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Evgenia Feofilaktova became director: divination from the tarot came true!

Evgenia Feofilaktova became director: divination from the tarot came true!

More recently, the star of “House 2” Zhenya Feofilaktova gladly informed her fans that she had found a job. The girl has long dreamed of working in the media to constantly be on the screen. That was her long-time dream come true — she became the leading music show of a popular Internet channel.

But as it turned out, now it is not her only source of income. All this time, Zhenya, in parallel with the upbringing of her son and her work lead, was trained in marketing and public relations. And now she is the executive director of a business school.

How did she manage to climb the career ladder so quickly and what prediction did she receive on the maps a few years ago from a member of “House 2”?

No sooner had Zhenya’s admirers rejoiced at her career success leading, as she surprised everyone with the news that she had become the executive director of the University business school. For several months, Feofilaktova was studying there and even wrote a thesis on the company’s marketing media plan. After training, the leadership of the business school offered her to remain as executive director.

How the girl manages to combine the two works with the upbringing of her little son is unknown. According to some sources, Evgenia was so inspired by her work that she decided to emphasize her career growth for the time being, so she sent her one-year-old son to Kirov to her parents. Moreover, it is rumored that Eugene did not give birth at all. And she lent the child who was with her on the project from her sister Natalia, who almost immediately after Eugenia’s maternity leave and returned to the project came to “House 2” to help her with the child.

Whatever it was, but at the moment Feofilaktova and her husband Anton Gusev decided to first make a career, and only then engage in raising a son.

It is worth noting that lightning career growth was predicted by one of the project participants, white magician Wenceslav Wengrzhanovsky, who, as it became known, recently wanted to show his magical abilities in the 14th season of “The Battle of Psychics”. A few years ago, when Eugene was a member of “House 2”, Wentz completely wondered at the Tarot cards for free and said that after leaving the project, she would quickly find her place in life. According to Tarot’s divination for the future, Evgenia Feofilaktova will become a famous host on one of the most popular TV channels.

Many admirers of Zhenya know her passion for fame. Several years ago, she dreamed of becoming a singer and even participated in casting in Viagra. Then she set on fire to become the leading «House 2».

Neither dream had come true yet. However, according to the prediction, it will soon become megapopular. But divination to the tarot of love told her that relationships with men would not be as successful as a career.

But at least now she is married and constantly writes in her blog that they have harmony and peace with Anton.

Well, the fortune-telling on the cards from Wenceslas begins to come true, and Eugenia Feofilaktova’s fans can only watch her progress and rejoice in her victories.

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