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Empress Tarot — the meaning of the card

The map shows a woman seated on a soft throne. It is set in the middle of a field sown with wheat near the forest and the river. The woman is dressed in a light dress, and on her head is a crown, which is decorated with twelve stars, symbolizing the signs of the zodiac.

In her right hand is a scepter, indicating a powerful feminine principle. From the whole figure of a woman breathes calm and confidence. This card emphasizes harmony in all natural cycles, and also personifies earthly concerns.

The inner meaning of the card is the motto: create and prosper. The card advises to constantly improve and open the soul to everything new.

Empress Tarot - the meaning of the card
Empress Tarot - the meaning of the card

The Empress map in the direct position symbolizes good fortune and vital prosperity. Appearing in the scenario, the Empress foreshadows success in all spheres of human life.

It foreshadows the birth of new ideas.

The treatment of the card may differ depending on the gender of the person, as follows:

  • For a woman, the card indicates the period of material and spiritual well-being in the family and possible pregnancy. It is time for creativity and creation in the love sphere;
  • For men, the card foreshadows the appearance in the life of a female assistant, as well as the possible marriage.

The Empress map indicates that the person has reached the top and moves to the next stage of life. During this period, the release of new life energies and a creative rise.

This map in a direct position affects all spheres of human life, so:

  • It foreshadows good health and the disposal of the most serious diseases. For a pregnant woman, the Empress predicts a safe childbearing and easy delivery without any complications;
  • In the personal sphere, the Empress is the harbinger of a happy marriage. In this case, the feelings of partners will be mutual. In conjunction with the Deuce of Cups, this lasso foreshadows a meeting with the person of his dreams;
  • In business, there is a period of success and prosperity. There is a high probability of meeting new business partners, cooperation with which will bring good profits. If a person is in a state of job search, then he will find it. The map also indicates career progression.

Map Empress in the scenario symbolizes the closest relative of older age. This may be, for example, a mother or aunt.

Such people are always there and provide all significant support.

The value of the card Empress in an inverted position

The Empress map in an inverted position symbolizes the problems that exist in real life. First of all, it indicates that the person is stuck and can not move further towards the goals.

The reasons for this may be different, but most often the personal qualities of a person, such as greed and selfishness, possessiveness and jealousy, negative emotions and blind passion, interfere with the lack of growth and advancement.

The map can affect any areas and always from the negative side, like this:

  • In matters of health, the inverted Empress warns of the exacerbation of chronic diseases. Very often, it can indicate infertility and other sexual problems;
  • In matters of personal relations, the Empress is upside down — a very bad sign. She foreshadows serious quarrels with a partner that could lead to a complete rupture of relations. In addition, the card indicates that in existing relationships there is no sincere love, they are based solely on sexual affection;
  • In matters relating to the business sphere, we should expect problems that will be related to the fact that a person makes decisions without listening to his own intuition. Self-reliance and “maybe” during this period do not bode well. In the material sphere can be serious financial difficulties.

The cause of most life problems is the lack of self-confidence of a person and the lack of power to solve pressing issues. For men, this card may foreshadow disagreements with their mother.

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