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Effective divination for the betrothed: an explanation and methods

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Effective divination for the betrothed: an explanation and methods

Divination for the betrothed is a type of ritual that came to us from the past centuries, the result of which is usually the name or the external description of your future husband. Every girl dreams of a wedding and family, children, so what could be nicer to look at at least one eye in what is waiting for us there, who is this person.

Attention! Not all divinations show the exact result, and you should not worry if it does not satisfy you.

Everything in our life can be changed.

According to general calculations, there are over 40 thousand different divinations for the intended man, from putting things to sleep under the pillow, to burning objects and analyzing the shadow of them. We have collected in our article as much as possible — working methods that everyone can spend at home without much effort and preparation.

In principle, in these methods of divination, you will not be able to “chase” if you do something not in accordance with the rules and nothing terrible happens, just the result will not be exact.

It is also necessary to consider that for fortune telling you need to choose a specific time of day and year. And also follow the phase of the moon. All these things directly affect the outcome and accuracy of divination.

There are divinations that are done only at certain times of the year, like Christmas and Christmas divinations, they are not done at another time!

Types of divination

In the national calendar there are special periods that are considered the most successful time for fortune telling. First, it is Christmas time.

This is the time span between Christmas and Baptism. In the modern calendar, this period of time begins on January 7, more precisely on the night of January 7, ends on January 19. The best nights for divination are Christmas Eve, as well as the night of Old New Year and before Epiphany (Epiphany Eve).

Divination carried out in this period, called svyatochnym. They provide information for the long term.

Divination on June 22 (green Christmas time), on the Savior of Apples and on the night before the holiday of Ivan Kupala (July 7), works well. These holidays originate in pre-Christian Russia. Apple Savior was in the past one of the celebrations in honor of the harvest, and the holiday Kupala in general had a special magical significance for the Slavs.

Since then, many species of divination have survived, they are called Kupala. You can guess the night of Andrew the First-Called (December 13).

There are separate types of divination, which can be carried out at any other time. On ordinary days it is better to choose the full moon period to get information about your future.

Divination can be carried out on all days of the week, except Fridays; on Saturday, divination is also better not to apply.

Christmas divination for the betrothed

At Divine can be any kind of fortune telling: for wealth, for destiny, for business and others. But most often these days they are guessing at the betrothed.

One of the most exciting and popular ways of the sacrifice of the fortunetelling is fortune-telling with a mirror, which is accompanied by the evocation of the contracted.

The image of the mirror has always caused a cautious attitude on the part of ordinary people. Esoterists call it a portal to another world, which is why it is customary to guess at it. Reviews of those who conducted such a guessing, boil down to the fact that it is scary to hold it, and that you can really see a person or a silhouette in a mirror.

The appearance of the condemned man is explained by the action of an evil spirit that cleared up in the days of Christmas and came to a fortune-telling.

The most common method of fortune telling with a mirror is as follows. It is necessary to sit in front of a large mirror, and put a small face to it.

Lighted candles are installed around the mirrors. The result is a mirror corridor, intently peering into which a girl can see how the person destined for her looks.

This meeting with the mummers must end with the words: “Chur from this place.”

Sometimes at Christmastime they turn to fire magic. You can take a sheet of paper, put it on a flat dish and burn it.

Then they watch what kind of shadow the burnt paper casts. If the outlines resemble the castle with something, then fortune-telling predicts that marriage will come in the coming year.

Fortune telling with a comb

Effective divination for the betrothed: an explanation and methods

Popular use of comb in the fort. To properly perform divination on a comb, you must follow certain rules. They put it under the pillow and pronounce the following words:

“You are my condemned, mumbled, you come to me in a dream, and my head-brush. Let it be so.

Amen. Amen.


Guessing ends with the fact that the girl sees in the dream of her future husband. There is a second method of fortune telling with a comb.

To make a fortune telling, comb a new comb before bedtime, and then put it under the pillow and say: “Suicide my dear boy, come to me in a dream, but comb my comb. Amen».

The hairbrush spends the night under the pillow. If her hair will be in the morning, it means that marriage cannot be avoided this year. This method can be used on the night from Thursday to Friday.

It is believed that all dreams come true this night.

Divination: whether to be married?

Most marriage fortune-telling held at home comes down to finding out if there will be a wedding in the coming year or not. For this purpose, the following divinations are used:

  1. Hay is placed under the tablecloth and pulled out from there individual straws. The future depends on what the straw looks like. If the straw is a fresh color with greens, then the girl will marry. If black — her age to be in the girls.
  2. You can go to the hole in the Epiphany days and look at the water. The one who is destined to be married, will see her betrothed-ryazheny. And the one who is destined to be in the maids, will not see anything, only hears a knock.
  3. You can go to church at night and listen to what sounds come from there. Since there are no real services at this time, all sounds will be only the action of otherworldly forces or the result of the imagination played out. However, the girls, who will meet the bride-dressed and get married, will hear wedding sounds. And those who expect a strong illness, hear the burial service of the deceased.
  4. Before going to bed, you should call the contented-mumbler, asking him to come dressed up. That night in a dream you can see the future spouse.

Kupala magic

On the feast of Kupala can be a variety of divination. But the most interesting way, filled with the magic of this wonderful summer day, is to use flowers and plants.

Begin to guess that they are preparing certain flowers, plants included in the list below. To guess this way you need a few people.

One girl will be leading. She will alternately take a flower from the common bouquet and say:

The other girl should sit with her back to all the others and in response to the question raised, call the girls present at the fortune-telling. Before guessing, each participant should think of a guy.

Then she will hear her relationship with him.

Vintage values ​​of flowers and plants:

  • hawthorn — you can hope that there will be love;
  • cornflower — love ahead;
  • convolvulus — love will not;
  • white carnation — to sadness;
  • red carnation — to passion;
  • dahlia — thanks;
  • Jasmine — the usual flirt and no more;
  • the bell — from the man goes deception;
  • buttercup — everything will become clear when you come to the meeting;
  • daisy — modesty in love relationships;
  • mint — strong love;
  • forget-me-not — he values ​​you, fears separation;
  • Marigold — to break the relationship;
  • peony — you will be embarrassed for his behavior;
  • white rose — secret love;
  • red rose — a strong longing from the man;
  • chamomile — the guy has doubts about feelings for you.

You can take advantage of sleep on Ivan Kupala, so that the betrothed appeared before the girl. To do this, at night under the pillow put 7 kinds of flowers collected during sunset.

Andrew the First Called Day and the prophecies of fate

The night before the feast of Andrew the First Called is considered magical. Girls at this time can learn answers to many questions.

The answer to the question of the name of the betrayed can bring a dream. This fortunetelling on ryazhenny spend at home.

Before bedtime, you should put a few sheets of paper under the pillow, where different male names will be written. Then read the conspiracies, for example, like this:

“Dreamed, my betrothed mummy. And say your name «

At night you can see the prophetic dream. In the morning you need to take the first leaf that came to hand.

This will be the name of the future husband.

Other types of divination

The simplest fortune telling is on an old book. Previously, the Bible was used for this. Now, if not in the house of the Gospel, you can use any other old book.

The girl should ask a question concerning the betrothed, then, without looking, open the book and insert the needle into any line at random. Those words that will be in this line will be the answer to the question asked.

Effective divination for the betrothed: an explanation and methods

Another simple guessing is tossing a ring. The girl should throw a ring on the floor and see which way it rolls. If it starts to move towards the exit from the house, it means that the girl will soon have to get married.

If the ring rolls toward the kitchen, it is a sign of a full life. If in the direction of the bedroom — there will be a quiet, serene life.

In the full moon, you can hang out the window keys to find out the name of the man-married. In order to guess so at the name of the betrothed at home, they listen when the keys outside the window start ringing.

As soon as they hear the ringing, they look out of the window and ask the name of the passerby. So they will call the future husband.

Effective divination for the betrothed: an explanation and methods

A matchstick well is a kind of fortune telling that allows you to see in a dream a person destined for fate. In order to read the matches on the betrothed with matches, you need to take a mug, hang a small lock on its handle, pre-build some kind of well from the matches, into which a prepared container could fit. A little glass with a lock on the handle is placed inside a well and says the words so that the future husband will dream:

“Suicide-disheveled, come to me to the well of water to drink, ask me for the key”

Having uttered the word «Come» and other text, you should go to bed.

Effective divination for the betrothed: an explanation and methods

Card ways to guess the future husband

On cards it is accepted to guess on different vital circumstances. Among them — a love relationship.

Guessing on men held on four kings. Each of the kings is given the name of a certain person from the environment, after which they are arranged in a row.

The deck is divided into four parts. Each piece is for a specific king.

Then these cards are viewed and placed below the king in a sequence from smaller to larger. When the rows are filled.

Make a hand on the remaining cards again. There should be 3 layouts.

  1. If under the king there is a complete set from 6-ki to ace, it means that fortune-telling on these cards says that everything will be fine with this person. Mutual love awaits you.
  2. If the alignment under any king does not even begin, there will be no relationship with this person.
  3. If the series is not finished, then the relationship will be fragile.

Internet fortune telling

Recently, divination carried out at home with their own hands began to fade into the background. Increasingly, girls use this service online.

Should I trust this method, everyone should decide for himself. Many of them are truly truthful.

But still, you shouldn’t believe computer technologies unequivocally and unconditionally, elevating the obtained predictions to the absolute.

Sleep on the future husband

To see the man in the dream, put a comb under his pillow and say:

«My disdained husband, come to me in a dream and comb my hair.»

You can also take a thimble of salt, a thimble of water, mix them and eat before bedtime, and going to bed, say:

«Who is my wife-ryazheny, that will give me water to drink»,

Another option is to put four card kings under your pillow and say:

«Who is my betrothed mumbled man, he will dream in a dream»

Read: Teeth fall out in a dream without blood.
The peak king is a bridegroom at the age or a jealous man, the chervon is young and rich, the cross is for matchmakers from a military man or a businessman, the diamond signifies a desired groom.

Effective divination for the betrothed: an explanation and methods

Divination in the name of the betrothed

How to find out the name of the betrothed? Simply and easily! To do this, take a couple of sheets of paper, on each write one male name and put it in some kind of container or indentation, for example, a hat.

Shake the paper and pull one. The name that is written on a sheet of paper, and will be your future spouse.

Guessing on rice grains

Put a jar of rice in front of you, hold your left hand palm down with your left hand, focusing, ask out loud a question, after which you take a handful of rice from the jar and pour it on a previously spread napkin. Risinks are counted.

An odd number of grains indicates a negative answer to your question, and an even number indicates a positive one.

Guessing on the bulbs

Take the bulbs, on each write the male name of one of the alleged applicants for your hand and heart. Put all the bulbs in the water and wait for one of them to germinate.

That bulb, which is the first to sprout and become the winner, or rather the one whose name will be written on it, will first make you a marriage proposal.

Divination for married women

Pour water into a glass and on a sheet of paper that has been prepared beforehand, write the name of your mistress and his own name. Also prepare a spoonful of salt in advance and light a candle.

Throw salt in a glass and light a sheet with written names from the candle. While the sheet is burning, quickly mix salt in a glass and say:

«If the salt melts faster, then the husband will not leave me, but the paper will burn out and their love will burn out.»

If the salt melts before the paper burns and is decimated, the husband will remain in the family, if the paper burns faster, then the spouse sooner or later will leave you anyway.

Christmas fortune telling on the wood

On New Year’s Eve it is necessary to take an armful of firewood and take them to the house to count. An even amount of firewood speaks of marriage or marriage this year, an odd one — the absence of changes in this state of affairs.

Effective divination for the betrothed: an explanation and methods


On New Year’s Eve, all family members should take a spoonful of water and take it out in the cold. If the water starts to freeze with a dimple — to death this year.

Bump — prosperity and happy life.

Divination by the window

This fortune-telling for the betrothed is done at the window. Wait until everyone is asleep in the house, sit by the window, put out the fire and quietly whisper:

If in the near future a noisy crowd passes by the window or someone screams loudly, whistling means the groom will be rich, silence means the poverty of the groom.

Gadani on the groom with the ring

Take a simple glass with a flat bottom. On the glass should not be drawings and faces.

Pour water into a third of the glass and lower the ring there, after cleaning it. Now, long and hard, try to see the face of the future husband through the water in the middle of the ring.

The result is achieved only by girls with a rich imagination and imagination.

Divination for Christmas at the betrothed

This fortune telling is most effective at Christmas or on Christmas. Until 24.00, prepare a mirror and a pair of spruce branches. Before bed, write the name of the person you want or a cherished wish on the mirror.

In the morning, waking up, first look at the mirror.

If the writing has disappeared, the wish will come true or you will soon get married. If the written has not changed in any way, then you, as before, will remain with your interests.

By the way, this is a very bad sign for the one whose name you wrote on the mirror, so before you do this — think carefully, because the name can always be replaced by desire, without specifying this or that person.

Guessing on a candle

On Pokrov (October 14), the power of the marriage union has the greatest power, therefore on this day the girls fled to church from early morning to put a candle on which they could tell fortunes. And the girl who will put a candle before anyone gets married before the others.

And guessing by candle is easy. Quiet flame is a quiet even life without special events and failures.

  • Bright flame — an interesting life.
  • Flame crackling — a fun and vibrant life.
  • Dim flame — sadness and fragility.
  • The red color of the flame — sorrow, yellow — joy, soot — unfortunately.

Guessing on the name of the future husband on the table

Especially for this developed tables that will help to know the name of the future husband.

To believe or not the result of fortune telling is the personal choice of each girl. Perhaps, having tried only to occupy something with time and having determined the name on the table, you will recognize someone from the familiar men in it?

Here is the table itself:

1. Artyom20. Leonid41. Anatoly62. Oleg81. Sergey
2. Arkady21. Marat42. Valery63. Paul82. Semen
3. Arseny22. Mark43. Valentine64. Peter83. Taras
4. Arthur23. Maxim44. Vasily65. Rashid84. Timofey
5. Gregory24. Oleg45. Vadim66. Daniel85. Philip
6. Gleb25. Paul46. ​​Vladimir67. Dmitry86. Fedor
7. Herman26. Peter47. Vladislav68. Denis87. Eric
8. George27. Rashid48. Victor69. Eugene88. Boris
9. Gennady28. Rinat49. Vitaly70. Zakhar89. Valery
10. David29. Robert50. Vyacheslav71. Ivan90. Valentine
11. Daniel30. Roman51. Bogdan72. Igor91. Vasily
12. Dmitry31. Ruslan52. Boris73. Ildar92. Vadim
13. Denis32. Rustam53. Andrey74. Eldar93. Sergey
14. Eugene33. Svyatoslav54. Anton75. Emil94. Semen
15. Igor34. Stanislav55. Egor76. Edward95. Ilya
16. Ildar35. Stepan56. Zakhar77. Yuri96. Kirill
17. Ilya36. Azamat57. Ivan78. Yaroslav97. Constantine
18. Cyril37. Azat58. Michael79. Jacob98. Arseny
19. Constantine38. Alexander59. Nazar80. Nikolay99. Arthur
40. Albert39. Alexey60. Nikita61. Nikolay100. Bogdan

How in a dream to see the future husband?

You can see the future spouse in a prophetic dream. It is only necessary to properly conduct the entire ritual and try to form your own installation for sleep. Indeed, without the necessary mood, your subconscious mind will not be able to reflect future events.

Effective divination for the betrothed: an explanation and methods

With a ring and a piece of wedding cake

  • One of the most reliable divinations
  • For divination need a ring
  • Put it on the ring finger of your left hand (as an engagement ring), and place a piece of cake from the wedding table under the pillow (it can be wrapped in paper so that in the morning you can’t find the rest of the dough on the pillowcase instead of the cake)
  • Leave a pair of your favorite shoes near the bed by building the letter “T”
  • Go to bed and try to create such conditions so that you do not have to jump out of bed until the very morning. In the dream you will see your future husband

Divination for St. Agnes Day

  • Divination is carried out on the night of January 20-21. You will need several pins.
  • Connect them together and pin them to the linen in which you will sleep (for pajamas, nightgown)
  • A dream will show what your future spouse will be and, if lucky, you will be able to hear his name.

Friday fortune telling

  • On the eve of Friday, getting ready for bed, take a comb and comb your hair
  • After that, place the comb under the pillow
  • Say the following words: «My deceived, dream me»
  • Go to bed. Future spouse you will see in a dream

Effective divination for the betrothed: an explanation and methods

Conspiracy to dream future husband

Our thoughts and reality that we live every second, and even scenes from a distant future can be projected in dreams

The scale of the universe is such that the present and the future are inseparable. You can program a future dream by reading the plot

On cards

  • Take the cards that last played at least a year ago.
  • Pull out of the deck of kings.
  • Put under the pillow, saying these words: “as night falls on the ground, as the sun behind the mountains is removed, so you, my husband, called, appear in my dream, show your suit”

Waking up in the morning, without looking, draw out the first map

  • King of Spades means rich but wayward bridegroom
  • King-baptize judges a loving husband with whom, however, a girl will shed many tears
  • King of Hearts means happy marriage
  • King Tambourine promises marriage with quarrels and omissions
Effective divination for the betrothed: an explanation and methods

If the girl is hard to remember who she dreamed, then the ritual can be repeated. But if the dream was unpleasant, then it is better to just forget about it.

On bread

  • If a girl wants to get a better look at her chosen one, then a piece of bread and a note under the pillow with the following text will help: “I leave a piece of bread under the pillow for you, my condemned one, come, treat yourself, be my face”
  • Sleep girl should lie down, having dismissed her hair


  • A girl can see her fiance in a dream if she puts a deep plate filled with water under the bed.
  • On the plate you should build something like a bridge from a wooden plank or a ruler
  • Before you go to bed, say the words on the plate with water: “my contented and naughty, come to me, take me across the bridge”
  • The future groom will come to the aid in a dream and will help to cross the bridge

Effective divination for the betrothed: an explanation and methods

How to find out the name of the future husband by the hand?

Palmists reveal the secrets of the future profession along the lines on the hand. A person finds out how long he will live and at what age he will meet his soul mate.

But the name of the future husband line on the hand does not tell. However, the first letter of the name of the future spouse is still recognizable by the hand.

But not along the lines.

  • Ask someone to make you a “nettle” in the area of ​​the pre-river, like you did in your childhood: twist the skin in different directions (as if squeezing the laundry)
  • There must be a distance of at least 10 cm between the palms.
  • Looking at the skin of the forearm, you will see the folds formed, on which the letters-symbols will appear
  • If you’re lucky, you can see the letter. Your spouse’s name will begin with this letter.
Effective divination for the betrothed: an explanation and methods

Fortune telling on tarot cards the future husband, in the name, relationship, future

Get information about your future spouse in different ways. Among the most reliable — guessing on the cards.

The prediction will be true if the girl concentrates and tunes in to receive a response.

Marital happiness of a woman, whatever one may say, completely depends on the man next to her. Maps will help you to find out more details about your future husband.

For fortune telling, you can use both Tarot cards and other regular cards. But the deck must be new or used exclusively for predictions.

Effective divination for the betrothed: an explanation and methods

Divination should start with shuffling cards. Place a random map on the table, face down.

Continue putting six cards under it, stacking in three rows. On the table should be as a result a network of cards.

They will tell about your future life with your husband.

First map personifies you, your state and attitude towards finding a husband and finding family happiness. Perhaps the whole thing in relation to marriage
Second card will say when you meet a husband. It indicates the time, perhaps, a period of life, sometimes it also reveals the place
Third talks about the circumstances under which the meeting will occur and what it will be. Thanks to this information you will not miss your betrothed.
Fourth will describe the person and sometimes even the appearance of the one who marries you
Fifth card indicates whether this person is destined
Sixth — how will life after the wedding, what will be your family life in general
Seventh card will give advice on marriage and relationship with the future spouse

For a future relationship

The following fortune telling will be about how your future will be with your beloved man:

  • If you are going to marry your chosen one, use this layout and you will learn that before the wedding you usually cannot find out about a man
  • Cards also available all the information about your future relationship. Let them share this knowledge with you. Tarot cards and any others that were not yet in the wrong hands will do.
  • Lay out seven cards from right to left in a semicircle:
  • The eighth card is placed on top of the fifth.
  • Ninth laid out over the third
  • the tenth card over the fourth

First the card talks about your expectations from family life and from the person you are going to make your spouse
The second will tell you what kind of husband comes out of a young man, whether he will meet your expectations and whether life with him will correspond to your ideas
Third card — this is his attitude to you, and how it will change after marriage
Fourth — his relationship with your parents
• By value fifth card judge about his business, ability to earn money and be useful to his family
Sixth the same card will tell which of the elect will turn out father
Seventh — intimate relationships after marriage.
Eighth says about the probability of having a healthy baby in this couple
Ninth card will warn about the inclination of a particular person to change
Last, tenth card will give some advice about the guy and the relationship with him

It should be borne in mind that the cards show information about the man with whom you will have a long-term relationship, that is, with the real chosen one

Effective divination for the betrothed: an explanation and methods

How to find out where I will meet when I meet my future husband?

From the presented video you will learn how to understand that you met your man.

Simple fortune telling on playing cards for the future husband

  • The fortune-telling on the cards will tell you whether sweethearts are interested in you or not. You can find out if you should expect something from a relationship or dating.
  • Again, you need a deck of cards, which no one has played in gambling. Slowly shuffling the deck, keep in mind the image of the person you need
  • Lay out the cards in piles according to the number of letters in the name, patronymic and surname of the person you are interested in.
  • Then lay the cards face down. They need to lay out as much as the letters in the full name of the person
  • There should be one continuous row. Then — all over again, until the piles come out as much as the literal values ​​in the name of your chosen one
  • Take cards from the extreme right pile and place the cards from left to right. Repeat the same action until you have chosen the cards, leaving only two piles on the table. Connect both piles
  • Then fold the cards face down, taking and putting one card on the table

Effective divination for the betrothed: an explanation and methods

Simple fortune telling on cards

Remaining in the hands of the last two cards and show how your loved one treats you.

• Aces — conceived person loves you
• Kings — you are close in character with your beloved
• Ladies — a man in love with another
• Jacks — he thinks about you
• Tens — you interest him
• Nines — sympathy
• Eights — you will talk soon
• Sevens — maybe a quick date
• Sixes — perhaps a joint journey or road

Your future husband on a horoscope

If you are wondering who your future husband will be by horoscope, then today on the Internet there are many online tests

If you want to get the most accurate answer to your question, we advise you to use the Chinese horoscope.

All you need to do is enter your zodiac sign and the program will automatically determine who your future spouse will be according to the Slavic horoscope. Accordingly, you will be able to prepare for the meeting and arm yourself with the necessary information for seduction in advance.

All you need to do is enter your zodiac sign and the program will automatically determine who your future spouse will be according to the Slavic horoscope. Accordingly, you will be able to prepare for the meeting and arm yourself with the necessary information for seduction in advance.

Name of the future husband by date of birth

Divination is intended exclusively for girls. Having made some simple calculations, you can find out the name of the future second half (the representative of the stronger sex). Let the beloved and determined by fate, but what is his name, you can find out in advance

Numerology will tell the date of the meeting with the chosen one

How to find out the name of the betrothed? There are many ways that will help you find out the likely name of your betrothed.

  • Based on your date of birth you will determine the most name of your future husband. Sometimes it happens in life in such a way that a girl, having fallen in love, begins a joint life with a completely alien person for her.
  • But for harmonious relationships it is not enough to focus only on the appearance of the chosen one. This should be the type of man that suits you. Here are taken into account and his habits, and then, what is his idea about matrimony and life in general. It is important to have a pair of mutual goals.
  • Determine which man you will be happy with, and these ways are called up: a calm homebody, an enterprising businessman or an avid traveler? Or maybe you will make a beautiful couple of romance to the roots of the hair and the artist to the bone?

Video: How to calculate personal numbers of happiness?

Numerology will help determine the most appropriate type of man for your mutually happy existence. If you already have a man next to you claiming to take a place in your heart, then you will find out whether your characters are compatible or not.

Find out when the fateful meeting with the future spouse will happen, simple calculations will help:

  • Calculate the exact date of the meeting is theoretically possible. But in real life for such calculations it is necessary to have as many numbers as possible: they show not a specific date, but a likely interesting and important meeting. Is anything more important for a girl than a future of her own husband?
  • Therefore, by determining the date, which will be a turning point in life, you can step towards fate: on this day such a step will be justified.
  • Calculate the total number of the date of birth. Write down the numbers that make up your full name, middle name and last name and full date of birth
  • To the result, add the numbers that have brought you the greatest number of meetings and acquaintances over the past two years, and also indicate the month in which you met with the stronger sex.

for example, Porokhova Elena Vladimirovna: the sum of all the letters and numbers together is 7. For 11 months, a woman had interesting events and long journeys. The month in which the wishes were fulfilled is July (seventh).
The result is the following:

  • 7 + 1 + 1 + 0 + 7 = 1 + 6 = 7. So the seventh number will be the day when the meeting with the chosen one will take place
  • In the same way you can calculate and find out the estimated date of the wedding. But there will also need the date of birth of the future spouse. Add the number of your man (his name, surname, patronymic name) to his figure. Add the date to the resulting figure when doing the calculations. You will have the date of your happy day

Prayer for the betrothed

If you have long dreamed of getting married, but loneliness does not want to let you out of its clutches, then prayer will help you.

The text of the prayer for marriage to the Lord

Oh, All-Good Lord, I know that my great happiness depends on me to love You with all my soul and all my heart, and to fulfill Your holy will in everything. Control Himself, O my God, with my soul and fill my heart: I want to please You alone, for You are the Creator and my God.

Save me from pride and pride: let reason, modesty and chastity adorn me.

Idleness is opposed to you and breeds vices, but give me a hunt for hard work and bless my labors. Because Your Law asks that people live in an honest marriage, then bring me, Father Holy, to this title, consecrated by You, not to please my lust, but to fulfill Your destiny, for You yourself said: it is not good for a person to be alone and having created his wife is a helper, bless them to grow, multiply and inhabit the earth.

Hear my humble prayer, from the depths of the maiden heart to Thee to send; Give me a spouse honest and pious, so that we in love with him and in harmony glorify you, the merciful God: Father and Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and ever and ever. Amen

Another prayer for marriage to matron

O blessed mother of Matrono, hear and receive us now, sinners, praying to you, skill in all your living, accepting and hearing all those who suffer and grieving, with faith and hope to your intercession and help of those who resort, quick help and miraculous healing to all who suffer; Your mercy will now also become impoverished to us, unworthy, restless in the multitude of this world and nowhere find solace and compassion in the spiritual and help in physical diseases: heal our diseases, save the temptations and torment of the devil, the passionately fighting, help bring your life Cross, carry all the life and not lose in it the image of God, the Orthodox faith until the end of our days save, hope and hope for God, strong imagery and unfeigned love of others; help us, after leaving this life, reach the Kingdom of Heaven with all those who please God, glorifying the mercy and goodness of the Father of Heaven, in the Trinity slavimago, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Amen

Is it possible to feel the future husband?

When a woman finds her love, she will certainly feel it. She will feel secure and free. She will understand that wonderful well-being and incredible ease are connected with the appearance in her life of the person with whom the most important event will happen — the day of the marriage

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