divination came to us and, accordingly, such a profession as an oracle of destinies has reached our times. At different times, they were called in different ways: the witch, the Pythia, the oracle, but the essence remains the same.

Attention! The oracles have a very great power, think carefully before addressing them.

In order not to disturb a person of such a profession, they invented online fortune telling, with which you can find out the answer to a particular question with a certain authenticity, because you need to remember that any online fortune telling is just a tool, real magic lies inside you! It is only necessary to use it correctly and unleash the full potential with the help of external means.

In order to carry out the process of divination online — you need to ask your question to the oracle and click on the «Get an Answer» button.

Recommendations for using the online prediction ball to get a more accurate answer to a question.

To most accurately find out the future and get as faithful as possible answer to the question from the Oracle, you must adhere to a number of recommendations:

  • The most important in divination online — concentrate on the problem, correctly formulate the question, thoughts and doubts that you want to resolve. It is at this moment that contact with the forces of the universe takes place, so the higher the concentration, the more accurate the answer to the question will be.
  • It is very important to be able to understand the true meaning of the prophecy. Everyone is aware of the Oracle’s prediction of the outcome of the war of Lydian king Croesus and Persia. When asked by Croesus about the fate of the campaign, he was given a prophecy, saying that he would destroy the great empire. Having rejoiced, the warlike king set out on a march, which ended in the complete rout of his Lydian kingdom. Fortunately, this is not a problem, given the fact that the answer to your any question has long been ready, it lies in your subconscious. It affects the nature and result of the prediction, and if you listen to the inner voice, there will be no problems with the correct interpretation of the result of divination.
  • It must be remembered that find out the future online with an absolute guarantee will not succeed, because the Oracle may be wrong. However, there are various types of online prediction balls, focused on a specific day and date, during this period they produce a more accurate result.
  • You should not disturb the Oracle too often, for example, in Ancient Greece it was called not more than once a year. Luckily Oracle divination will necessarily tell you how soon it is necessary to contact him again, and what conditions must be met in order to answer the question as precisely as possible.
  • And, most importantly, do not forget that a person can influence his fate, you should not rely only on fortune telling!

Exact divination - Oracle fate - online, find out what lies ahead

Ball of predictions in the modern world.

People have always sought to look ahead and find out the future. Back in the times of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece there were soothsayers, the abilities of which were used by the great representatives of that time.

The most famous is the Delphic oracle, in which the priestess-prophetess was called «Pythia.» Despite the fact that the priestess’s predictions were often quite ambiguous, many of the kings and generals of that time used the services of the ancient Oracle. Issues relating to the outcome of the battle, military campaign and less significant things, were rarely resolved without consulting the Pythia.

Along with the prediction of the future, according to the predictions of the Oracle, common in Greece and Egypt, other types of prophecy were also popular in antiquity, for example, divination of Mo in Tibet, or Chinese divination of Guan-Yin.

  • Even now, in the era of technological progress, divination continues to cause great interest among many. What is the reason?
  • Why in the age of rapid development of science and the widespread exposure of prejudice, people continue to believe in archaic ways of obtaining information about their future?

The fact is that the frantic rhythm of modern civilization, constant stresses and depressions make life unpredictable and foggy, and sometimes one wants to get a little certainty. Therefore, it is no coincidence that fortune telling is usually resorted to when an uncertain situation arises in life or there is a need to find out the answer to the torturing question.

Getting at least some kind of response in such a situation is useful, at least from a psychological point of view, but, at most, we should not forget that the magic effect of the Oracle is due to the fact that it is a door to the other world, where other laws apply, and the universe itself can help resolve a difficult situation by giving the right answer corresponding to the current point in time and the current situation.

Exact divination - Oracle fate - online, find out what lies ahead

And this answer may not necessarily be true. Regular use of even the simplest methods of prediction, such as tossing a coin or a question prediction ball, will allow you to save a lot of nerve cells, because it is always better to have at least some certainty than an uncertain and hazy future: in the case of a negative answer to the question you can prepare for this moment in advance, but in the case of a positive one can only rejoice at your luck.

Currently options find out the future there is a great variety: fortune telling on maps, runes, prediction balls, etc. Particularly popular currently acquired fortune telling online, After all, it does not need magical attributes, special knowledge and skills, you only need access to the Internet, and the person receives the result immediately.

Needless to say, not everyone dares even to traditional Christmas divination, as this process is often accompanied by mystical rituals in a creepy atmosphere, and you can look at the magic ball or spread Tarot online online at any time without fear of contact with the other world.

  • Among the huge number of ways of divination over the network, the most simple and accessible is the Oracle divination.
  • Unlike the other version of the prediction ball “magic ball 8” that answers the questions in monosyllables: “yes” or “no”, Oracle Oracle’s guessing gives fuller and more detailed answers that can make you think seriously about the person who asked them.
  • Try asking a question to the magic ball.
  • Divination is absolutely free, you only need to focus on the problem and touch the mouse pointer to the surface of the ball.

Your friend Oracle will be happy to receive any feedback, comments and suggestions. Also, the Oracle will be grateful to you if you share information about it on social networks, or in any other way.

Old and modern witches: how to interpret and guess?

  • 1) Earlier, the ancient oracles carefully prepared their bodies before any prediction: they cleaned it with ablutions, oils, incenses and kept 1-3-7-9-40 days fasting.

For online fortune telling, it is enough for you to take a comfortable position that removes all tension from your body! Do it slowly and until you feel comfortable.

Different situations, starting from childhood (remember how flexible the baby’s body is and how it changes with age), provoke clamps in your body. For example, an insult to someone or a feeling of guilt pinches the chest, cuts it, so that the back stretches and a hump forms.

  • 2) In order to give prophecy, the ancients plunged into a trance or changed the everyday level of consciousness, finding another — an altered state of consciousness.

Virtual fortune telling also provides for your consciousness to be “pure”. So that you get the answer to exactly the question you ask.

Unnecessary thoughts can churn the process.

To clean the head of debris, breathe deeply enough for a few minutes, concentrating on your breathing. You seem to go deep into yourself.

You are separated from your thoughts. Only from inside, in silence, you are close to the state that opens the door to the unknown.

Exact divination - Oracle fate - online, find out what lies ahead

  • 3) The replies of the ancient oracles were famous for their vagueness and metaphor and significance.

Since the right brain is involved in the fortune-telling process, associated with the subconscious and intuition, as well as with your imagination and inner vision, the interpretation of fortune-telling or oracle is often impossible to accurately describe by means of speech or numbers for which the left hemisphere answers.

Therefore, the information of the right hemisphere passes through the “lens” or the sieve of the left hemisphere. You get an approximate or often distorted value.

It is up to your own feelings and the desire to “know the truth,” which, unlike truth or untruth, is always one with you.

Deep down, we all know our future, right? The degree of proximity to its nature also affects the results of divination, no matter what it is — real or virtual.

Oracle online divination is an interesting and fascinating application on the Internet that will help a person get a long-awaited answer to a long-standing question. Try to correctly put the question in your mind, since the answer of the Oracle in most cases is a little ambitious, with a certain mystery.

The question itself, how it is posed, plays an important role in obtaining predictions. If the question is very simple, then he can hold the answer in advance. If the question is monosyllabic, then it implies in itself an unambiguous answer like “Yes” or “No”, which can be ignored.

Too complicated or long question can give you how muddy the answer that you will either never understand it or solve it will be quite difficult. A question that consists of several questions or suggestions can also be ignored.

The right decision — a clear mental wording of the question, which will consist of one small sentence, it will show you the correct and clear answer. When passing the Oracle divination, try to follow the rules listed below:

  1. 1. Formulate the question clearly. It should consist of one sentence and be simple in presentation;
  2. 2. With the passage of this application you need to concentrate! Imagine in your mind a situation or problem that interests you at a given time;
  3. 3. Read the answer you received. Think about it carefully, you can even consult with close friends. And yet, do not rush to draw conclusions !;
  4. 4. You can ask the Oracle a question on any of the existing topics, but do not ask more than one question per day, and do not even think to ask again, even if you wanted to see some other answer.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that in addition to a competent and clear formulation of the question, it is necessary to correctly interpret (understand) the answer to it, since the answer is not always as simple and obvious as it may seem at its first reading.

Exact divination - Oracle fate - online, find out what lies ahead

One Ancient Egyptian legend says that in ancient times the legendary prince Croesus lived, he once asked the Delphic Oracle: «Can I, such a mighty and powerful prince, go to war against the Persians?», Oracle gave a very wise answer: «I foresee, that you are the great king Croesus from the face of the earth you will erase the great and powerful empire. » Creuse was pleased with this answer and went to war against the Persians. The war ended with that Lydia, whose empire was ruled by the mighty Creuse himself, suffered a complete defeat.

The legendary prince, did not correctly interpret the answer, but the Oracle was right, the prediction came true, since the great empire had disappeared!

  • You can also add that in some cases, the Oracle may not immediately give an answer to your question, but this does not mean that he will never answer it.
  • In this case, you should ask the same question after a certain period of time (we are talking about a few days, maximum a week) and the mysterious Oracle will already accurately predict.

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The modern version of the wise Book of Fate is universal, easy to use and fully adapted to our reality. This is a virtual, easy to use and free divination book oracle of fate. Whatever predictions this oracle may give — good or bad, serious or ridiculous, all this is not accidental.

Listen to the oracle and to the voice of your own intuition, and much will be revealed to you.

Reveal the mystery of fate

  • Reliable divination oracle fate online, knowing everything about our lives, allows everyone to receive prophecies that will help in the difficult moment of choice, tell you a lot about yourself, reveal the secret of your destiny.
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  • You will not regret it.
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Exact divination - Oracle fate - online, find out what lies ahead

To make free online divination on the true oracle of fate, on the virtual page open in front of you, select the question you are interested in and click on the link.

The Magic Book of Fate

Mentally tune in to the person or situation that your
virtual fortune telling. Oracle of fate with the help of the Higher Forces, will find the answer and tell you the truth.

  • Sometimes the answers fall unexpected, plunging into sadness or disappointment.
  • Do not rush to judge superficially.
  • Think about it.
  • The ancient oracle of the Book of Fates is not mistaken.
  • Nobody passes a sentence to you, they advise you, they send you.
  • But you can always choose another direction.

It’s a pity if you don’t save your horse on the way, but it’s much worse if you lose yourself. Your destiny is in your hands, and the online fortune-telling oracle of fate only answers questions.

Follow the rules of the magic of predictions and do not ask the oracle the same question several times in a row. If you do not understand the answer, go back to the virtual page after a day or two, and repeat this electronic free fortune telling oracle of fate.

  • Knowledge of the future for an intelligent person is almost always success in the present.
  • Knowledge of the true state of affairs is even more so.
  • After all, not always the events of life are interpreted by us correctly, we do not always know what is on the mind of those on whom our well-being depends.
  • Getting information about all of this is like getting a trump card at the critical moment of an important game.
  • And demand creates supply.
  • Therefore, it is not surprising that immediately from time immemorial the world appeared the art of divination.

Ways to predict the future was discovered a great many. Ordinary fortune-tellers, tribal shamans, pagan priests, ancient oracles — they all used their methods to look in a time that does not yet exist.

They were persecuted and burned, worshiped and unconditionally believed. Legends, such as the Delphic oracle, the fortune-telling of which flourished in ancient Greece, or the secrets of the fortune-telling oracle of Egypt still excite the interest of those interested.

But the times of great fortunetellers have passed, and questions about life and the future have not diminished. Where to go, in search of answers?

Exact divination - Oracle fate - online, find out what lies ahead

As you know, a holy place is never empty. New world brought new knowledge. In place of fortune-telling in questionable courtyards or temples inaccessible to ordinary people, oracles of fortune-telling online have come.

From now on, there is no need to look for intelligent predictors on the side; program guides will link you to them.

  • Divination, and does not require effort.
  • This is its main attraction.
  • The main condition for oracle divination is to clearly and specifically formulate your question.
  • It is important to remember that the energy flows of the Universe, from where the fortunetellers take their knowledge, are changeable.
  • Therefore, if the oracle’s answer seemed vague to you, you should not be immediately disappointed.
  • It is better to repeat the procedure again, but a little later.

One of the most intriguing and exciting today can be called divination Egyptian oracle online. Fascinating ancient music and mysterious design in the style of ancient Egypt, the oracle will look right into the soul, revealing an amazing understanding of your situation.

Egyptian oracle offered on many sites. Finally, we all live in love.

Is she happy, unhappy, but we always have little knowledge of her. Do not threaten that happy relationship, and how long to suffer from unrequited feelings?

The search for saving answers is successfully completed by turning to the online divination of the Oracle of love. The best oracle in the otherworldly world is the Delphic oracle.

It’s great that he can tell fortunes to you right on the Internet and is completely free.

Having laid out the Tarot cards or having listened to the wise advice of the oracle, you can breathe a sigh of relief, or you can become sad from the bitter truth. But in any case, you need to remember — the prophecies only warn, and whether you use the knowledge gained depends only on you.

And then even the bad news can benefit.

Etymology of the term

The answer to the question of what is an oracle should be sought not in the Latin translation, but in the Greek. It would be a mistake to say that this term means a priest and a simple clergyman. In spite of the fact that “oro” from Latin is translated as “to pray,” the oracle is an original Greek phenomenon.

Therefore, one should proceed from the word «oραo», which means «I see, I know.» In this sense, the oracles were not close to the priests or priests, but to the Slavic Magi, the German Velvs or the Celtic Druids.

  • In the ancient tradition, this word was called the very interpretation of the will of the gods, and the sacred place where it was received.
  • Of course, the oracle was also a priest, only special.
  • He not only honored some deity, but understood his language, could talk to him.
  • Sometimes spirits divined the future through mediums — the Pythias.
  • These women fell into a trance under the influence of chemical fumes and began to mumble something incoherent.
  • The oracle interpreted the words of Pythia and gave the questioner a desired answer.

Origin of the cult

Researchers believe that the practice of divining the future came to Greece from Asia Minor. In Assyria and Ancient Egypt (in the city of Buto) there were also places where special priests «spoke through the mouths of the gods.» In Greece, this cult was mixed with the veneration of the goddess of the earth, Gaia, and the very first oracle proclaimed her will in Epirus, in Dodona.

According to the testimony of the famous Greek historian Herodotus, not only his countrymen, but also their distant neighbors knew what an oracle was.

Exact divination - Oracle fate - online, find out what lies ahead

  • He writes that the king of Lydia Creuse decided to declare a kind of «casting» for the best soothsayer.
  • He sent messengers to the Greek Delphi, to Aby, to Dodona, to Amphiaria, Trephonia, and to Miletus.
  • In this “battle of psychics”, the victory was won by … Pyphus from Delphi.
  • She guessed that Croesus was going to cook a lamb and a turtle in one pot.

Pythia of Apollo and the Delphic oracle: what is it?

In most temples of the ancient world, priests learned about the goodwill or bad mood of the gods through the interpretation of the signs sent by them. This practice is called mantic. Especially it was common in ancient Rome.

The Augurs followed the flight and the behavior of the birds, and the Haruspeks guessed about the insides of the animals they sacrificed.

  • In the Greek city of Delphi, a fundamentally different cult was practiced.
  • It was believed that in this place Apollo speared Python serpent.
  • From the impact of the dart, a cleft formed in the ground from which the vapors rose.
  • Later, a temple was built over it, in which a pythia was sitting on a tripod.
  • She inhaled the vapors and, having fallen from this into a trance, decried the will of Apollo.

Exact divination - Oracle fate - online, find out what lies ahead

No one entered the room, except the special priest. Here it becomes clear what an oracle is.

The answers he gave to the donating believers were hazy and sometimes contained diametrically opposed maxims. Archaeologists have found many clay tablets with pilgrim questions.

The list of topics that interested them was rather narrow: does the wife / husband change and is it worth it to make one or another financial deal.

This woman does not have to be a virgin, just for the duration of serving Apollo she was obliged to preserve chastity. At first, such a priestess predicted only once a year — on the seventh day of February.

But later, when there was no end to the believers, they put the case on the conveyor. At the same time at the temple in Delphi served several women working in shifts.

They took their place on the tripod on the seventh day of each month.

  • Delphi reached its greatest glory in the 5th century BC.
  • The texts of the time clearly indicate what the oracle is: it is the sanctuary of Apollo at the source of the Wisdom of Castalia.
  • By the way, Pythia predicted the sunset of this place.
  • In 393, the emperor Theodosius, as a Christian, ordered the closure of this stronghold of paganism.

Exact divination - Oracle fate - online, find out what lies ahead


Simpler people who did not have money for a pilgrimage to Delphi or other places of divination turned to fortunetellers — the Sibyls. The first woman to bear this name was a Trojan daughter, Neseo and Dardana.

  • She owned the gift to foreshadow the future.
  • Following her and other prophets, they began to call sibyls.
  • They were especially sensitive to impending disaster.

Thus, the sibyls predicted the eruption of Vesuvius, who buried Pompeii, the destruction of Troy, and predicted the place of the battle, at the end of which Greece would lose its independence.

Now we know what the oracle is, who is the Pythia, and who is the Sibyl, and we see the difference in these three types of magic. Pythia shouted something unintelligible, the oracle was free to interpret what he heard, as he pleased, and conveyed the answer to the questioners.

Sibylla, for the most part, testified to the impending catastrophe, although not everyone wanted to listen to her. For which he paid: “The day will come and the great Troy will perish!”

General information about the visionaries

In order to know the will of the gods, everyone turned to oracles — in the temple of the sanctuary, where priests and priestesses, inspired by one or another god, gave predictions, as well as interpreted signs and things.

As a rule, most of the temples in which the priests prophesied into an ecstatic state, were erected in such places where there were special natural conditions — crevices in the rocks, emitting evaporation (as they said — the breath of the Gay land) or water sources that have some property.

  • In addition to the ecstatic way to get an answer from the oracle, quite often used the «reading» of various symbols and signs, such as, for example, the behavior of sacrificial animals or the study of their insides.
  • Receiving a prediction from an oracle meant a variety of preparations — cleansing, abstaining from food and wine, sacrificing, reading spells, and the like, not only from the priests, but also from the questioner.
  • It was a very important moment — to prepare for a meeting with the divine revelation, and all-prescriptive prescriptions, sometimes very difficult and even introspective, were required to be strictly followed.

Exact divination - Oracle fate - online, find out what lies ahead

Oracles in ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt, as is known, is considered the “cradle of magic”, so it is not surprising that some of the first oracles appeared there. One of the most reputable and popular was considered the oracle of Amon in Thebes.

And it is not by chance, because by the end of the New Kingdom period, Amon-Ra was the most powerful god, his temples were the richest, and his priests actually controlled Upper Egypt, making their decisions in accordance with the temple oracle.

It is also known that during the feast of Amon the priests of the Theban temple bestowed upon his statue, and the deity embodied in it pronounced his will on that day, broadcast oracles and resolved controversial matters.

  • In the era of the Late Kingdom, the Bes oracle of Abidos was widely known.
  • This deity had the appearance of a bearded dwarf with long arms, crooked legs and a round pointed ear.

Oracles of ancient Greece

The foundation of this oracle dates back to the pre-Olympic era, and the temple was originally dedicated to Themis. She was a Titanide, that is, she belonged to the oldest generation of Greek gods and possessed a gift of power.

The oracle in the city of Delphi near Mount Parnassus, she received from the motherland of Gaea, then transferred it to her sister Phoebe, and that her turn to Apollo.

Exact divination - Oracle fate - online, find out what lies ahead

It is with the temple in Delphi that the expression “navel of the earth” has come down to the present day. This name refers to the marble stone that marks the center of the world. According to legend, it was the same stone that Kronos swallowed instead of the baby Zeus.

After Zeusverg his father, Kronos expelled all his swallowed children and including a stone. It was installed in Delphi, and a temple of Apollo was erected around it.

  • The priestesses of the Delphic oracle were called Pythias. It is noteworthy that the well-known ancient Greek historian Plutarch served for a long time as a priest at the Delphic oracle.
  • In general, it should be noted, the Delphic oracle was a real religious-political center of ancient Greece, which united many cities-policies around itself.
  • Another oldest oracle was located in the city of Dodona, and was dedicated to Zeus. Its foundation was attributed to the progenitor of the people of Deucalion, who continued the human race after the Flood.

According to another story, this sanctuary was founded by a priestess, taken away from Egypt and sold to Greece. A sacred oak grew near the temple, and according to the noise of the foliage, priestesses who were elected from elderly women interpreted Zeus’ will.

Many prophets and heroes also had oracles. As a rule, such radicals were based upon the end of the earthly path of the soothsayer, usually at his tomb.

Driny world

  • The priests-soothsayers, interpreting the will of the deity, or signs, such as abandoned dices, helped to find out the fate.
  • Auspices were a special type of fortune telling — observations of birds and birds, which were extremely popular in ancient Rome.
  • The future, believed its inhabitants, could determine the lot or the type of burnt sacrifices.
  • Another type of prophecy was the dreams sent by the gods, sometimes, however, only to confuse people.

For predictions, it was customary to turn to oracles both living and already dead. The Romans also often cast lots to try to know their fate, but very rarely resorted to prophecies in matters of politics.

Oracle (lat. Oraculum) — in ancient times one of the means by which people tried to enter into direct communication with the deity. The sayings of the oracle were considered revelations of the deity; they were obtained by the questioners in a certain place, through well-known mediators, by the greater part of the priests of the deity who were and interpreters of the received revelation.

Exact divination - Oracle fate - online, find out what lies ahead

All oracles can be summed up under three categories: predictions were obtained either in the form of maxims, or in the form of symbols, or in the form of dreams. In the most famous of all the oracles — the Delphic — stupefying couples, leaving the rock cleft, led the prophetess into clairvoyance; in Dodona, the will of the deity was judged by the movements of the leaves on the sacred oak, by the sounds emanating from the metal vessels, by the murmur of the sacred source, in Delos, the rustling of the laurel was followed.

In the oracle of Zeus Ammonos in Libya — for known phenomena in the image of a deity, made up of precious stones; in Rome, at the behest of the senate and in the presence of the magistrate, the sibylls of the book were opened.

It is difficult to judge how the priests themselves were convinced of the truth of the revelations; in any case, seeing in oracles only one conscious deception by the priests would be a one-sided judgment and deprived of historical perspective. Even the hazy form of the answers, especially characteristic of the Delphic oracle, does not in itself indicate a conscious deception, although it cannot be denied that the priests often ensured their infallibility by the ambiguity of the answers suitable for any occasion.

  • The origin of the oracle was due to either a beneficent source, with which Greek thought usually associated the closeness of the deity, or a natural phenomenon (couples from a hot spring, etc.) that caused a state of exaltation.
  • There were oracles in areas where the remains of some famous clairvoyant rested.
  • In the latter case, the questioners usually were personally subjected to the spiritualizing action of the deity, for example, in the oracle of Amphiarai, the questioner, after three days of abstaining from wine and one-day fasting, had to fall asleep in the temple so that the divine will could be revealed in his dream.

Exact divination - Oracle fate - online, find out what lies ahead

The purpose of the oracle was not only to reveal the future, but also to lead the life of the people on behalf of the deity in those exceptional cases when human wisdom was found to be untenable. State people also resorted to oracles when their personal authority was not sufficient to carry out one measure or another.

  • Therefore, for certain periods of Greek history, oracles gain the value of political institutions.
  • The oracles, whose councils requested in all important undertakings, contributed a lot to maintaining the consciousness of national unity among the isolated Greeks and the implementation of the common Greek enterprises. They patronized agricultural crops, the colonization of new lands, etc.
  • The oldest of all the oracles was considered the oracle in Meroe, in Egypt, and immediately followed by the oracle in Thebes of Egypt and the oracle of Zemon of Ammon.

In Greece, the oracle in Dodona enjoyed the greatest prestige, and later the oracle in Delphi. In addition, Zeus had his oracles back in Elis, Pisa and Crete, Apollo — in Claros near Colophon and on Delos. The Oracle of Brankhid in Miletus was dedicated to Apollo and Artemis.

The oracles of the heroes were the oracle of Amphiaray in Oropos, the oracles of Trifony and Hercules in Bure and in Achaia. Oracles calling the spirits of the departed existed in Heraclea Pontic and on Lake Avern. The oracles of the so-called Sibyl, especially the Eritrean and (in Italy) Kumey, should also be counted among the oracles.

The Romans had the oracles of Faun and Fortune in Preneste, the oracle of Palikov; but they willingly turned to both the Greek and Egyptian oracles.

In Greece, the oracles lost their significance only after the complete fall of the freedom and independence of the Greeks, but also then, deprived of any authority, they eke out their existence until the reign of Theodosius, when they were finally closed.

Exact divination - Oracle fate - online, find out what lies ahead

Pythia (Πῡθία) — the diviner in Delphi. At the time of the Delphic sanctuary in ancient times, when they addressed the oracle, apparently, only once a year, there were two pythias and one of them; subsequently, with more frequent questioning of the oracle, there was only one Pythia.

Pythia was chosen regardless of social affiliation. From her required commitment to Apollo and chastity.

The first Pythias of the Delphic oracle were virgins. But when one of them was seduced by a petitioner who came for advice, instead of virgins, they began to choose mature married women with children or old women in order to avoid similar cases of discrediting of an authoritative oracle in the future.

The Pythia refused to give divinations to a person desecrated by crime. She prepared for divination by a three-day fast and ablution in the Castalian spring; before divination, she wore luxurious clothes, laid a laurel wreath on her head, drank the water of the Cassotida spring and chewed on a sheet of sacred laurel. Then she sat down on the colossal tripod that stood over the cleft, and, falling into ecstasy from stupefying fumes, prophesied.

These couples were harmful.

  • There is a case when Pythia fell from a tripod without feeling and died.
  • Maybe Plutarch described him when he witnessed how the priests forced Pythia to work on an inappropriate day.
  • Against her wishes, she went down into the additon and suddenly screamed, collapsed to the ground, and after a few days she died.
  • In antiquity, divinations were given once a year — on the birthday of Apollo — 7 Bisius (mid-February — mid-March), when he returned from hyperborean.
  • C VI. BC er they began to be held monthly on the seventh day, except for the three winter months, when Apollo visited the Hyperboreans, and even later, on a daily basis, except for unclean days.

Exact divination - Oracle fate - online, find out what lies ahead

The Delphic oracle is the prophet at the temple of Apollo at Delphi. According to Greek mythology, it was founded by Apollo himself at the place of his victory on the monstrous serpent Python. The oracle of Delphi, which was headed by Pythia, was one of the main prophets in the Hellenic world.

The heyday of the Delphic oracle refers to the VII — V century. BC Oe., when he mediated in inter-policon conflicts. It was made on all important issues of public and private life to contact the oracle.

A political alliance was made with Sparta, which became the temple’s secular sword.

  • Delphi hastened to embassies with rich gifts from many of the kingdoms of the Ancient World.
  • Midas presented a golden throne to the temple.
  • Croesus was an admirer of the Apollo Delphic.

The weakening of the influence of the temple began from the time of the Greek-Persian Wars, when Delphi took the side of the Persians, hoping to become the religious center of the Persian Empire of the Persian Empire. But even during the time of Roman rule in the temple were kept cash deposits from different regions of the Mediterranean.

The temple was repeatedly plundered, burned during the invasion of the Gauls in 279 BC, and under the emperor Theodosius (391 AD), it was finally closed.

History and mythology. The history of the temple began with the fact that once the goats, wandering between the cliffs of Parnassus, having approached a certain opening, from which evaporations came out, suddenly came into an extraordinary convulsive movement.

The runaway people also felt the effect of these vapors: in the insanity of their mind, they began to abruptly pronounce incoherent words. Immediately, these words were taken for predictions (oracles), and the steam coming out of the earthly hole — for divine inspiration.

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At this place and built the famous temple. Originally, the oracle belonged to Gaia, was guarded by the dragon Python, or Delphine, and the place was called Pifo (ancient Greek πύθω — to rot.) The first prophetess of Gaia was the mountain nymph Daphne (ancient Greek ἡ δάφνη — laurel).

From the mother Gays Themis received the Delphic oracle, which she transferred to her sister Phebe, and the one to her grandson Apollo, who, having learned the art of divination from Pan, arrived in Delphi, where he killed the dragon Python, who was guarding the entrance to the promise zone, and captured the oracle.

  • The dark chthonic prophecies of the son of the Earth have given way to the will of Zeus, the father of the gods and the organizer of the new, Olimpisky cosmic order, expressed by the «sun-thrower», evoking evaporation in the earth for divination.
  • After the defeat of the dragon, Apollo gathered his ashes into a sarcophagus and installed funeral games in honor of Python. Then Apollo went to look for the priests for his temple.
  • At sea, he saw a ship coming from Knossos on Crete. Turning around a dolphin, he brought the ship to Chris with the power of his spell, where he opened to the sailors and told them about their destination.
  • In Chris, the sailors erected an altar to Apollo and he was named Delphic, after the image in which Apollo appeared to them.
  • From Chris, the sailors went to Parnassus, where they became the first priests of the temple of Apollo. Bees brought from the country of the Hyperborean temple of wax, and all subsequent temples were built on his model.

The Temple of Apollo, located in the picturesque highlands of Delphi, was the most revered place in ancient Greece. The townspeople came here for help, hoping to solve their everyday problems, to improve their health; warriors — for advice before the battle; immigrants going to Italy, Spain or Africa, awaited his farewell.

The oracle supported Orestes in his intention to avenge the murder of his father and predicted Oedipus that he would kill his father and marry his mother.

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The description of the sanctuary gives Pavels in the Xth book of his “Description of Hellas”. In the city of Delphi, the stream of Kastalia flowed from the gorge between two rocks, the Fadriads, at the foot of which was a shrine.

The sacred district was filled with statues, all kinds of initiating structures, sometimes reaching the size of entire buildings, etc. The temple itself was built in the Doric style and had a rich sculptural dress.

  • The whole architrave was hung with shields from Persians and Gauls.
  • In Pronaos, the sayings of the seven wise men were inscribed (“Know yourself”, “Nothing through measure”, etc.) and there was a sacred image of the symbol “Ε” in triplicate: wooden, dedicated to 7 wise men, bronze — by the Athenians and gold — Empress Livia.
  • In the inner part of the temple (aditon), inaccessible to the questioners, there was a golden statue of Apollo, a laurel tree, a white marble Omphal with two golden eagles, and under it was a sarcophagus with Python’s ash.
  • In the sanctuary itself, where no one except Pythia and the priests was allowed, there was a famous cleft in the rock from which the stupefying couples emerged.

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A tripod stood on top of it, on which the Pythia sat to bring itself into ecstasy under the influence of vapors. Initially, Pythia was chosen from young girls, but after one of them did not observe innocence, they selected an elderly girl.

On the edge of the cleft was the key of Cassotid, whose water Pythia drank before divination, and the bay tree, the leaves of which she chewed.

The tree was somehow shaken in some unknown way. Here was the so-called «navel of the earth» — a cone-shaped elevation of marble, entwined with sacred armbands. Of the countless number of initiations (after the mass export of works of art to Rome, under Nero, up to 3,000 statues remained) deserves special mention the colossal golden tripod dedicated to the Greeks from barbarous prey after the Battle of Plateia.

His golden cup was backed up by a bronze pillar from the bottom in the form of three coiled serpents.

  • All the golden parts became the prey of the Phocians, and the bronze column, on which the names of all the Greek states that fought the Persians were written, was transported by Constantine the Great to Constantinople, where it is now located.
  • On the walls of the so-called “Leskha Knidistsev” there were the famous compositions of Polygnota, depicting the fall of Troy and the underworld. Near Delphi, in the spurs of Parnassus, there is also a stalactite grotto, dedicated in ancient times to the nymphs and Pan.

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