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Empress Bowls: Combination with Other Tarot Cards

Combinations of the «Empress Cup» card with other Tarot Arcana in a straight and inverted position

In order to correctly interpret the alignment in which the Queen of Cups fell (otherwise called the Lady or Empress Bowl, the Sovereign of Water), you need to pay attention to the cards that are to the right and left of her. It is they who set the tone for the meaning of this Arcana, clarify what area of ​​life they are talking about, suggest what will happen and who will have to interact.

Each combination of cards has a certain interpretation. However, these values ​​are not the only true and indisputable, while reading the alignment, you should listen to your own intuition.

Combinations of Ladies Cups with Tarot Trumps.

NoArcanaIn the upright positionUpside down
0Jester (Fool)Chagrin caused by a child. Somewhere near there is the Chariot — there is a long way to go, a journeyMemory problems. Forgetfulness will cause conflict. If death or justice is present, then post-traumatic amnesia is likely.
IMagicianA person tries to get his way by influencing other people’s feelings.A woman does not experience a shortage of male attention, therefore, she overstates her demands on her chosen one
IIHigh PriestessMagic as a way to solve problems. In questions about the identity of the person points to the magician, tarolog, psychicMockery of someone’s morality; neglect of moral principles. Near the Devil or the Hanged Man may mean rape
IIIThe EmpressPregnancy or obsessionConception apart from the will of women. Imposed innovations. Changes that a person tries to avoid
IVThe emperorCreating a family — a wedding or preliminary thoughts about who to chooseThe feeling of joy that comes from communicating with someone or during a particular activity. This combination of cards also indicates a spiritual personality.
VHierophant (High Priest)Cleansing from sins, bad thoughts, bad habits. Something causes a person to become better, to admit their mistakes. Anyone who feels guilty needs to apologize to the offendedA person who realizes himself in the works. Aesthetic pleasure from visiting an art exhibition, opera, theater
VILovers (Selection)The desire to give love. Sincere, all-encompassing feelingTo whom they are wondering, one cannot do without outside help. If there is justice in the scenario, there is a chance to reveal extrasensory abilities
VIIChariotUncertainty about your feelings. Reason goes on saying one thing, and the heart says another, and man does not know what to preferShows a successful journalist, writer, musician, or the need to devote himself to one of the designated professions
ViiiStrengthLove gives strength to those who are wonderingJealousy from the lover
IxHermitA person is used to holding emotions in himself, not showing them to the public. This combination also indicates self sufficiency.The one to whom this combination fell out, does not tolerate carelessness, impoliteness, irresponsibility. He wants the world to be perfect
XWheel of FortuneNeed to add novelty relationshipsMan needs sympathy, tenderness. In the scenario for a child, this combination of cards may indicate orphanage, deprivation of parental care
XiJustice (Justice)The search for truthIndicates a strong gift to heal the body and soul or the presence of high professional achievements, the desire to become an ace
XiiHangedIncredulity, impending doom. The man has experienced betrayal and is not yet ready to start a new stage in his life.A man uses his wife to meet physical needs and has no feelings for her
XIIIDeathSadness, sadness. Negative thoughts about the future. Assigning serious diagnoses to yourself that are not supported by the results of the examinations.An obsessive display of care, kindness
XivModeration (Time)It was understood that previous actions were a mistake. The man came to his senses after unconsciousness.A woman holding a major position in the field of economics or accounting. In family hands, this combination of cards says that the overall budget is controlled by an older woman (wife, mother, grandmother)
XvDevilInability to resist temptation. Mime weakness, obsessionMan resists the temptations
XVITowerUnrequited feelingsLiving together with a lady spoils a man, eradicating in him all the positive qualities and habits
XVIIStarRefresh with knowledge or other information. Restore reputation, qualifications. Faded feelings burn with new forceReceive an honorary award of national or international level
XVIIIMoonThe person will understand that he was mistaken in someone or something. Participation in doubtful projectsLove for a woman who is many years older. There is no reason to doubt the sincerity of feelings. The young man is ready to start a family with her and raise common children if they are born
XIXThe sunConception of the child, the emergence of a new idea. The flowering of creative talent. Family ProfitA person urgently needs help. The one who will render it already knows about the current situation and will do everything in the near future.
XxLast JudgmentThe person will no longer engage in self-digging; blame himself for what he is not involvedThe ability to think figuratively. You should not hope for other people’s promises, they were given with any reservation
XXIWorldHealing. Ability to reconcile with the state or feelingsLove feelings for a mature man

Senior Arcana are of great importance, therefore, if on one side of the Waterlord there is a younger card, and on the other — a trump card, preference is given to him in the interpretation. The younger Arkan performs in this case only a clarifying role.

Empress Bowls: Combination with Other Tarot Cards

Junior Arcana can be interpreted regardless of their position, if it is more convenient for a guessing person and he decided before the beginning of the alignment that he would not make a difference between straight and turned cards. Deliberately change the style of reading, when the Arcana is already laid out, but the person is not satisfied with the resulting prediction, is prohibited.

Empress Bowls: Combination with Other Tarot Cards

Combinations of the Empress Bowls with the rest of the Cups.

CupsStraight positionUpside down position
TwoOffer to marry, live togetherDoubts about the feasibility of marriage. The person is satisfied with the current format of the relationship, and he does not want to change anything
TroikaWeddingGuest marriage or civil. Separation of lawful spouses
FourCollapse, unwillingness to do anything, lack of faith in a positive resultSadness A man cries all the time, does not find a place for himself from grief
FiveFailure in love. Permanent disappointment in partnersA man seduces women for fun. A woman who is out of desperation is ready to start a relationship with the first member of the opposite sex
SixCaring for a loved oneEx-husband or wife; the one with whom there were friendships many years ago
SevenThe one who is wondering convinces himself that he has feelings for someone, however this is self-deceptionConfusion of the girl, which has tokens several men
EightDisappointment in love. Understanding that a person is not what he seemed at the beginning of a relationshipDistrust of men by the girl and vice versa. Suspicion of dishonest intentions
NineThe cherished dream of love will come trueUnfulfilled promises given before the wedding
TenHappy marriageObstacles in creating a family, associated with the personal beliefs of one of the partners. Refusal to marry someone with a serious relationship
PageConfidence and understanding reign between spouses or couples in loveMarriage in which partners swear and often cannot find a compromise, but this does not affect their love
KnightMan wants to give love and receive it in returnGradual cooling of the senses
KingA marriage proposal from whom a woman would like to spend her whole life.The man does not take the serious step that is expected of him. There are difficulties in setting the date of the wedding
AceA woman in love, ready to do anything to attract attentionExcessive impressionability and suspiciousness

Empress Bowls: Combination with Other Tarot Cards

Combinations of the Queen of Cups with Rods.

WandsStraight positionUpside down position
TwoVery contradictory feelings, inability to draw conclusionsIntuition suggests that you should not waste time on a planned event, however, a person intends to ignore this signal.
TroikaEmotional liftLack of emotion, indifference
FourHe who is wondering experiences pleasure from his feelings, even if sometimes they make him suffer.A person prefers to listen to the voice of reason and is ready to give up love if it will be beneficial to him.
FiveLack of intimacyMisunderstanding that constantly arises between relatives, friends, partners
SixA person is respected for good character and decent manners. This combination of cards promises a love affair if the Lovers card is also present.Lady falls in love with hang up or gigolo
SevenA quarrel with a loved one or a conflict of self-interest (for example, a girl does not know which cavalier to prefer: beautiful or rich)The desire to withdraw from the decision-making relating to living together or leisure
EightLove letterFlattering speech, talk about non-existent feelings
NineSobering has come, man has ceased to idealize his soul mateOne of the partners never considered the second as an option for long-term relationships.
TenA man endured female whims for a long time, but he will no longer do that.Ultimatum in love
PageQuivering feelingsA man experiences fraternal feelings for a woman rather than love, and vice versa
KnightUnrestrained passion. Feelings rush suddenly, and there is no strength to resist themQuiet, calm love
QueenA person believes that he will meet his love, even if it is now in a relationshipThe indestructibility of feelings or marriage. Confidence that the right choice was made
KingFind a couple, get rid of lonelinessA good way to keep a partner who wants to break a relationship
AcePassion in loveHeartless in relation to the second half. People together just to maintain reputation

Combinations of Ladies Bowls with Swords.

SwordsStraight positionUpside down position
TwoDoubts that the partner is the person with whom you want to live until the end of daysConfidence that the choice of the second half was a mistake
TroikaDivorceUnion will disintegrate after a strong scandal and without any chance of restoring relations
FourDiscretion in communicating with the opposite sexMental healing after parting with a man who brought a lot of pain and suffering
FiveThe person who is wondering has run out of emotional power, and he is no longer able to put up with what is happening.Emotional stability. Observation of what is happening as if from
SixThe journey, which will be the impetus for the end of an outdated relationship, will provide an opportunity to rethink its value.The person is ready to put up with injustice in the relationship, because he is afraid to be alone
SevenEnvy. The desire to possess something, without making for this effortThe requirement that the partner is not ready to give, cheeky behavior
EightMan is captive of his senses and cannot free himselfLove comparable to madness or obsession
NineYearningA little sadness after separation
TenEmotional emptiness, which was formed after the rash actions of the second halfStrong resentment at his chosen one
PageAttempts to start a conversation about relationships, find out what does not suit the partner, and talk about what I would like to correctBreakup of relationships without any explanation.
KnightRelationship crisisParting that no partner regrets
QueenLove lossTemporary separation
KingThe trust of the spouse or spouse was not justified. Betrayal with the person entering the familyPartners do not believe in each other’s honesty, constantly arrange scenes of jealousy, but something keeps them together
AceDecision making is based on common sense.Serious intentions, decisiveness, immediate action

Combinations of the Queen of Water with Pentacles.

PentaclesStraight positionUpside down position
TwoThe mood of the person who is guessing often changes, due to which misunderstandings arise in communicating with others.Grumpy character prevents normal relationships with the opposite sex
TroikaProfitable cooperation. Husband and wife are business partners. Healthy relationship of two morally adultsSpouses want to be independent of each other, both materially and morally.
FourPrudence. Partner selection based on practicality, not feelingsExcessive cynicism, neglect of its second half
FiveA union that deprives the lifeblood of its members, which makes them feel emptyUnwillingness to give love and no need to receive it. Pure consumer relations
SixKindness, sincerityThe person knows that he is being used and agrees with this state of affairs.
SevenA person patiently endures all the adversities that the second half puts on himIntolerance to the whims of others
EightConcentration on material well-being. Emotional comfort is ignored.Both partners emphasize interpersonal relationships, denying the effect of wealth on the atmosphere in the family.
NineTotal satisfaction with your lifestyleThe desire to solve the problem of housing conditions or the material well-being of the family
TenThe housewife that suits her statusA woman is mired in household affairs and would like to go to work, but does not have such an opportunity
PageThe person is guided by practical considerations and is not amenable to emotions.Impulsive solution
KnightOne partner pursues a benefit and imitates the presence of feelings for the secondMarriage co-settlement. In the presence of Death may indicate a split budget in the family.
QueenLack of financial problemsGood nervous system. The man is unshakable in his decisions
KingStability in relations, inviolability of the union, common interestsFamily life will not be as cloudless as I would like.
AceLate pregnancy or childbirthCompletion of the project with an unexpected result

In the sphere of relationships and love:

  • Queen of Cups + Chariot + Sun — a well-arranged trip, which is paid by a loved one. If the Lovers card is also present in the layout, a marriage proposal will be held away from home.
  • Lady Chash + World + 7 Swords — a woman will accept the fact that a loved one chose another. The man will pacify his love ardor, which is not interesting to the lady.
  • Queen of the Bowl + Hermit + Page Cup — the rejection of the relationship due to lack of trust. Alertness towards members of the opposite sex, which arose after an unpleasant incident.

In business and money:

  • Queen of Cups + Strength + Ace Pentacles — a new project will bring huge profits if you fully concentrate on it and cooperate with professionals in their field.
  • Empress Bowls + 2 Swords + Hierophant — business partners are dishonest people. If this is possible, it is worth terminating the agreements that will become a source of problems in the future.
  • Queen of Cups + King of Cups + Wheel of Fortune — to achieve success, you need to update the company’s policy, set other goals and give preference to the cause, which brings not only income but also pleasure.

In the field of health:

  • Lady Bowls + Star + Lovers — psychological therapy and auto-training will bring considerable benefits, since the cause of the disease is psychosomatic disorder.
  • Queen of Cups + Peace + Tuz Bowls — Hypochondria. The diagnosis is not confirmed. Symptomatic symptoms that do not correspond to any disease.
  • Queen of Cups + 6 Cups + 6 Swords — treatment abroad; assistance of an experienced female doctor. If the Chariot lies alongside, the climate must be changed to recover.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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