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Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

What do Edgar Cayce’s predictions say about Russia

There are amazing people among us who are endowed with abilities that cannot be understood and explained, but only admired and perplexed. Such people were born in different countries — many of them received fame throughout the world.

Edgar Cayce — a man born in America in the twentieth century and endowed with amazing abilities — to heal people and predict the future in a state of trance. He experienced the amazing properties of hypnosis, under the influence of which he saw upcoming events in the world.

Edgar Cayce’s predictions concern Russia as well. He saw the collapse of the USSR, the development of relations with China, the arrival of a new strong leader who would change the attitude of the world towards our country.

Biography of Edgar Cayce

In Europe and America, the name of Edgar Cayce is widely known, many books have been written about him, and the Association for Research and Enlightenment publishes a journal. In Russia, Casey is almost unknown, because only one book was translated into Russian — his first biographer, Thomas Syugra, “The River of Life”, published in 1994 with a circulation of 20 thousand copies.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

Of course, the visionaries who are preparing the minds of people for the New Epoch offensive are undoubtedly Edgar Cayce — an American clairvoyant, healer, prophet. His unusual mission came in the twentieth century, so he was not burned at the stake, but he was not officially ranked among the great host, because science and religion do not know how to relate to his phenomenon.

  • Edgar Cayce worked on medical diagnosis through clairvoyance for forty-three years and presented to the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) he created reports on thirty thousand diagnostics and hundreds of full case histories.
  • The association now has hundreds of thousands of members and has branches in different countries. The prophecies of Edgar Cayce on the fate of the world are beginning to be seriously studied, for many of them have already come true.

Casey Phenomenon

E.I. Roerich, in a letter dated 28.IV.4.49 (Letters to America, Vol. IV), praised the phenomenon of Edgar Cayce. “Casey’s appearance is wonderful. Of course, it took place under the Ray of Forces of Light.

Casey himself was an unusually morally pure person, it is difficult to find him a deputy.

Such conductors, mediators are needed, but without inner purity it is impossible to have such a high, amazing manifestation of the Forces of Light. But our contemporaries did not show understanding, did not show due care for such an extraordinary person and the manifestation of the Forces of Light. ”

In Europe and America, the name of Edgar Cayce is widely known, many books have been written about him, and the Association for Research and Enlightenment publishes a journal. In Russia, Casey is almost unknown, because only one book was translated into Russian — his first biographer, Thomas Syugra, “The River of Life”, published in 1994 with a circulation of 20 thousand copies.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

Here is a part of materials about Edgar Cayce, starting with his biography, published in 1999 in the Pathways magazine of the Theo-Sofia Society of Victoria, (Canada).

Edgar Cayce — Healer and Clairvoyant

On a moonlit May night, kneeling at his bedside, the young man prayed earnestly to God. That morning, he sat under his favorite tree in the forest, fed squirrels and reread the deeply loved biblical story — the vision of Manoi.

  • Recently, he was depressed by the feeling of constant dissatisfaction with schoolwork: they were a source of constant tension for him and seemed completely useless and meaningless.
  • A deeply religious boy was eager to serve people, to live in such a way as to help them to actually fulfill the love of God. And this evening in his prayers he asked to bestow on him the ability to fulfill this desire, to do something real for his fellows.
  • Already almost falling asleep, he suddenly felt an unusual surge of mental strength. And at that very moment the heavenly light, like the rays of an outgoing sun, filled the room, and in its light a certain image appeared by the bed.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

The boy thought for a moment that it was his mother’s image, and he began to peer intently. The unusual light in the bedroom has become brighter, and the ethereal image in the shining halo (which the boy has now mistaken for an angel) quietly said these words:

“Your prayers are heard. Your desire will be fulfilled. Stay loyal to him.

Be honest with yourself. Help the sick and suffering. «

Unusual Gift Disclosure

Edgar’s disclosure of unusual healing abilities began under strange circumstances.

  1. At the age of 23, shortly after returning to Hopkinsville to work with his father as a traveling insurance agent, he experiences a sudden attack of aphonia, a mysterious indisposition associated with loss of voice.
  2. For months he speaks only in a whisper, and, despite consultations with various near and distant doctors, they cannot help him. The work of insurance agent Edgar had to quit and take up photography, art, in which he showed remarkable talent.
  3. Working in a local studio, he met a hypnotist who guaranteed the cure of his illness through hypnosis. Interestingly, in the state of hypnosis, his voice was completely normal, but after regaining consciousness, the problem remained.

Edgar had already begun to despair of ever recovering, and quickly began to lose weight and strength when a local doctor referred him to Al Lane, a psychology specialist, an osteopath, and a hypnosis enthusiast from New York. Hearing that, while still a teenager, Edgar used the method of improving memory in a dream, he decided to apply hypnosis in a completely different direction.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

Plunging Edgar into a state of sleep, he inspired him: “Your unconscious mind will examine your throat now and tell us what is wrong there and what can be done to cure it.”

To the surprise of the parents who were present at the same time, Edgar replied with a crystal clear and confident voice: “The disease, as we now see, is a partial paralysis of the vocal cords due to nervous tension. To eliminate this condition, it is only necessary to instill an increase in blood flow to the affected area in a short period of time. ”

The power of hypnosis

  • Lane ordered the unconscious Edgar to fulfill this order. And almost immediately, Edgar’s throat turned a dark red color when blood rushed to the sore spot in response to self-suggestion.
  • Having come to full consciousness, Edgar began to speak in a normal voice. In the following weeks, the aphonia resumed from time to time, this happened further after excessive nerve loads, but with the repetition of the same treatment method, the attacks weakened and Edgar’s overall health improved markedly.
  • Lane, having opened his office in Hopkinsville, considered the remarkable results of Edgar’s treatment with self-hypnosis and found out the possibilities of using his talent for diagnosing and treating other patients.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

Out of gratitude for Lane, Edgar agreed to do a “sleeping diagnosis” for some of his patients, and the results were astounding. However, being a sincere believer and completely uninterested in personal glory, Edgar reacted with extreme restraint to his first achievements.

He just did not know how to treat this phenomenon.

He never remembered the recommendations that he gave in an unconscious state, and did not understand what was going on — it all seemed to him «too fantastic and incredible.»

In addition, he was confused by the difficult question: how to combine these experiments with a religious faith that warns against mediumship and communion with the spirits of the dead? And at the same time, it was difficult for him, a naturally compassionate young man, to be denied to those who truly needed help.

A year later, Edgar moved to the attractive provincial town of Bowling Green, halfway between Louisville and Nashville, to continue his photography career. Here he was destined to begin a long and happy family life with the young lover Gertrude Evans and to give birth to his first child Hugh Lynn Casey.

The first «miracle healing»

The first so-called “miracle healing” took place at Edgar’s early life in Bowling Green.

Lane still held him as an assistant and once asked him to help treat a particularly serious illness. Aime, the six-year-old daughter of Dr. Dietrich, a Hopkinsville high school director, suffered from violent seizures at the age of two, leading to memory loss.

It was impossible to establish the cause of the disease, and the doctors did not give any hope for recovery.

In the process of diagnosing, Edgar pointed to brain flushing caused by an initial injury at the base of the spinal column after a fall from a carriage, which seemed to have no effect. He described a course of spinal treatment by displacing individual vertebrae to relieve pressure on nerve tissue.

  1. By the end of the first week of treatment, the patient’s mind began to clear up, and after three months she became completely healthy.
  2. In the same year of 1903, a certain Mr. Andrews from New York addressed Edgar with the first request for psychodiagnosis in the absence of a patient. As always, not wanting to deny a man in irreparable misfortune, Edgar agreed to give useful information at a distance. The prescribed medicine, called Clara’s tincture, is an extremely rare and forgotten composition (the recipe of which, nevertheless obtained from France, completely coincided with the fact that he was appointed by Edgar), as a result, the patient felt a great relief.

This successful experiment, in which Edgar, who was unconscious, was only informed of the name and address of the patient, led to thousands of people over time.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

Dilemma: to treat or not to treat?

In subsequent years, the number of requests for diagnosis increased more and more, and Edgar tried to combine this work with a busy schedule of his affairs: successful photography and activities in the Christian church. Over time, local doctors and psychologists began to show increasing interest in the study of his supernatural abilities, and some of them were allowed to attend sessions, and the District Medical Society even conducted a series of experiments.

At times, Edgar’s studio was simply packed with people.

  1. The opinions of the crowd, of course, divided: very favorable, on the one hand, and sharply critical — on the other.
  2. Violent disputes ensued, in which members of the religious community were also involved.
  3. Disputes between doctors, whether this condition can be considered hypnosis, trance or a simple sleep, ended up that once during the session they started sticking needles and pins into his body and even cut off a fingernail on an index finger with a knife.
  4. There was no reaction from Edgar. After awakening, he felt a sharp pain, and the doctors began to apologize: “A small scientific experiment,” they muttered. Edgar lost his patience this time.

“Enough with me,” he said, “I thought you wanted to know the truth.” And you do not care.

Nothing will convince you. No matter how many miracles happen around you, you will not believe in any of them — because it can shake your arrogance. You are convinced that everyone, except you, are charlatans.

You will never believe that there are honest people in the world. «

Decision to leave treatment

In the midst of such a violent reaction to his psychodiagnosis, Edgar felt discouraged and began to painfully think about whether he should continue to continue.

  • What is this ability, and where did it come from?
  • Was it, in fact, an emanation from some truly deep source, the fulfillment of the angel’s promise?
  • Or is it a kind of mediumship and spirit possession? During this period of mental self-examination, his health deteriorated, and with it the business associated with photography.

He decides to leave the diagnosis until he dispels his own doubts and confusion about the true nature of his ability.

Edgar stops his photo business and returns with his family to live with his parents — they all understand and support him. He spends six months in the serene atmosphere of his youth.

Here he is seriously studying the Bible and in his sincere prayers he requests divine guidance for his future mission. It was a period when he was tormented by a hard question: how to proceed, but the answer finally came from an unexpected side.

Edgar visited a relative, a sickly middle-aged man, whom he had greatly helped in one of his sessions. The words of the relative acted as a powerful catalyst for his decision: “Old man, God gave you something that He gives to the few. You have to think carefully about how to use this gift from God.

Do not abuse it, but use it with benefit. Do not be ashamed of him, as you did before, but help the poor, suffering people as you helped me. ”

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

Beginning of popular recognition

Now Edgar felt he was healthy enough in body and soul to resume his photo business and again begin to diagnose. Once a small cottage in the country where the Casey family lived was visited by a young energetic doctor who recently began his practice in Hopkinsville.

He came to explore Edgar’s talent. From the first meeting, Dr. Ketchum was fascinated by the tall, slim figure of the psycho healer, his open, unsophisticated face and soft, unpretentious manner of conversation.

  1. Distrusting at first, Dr. Ketchum, hearing from Edgar an accurate diagnosis of himself (appendix problem), was so intrigued that he submitted a report to the American Society of Clinical Research in Boston.
  2. This fact attracted the attention of the press, including the New York Times, where an article was published with the headline: “A person without education becomes a doctor under hypnosis. Edgar Cayce’s strange ability baffles specialists. ”
  3. Edgar, who was then 33 years old, was bombarded with letters from poor people and attacked by newsmen who were noisily demanding an interview. In the end, he agreed to tell his story, and articles about him in newspapers spread throughout the country.
  4. Energetic, all advancing doctor Ketchum offered Edgar scientific and business support, advising to establish a research society. Edgar became interested in the idea, a contract was signed, and an office with an inscription on the door opened in Hopkinsville: «Edgar Cayce — psychodiagnost.» On the other side of the hall was a Casey photo studio.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

Reveal Transcripts

All his predictions Casey did, being in a state of trance. Coming out of him, he remembered nothing. Therefore, all his words carefully listened and recorded a stenographer.

Now you can find a huge number of such records. The very first exit dates back to 1930.

The vast majority of forecasts have already been fulfilled or are still being realized. And those who were familiar with Edgar are surprised that he knew all this.

Casey was able to predict not only the victory of the Soviet Union in World War II, but also its immediate collapse and the fact that the Communists completely lose power. And then even more interesting!

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

What contributed to this gift?

In the information sources, information about the origin of Casey’s gift to foresee the future is different. There is evidence of a hereditary component.

  1. His mother all the time heard voices and acted according to their prompts.
  2. Edgar’s grandfather knew how to move pieces of furniture with the power of thought.
  3. The medium itself, being a schoolboy, could sleep on a textbook, and the next day tell all the material contained in it. At the age of thirteen Edgar, after suffering laryngitis, was left without a voice.

And the alleged meeting with a local hypnotist turned his life. He managed to fall into a trance, describe the reasons for his dumbness and prescribe his treatment.

Casey woke up already talking.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

The exact details of what happened are unknown, but Edgar Cayce’s prediction about Russia is known from year to year. And it causes the interest of mankind to his person.

The events

The first good mission of the American psychic was healing the sick. Going to the astral, he described aloud the affliction tormenting a person and made recommendations for its elimination.

Incredibly, sometimes these were full prescription notes. Waking up, Edgar forgot what he was talking about, and he did not believe what was written by the stenographers (assistants) during the session.

Being conscious, he did not even know the names of the drugs that he prescribed to patients.

Later, in addition to seeing the hidden ailments, he discovered the gift of prophesying the future of nations.

Casey’s first predictions about Russia concerned the collapse of the Union. Why do these events relate to Russia only? Such a question may arise from the reader.

Because this state is the successor and successor of the USSR.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

From what happened in history, he foresaw:

  • earthquakes in Chile (1960),
  • Antarctica (1988),
  • Turkey (1990),
  • Japan (2011);
  • death of D. Kennedy;
  • woman premiership in the UK;
  • date and outcome of the Second World War.

There were also Cayce’s predictions about Russia. After the collapse of the totalitarian regime, he promised a crisis in a country that the state would overcome in the future.

And his homeland Edgar predicted the Great American Depression and the fall of the stock exchanges.

The mistakes of the prophet

Of course, Edgar Cayce was wrong. And who is not mistaken?

But still wrong predictions units. Here are some of them:

  • Hitler will seize Europe and make of her one whole democratic state;
  • In the middle of the 20th century, a revolution will take place in China, during which the country will acquire an American-style democracy;
  • In the early 70s of the 20th century, Atlantis would rise from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Was there a connection with space?

In his notes, Edgar talked about a mysterious event that happened to him.

  1. Allegedly, unknown people flew to an object that was unreal for that time and took it into space.
  2. In the unknown space he was inspired about his extraordinary abilities and told that he could teleport to anywhere in the world and broadcast events that were or will occur in a particular place.
  3. From a scientific point of view, such a case seems absurd. Everyone knows that at that time mankind did not know about spacecraft rockets, let alone UFOs.
  4. Casey argued that, once in the space above the planet, he saw the near future of the Earth.

Only Casey’s predictions about Russia in the environmental sense were rosy. Edgar witnessed the worst events.

He saw the effects of the atomic strike on Hiroshima, volcanoes in Hawaii, the flooding of America, earthquakes and a radioactive disaster in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

Prophecies of the world

Before we talk about what Edgar Cayce made predictions about Russia in 2016 and 2017, you need to start from the beginning. He predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union within 50 years after the end of the Great Patriotic War.

He considered it an important point that after that Russia would free itself from the burden of communism, but it was not progress that was waiting for her, but a crisis.

In this he was right. The position of Russia after the collapse of the USSR really turned out to be disastrous. But, according to Edgar, after 2010, the USSR will begin to revive in a completely new form.

Ejdgar Casey left predictions about Russia in 2018.

Russia will be at the head of the Earth

He predicted that Siberia would be the center of the whole Earth. And from the Slavic people in the society will get a lasting and just peace.

First, the Russian people, and then the whole of humanity will begin to live for the sake of their loved one and neighbor. This installation will come from the Russians. However, according to the prophet, it will be in the distant future.

It will take many more years before this principle is born, and then also acquires its true form.

About natural disasters

Seer predicted the Earth many wars, cataclysms, destruction.

This moment in the transcripts paid a lot of attention.

  • According to him, Europe will be impossible to know. In the near future, the Earth’s axis will shift and polar regions will be exposed.
  • Volcanic activity will increase and eruptions will occur due to a shift in the Arctic and Antarctic.
  • All this will lead to the complete sinking of Greenland and the destruction of the east coast of the United States.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

The cool climate of European countries will become tropical due to climate change. Cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles will collapse and end up in ruins.

But Russia, according to the seer, such disasters are virtually unaffected. And she will be the ancestor of the modern civilization.

  1. According to Casey’s predictions, most of Japan will also hide under water, and Northern Europe will completely change its appearance.
  2. The Islamic states in which wars are raging will survive cataclysms, but the order will be completely changed in them.
  3. Many territories of those countries will flood, and in those that remain, people will trade and communicate with each other.

Edgar said that by the end of the 21st century the climate of the whole Earth would change completely — the Far East and Siberia would become the warmest places on the planet, in which various exotic plants could be grown, but Africa, on the contrary, would become the coldest place in the world.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

It should be noted that by the end of this century, according to Casey’s predictions, three superpowers: Russia, the USA, China, which will be headed by a yellow country (China) to unite and colonize the Moon, and then Mars.

Flood map

“Europe will change beyond recognition. Both polar regions will be exposed, and the earth’s axis will shift.

Shifts in the Arctic and Antarctic will lead to volcanic eruptions in the tropical zones of the planet. Greenland will disappear under water, the east coast of the United States will be destroyed.

The cold climate of Europe and England will be replaced by tropical. San Francisco and Los Angeles are in ruins.

There will be almost no hurt continental plate, on which Russia is located. The people living on it will survive the cataclysm, and they will be happy to stand at the origins of a new civilization. ”

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

You can see that the map marked flooded, not only and not so low-lying areas. In America, this is mainly a locality above 200-500m above sea level, i.e. the mountains.

The entry of humanity into a new era Edgar Cayce connected with the fate of Russia:

  • “The hope of the world, its rebirth will come from Russia, and will have no connection with what is today called communism. It is in Russia that a genuine and great source of freedom will arise … It will be a completely different way of existence, based on the principle that will become the basis of the new philosophy. «
  • The center of a resurgent civilization, he saw Western Siberia, which will become a kind of Noah’s Ark for people who fearlessly discovered themselves in evolution. “Yes, in Western Siberia, there is already an accumulation of clean energy,” predicted Casey. — It will protect this land from the destructive action of natural and energy disasters. Western Siberia will remain almost unscathed. ”

Casey about USA

The famous “sleeping prophet” really predicted to America (and not only to it) the strongest cataclysms. But he did not mention that they will occur under 44 presidents, although he is often credited with such words. Here are the real predictions of Edgar Cayce — excerpts from the book Edgar Cayce — The Sleeping Prophet (N.Y., 1967):

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

Approximate translation: «Many areas of the East Coast will be destroyed, as well as the West Coast, and the central part of the United States.»

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

Approximate translation: “In the coming years, new lands will appear in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. And the current coastline will run along the bottom of the ocean.

Coastal areas east of New York and New York itself will largely disappear. This will happen with a different generation, while the southern areas of Caroline, Georgia will disappear much earlier. ”

Spirit of America

What did Casey say on this day, June 22, 1944?

“What is the spirit of America? Most people will proudly say in «freedom.» Freedom from what?

When you limit people’s hearts and minds in various ways and ways, does this give them free speech? Freedom of religion? freedom from want? «

These words are more relevant than ever now when the US policy towards the weak and developing countries — the bombing of the civilian population, the financing of color revolutions, etc. cause outrage in many people, including in the same America.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

Recall, for example, the American director James Cameron film Avatar — the predatory intentions of the United States are allegorically criticized in it. The huge success of this film throughout the world and in America itself suggests that most people around the world understand that the United States «limits human hearts and minds»

Recall that in the plot of the film, armed people from the States are carrying out an operation to rob free, but weak, natives of the fantastic planet Pandora, in the depths of which there are rich deposits of rare-earth mineral. However, Pandora was able to defend against the aggressors.

Who can make it weak and depressed in fact, and not in a science fiction film?

Edgar Cayce provides an answer to this difficult question. The same reading 3976-29 of June 22, 1944:

“Hope for peace will come from Russia; but not from communism or Bolshevism, no, but from free Russia. Each person will then live for his fellow man. ”

  1. I must say that this phrase has a deep meaning for us.
  2. In the mentality of Russians (to which, of course, not only Russians belong) this idea has always been present — to live not for the sake of money, but something more — friendship, common happiness, “for the sake of a fellow”.
  3. It is enough to remember our fairy tales, proverbs, sayings — “Happiness is not in money”, “disappear yourself, but help out a comrade”, “Do not have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends”.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

If in the West and, especially in the USA, the cult of money and individualism always reigned, in Russia the people have always been “the world” — that is, community acted together. And he was striving for something more sublime — it was not for nothing that our Russian literature, with its intangible values, ideas and thoughts — Chekhov, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky — is still considered to be an unsurpassed bar for the whole world.

Edgar Cayce about Russia — why his prophecies became known recently

The accuracy of the forecasts of this psychic is known to every citizen of our country. People believe his predictions, as well as interpretations of philosophical and religious concepts.

Many Casey fans read clairvoyant books that were written by people close to him.

Despite the significant role of Edgar Cayce, he was banned in the Soviet Union. They were silent about the predictions of the famous clairvoyant, they did not want to believe.

The fact is that he predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union before the start of the Second World War.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

With such a prediction could not accept the current government. He was considered unacceptable within the framework of the Soviet Union and banned from distribution.

  1. In addition to the end of the USSR, Casey predicted the liquidation of the CPSU — the leading party of the Soviet Union.
  2. He also spoke about the changes that will occur in Russia after all that remains of the Soviet Union ceases to exist.
  3. Edgar Cayce knew what would happen in our country, however, because of the attitude of the Soviet authorities to the prophecies of the psychic, we can know their essence only now.

Interestingly, Providence Wang was not prosecuted by the authorities.

  • She also spoke about the collapse of the Union, but in another way — she mentioned that the country will change its name, it will not be the same.
  • But the prophecies of Vanga were always mysterious, people understood their meaning after they came true.
  • So, many prophecies of Vanga about Russia are not solved to this day, and Casey’s words are clear to everyone — he preferred to speak in a literal sense, in an understandable language.

True, there is one mystery in them — Casey believed that the capital of the Russian Federation after the expansion of the territory would be the Siberian city.

The new leader of Russia will come

After the death of Edgar Cayce, more than a thousand transcripts remain.

  1. According to Casey, no one will know the new Leader of Russia for a very long time. His ascension to power will be extremely unexpected for many people. This will happen with the help of completely new technologies, against which the impossibility will be opposed.
  2. Over time, the new Russian Leader will become the absolute monarch and will rule all the Slavic people and no one even dares to resist it. Even later, his influence will be comprehensive across the earth. He will become the leader of the Law, the light and the prosperity of the whole Earth.
  3. With the help of his intellect, he will be able to learn the technologies that the human race has dreamed of all his life. His skills and experience will allow to create devices that allow this leader and comrades to gain incredible power comparable to the divine. He will be able to increase the length of his life and the life of his descendants to 600 years.

The new Leader, his descendants and allies will have everything necessary for development and prosperity. At the same time, all other states will starve.

The new Leader will once again revive the Religion of the One God, which will be based on equality, goodness and justice.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

After a short resistance, the religion of monotheism will occupy the whole world, completely replacing

The South of Siberia will become the home of the Leader and his new nation. By that time, the climate in this area will be very mild.

Casey’s predictions about Russia — a special mission of the Russians

Casey’s predictions about Russia state that Russia has a special mission. He did not talk about this many times.

However, the point is not at all that the Russian Federation should conquer the world or win another world war. As Vanga said about Russia, this mission will be peaceful.

She mentioned that Russia will seize the whole world without any violence; authority will become a weapon.

Edgar Cayce’s predictions about Russia are very similar to what Vanga once said.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

The mission of the Slavs of the future will be to change the essence of the relationship between people. Residents of Russia will have to save people from other countries from selfishness and other negative qualities, as well as material passions and coarse desires.

The Russian people have a great responsibility to cleanse the souls of people living on our planet.

  1. Russian people will be able to create a new world without destroying the old one.
  2. Relationships between people will be based on trust, honesty, love and mercy.
  3. The wisdom of the Slavic peoples will be honored among the inhabitants of other countries.
  4. Russia will become a source of hope for the whole world.
  5. This hope will not come from a communist country, but from residents of a free Russia.
  6. Not the authorities of the country will save the world, but the Russian people.

Cayce’s prophecies also speak about Russia about the importance of the country’s religious development. Without it, the Slavic people will not be able to get the wisdom and other qualities that the saviors of all mankind will need.

It will take more than a dozen or even a hundred years before people are fully prepared for such events. But now every resident of the country should pay attention to spirituality, because someday he will have to save the world.

The wisdom of the Russian people will be based on the combination of the ideas of communism and the Orthodox faith.

Only the Russian Federation will survive after a disaster

The sleeping soothsayer asserted that in the second half of the 21st century, humankind would face a terrible disaster.

  • He learned about this after he managed to travel in time.
  • Cayce claimed that in 1902 he came on board a disco-shaped spacecraft.
  • There he was met by six twins, who showed him the secrets of the future.
  • The spacecraft was able to travel in time, and Edgar Cayce was able to see the Earth of the future through the portholes.

Edgar Cayce saw the planet from above. She looked completely different.

The psychic saw the ruins of cities and even entire countries.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

He claimed to be badly hurt

The fact that managed to see with the help of aliens, turned Edgar Cayce’s worldview. Since that time, he began to conduct readings on the topic of out-of-body experience, astral travel and time travel.

Predictor Casey about Russia said that it will be the only state that does not touch the catastrophe. When all the countries lay in ruins, Russia glittered with night lights, like a cut diamond.

The psychic is sure that the cause of the disaster was a serious military conflict of world importance. Perhaps it was the Third World War.

The consequences affected the tectonic plates, as a result of which almost the whole world was destroyed.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

Predictions about the near future

The transcripts of Edgar Cayce’s predictions about Russia in the near future are not very many, but the following interesting facts all appear. He predicted the following:

  • The development of relations Russia — China. So far, only the first steps are being taken in this direction, but the result is already visible;
  • Separation of Russia from Western countries. In part, this prophecy comes true. Europe introduces many sanctions against Russia. It has to separate from Europe economically and come closer to Asia.

Edgar Cayce made predictions about Russia including:

  1. The continuation of Russian cooperation — China and the economic successes of the two powers;
  2. The emergence in the southern part of Siberia of new cultural centers that deny selfishness and materialism. This culture is based on the kindness and equality of all people.

In general, Edgar Cayce predicted a great fate for Russia. He believed that the future of the whole World would depend on her.

Consensus between the USA and Russia

In his prophecies, Casey mentioned the relationship of the two superpowers. Then the seer would know what kind of rivalry for the dominant position began between the above-mentioned states after the Second World War!

And after the annexation of the Crimea and the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, the situation escalated to the limit.

However, E. Casey’s predictions about Russia are connected with friendship with the American people. Perhaps the reason for such a reconciliation will be natural disasters, which the clairvoyant has predicted to his country.

There is a chance that the United States will resort to the help of his opponent.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

Russians will become Martians

  • Casey foreshadowed China’s dominant position and friendship with Russia.
  • He prophesied to these countries the joint colonization of the Moon, Mars, and that civilizations of individual galaxies would contribute to this process.

The publications on this subject traced the skepticism of the authors. Who knows, maybe in a thousand years it will still be possible to expand the territory suitable for human life.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

Edgar Cayce on Ukraine

The clairvoyant also argued that for many countries, such as Ukraine, the time of trial will come.

Edgar Cayce predicted a revival of the USSR, which is confirmed by the friendly relations with part of his former republics and above all with Belarus. Surprisingly, the prophet made predictions that Eastern Ukraine will want to improve relations, which is confirmed by events taking place today that have an impact not only on Ukraine or Russia, but on the whole world.

Casey saw that friendly relations would also be renewed with countries such as:

  1. Kazakhstan,
  2. Kyrgyzstan,
  3. Armenia,
  4. Georgia, which is also likely to try to establish contacts with Russia.

All this will naturally affect Ukraine and its position in the world.

Predictions that Casey did, it seems, in the modern world are starting to come true. Regarding China, a visionary made statements about the country’s power, its leadership in many industries and directions.

Edgar Cayce predictions about Russia for 2018

No matter how tense the situation in Ukraine is today, but if you believe what Edgar Cayce saw in the future, the Third World War and, consequently, global changes on the political map of the world will not happen.

Believe it or not, Casey

Recently, people have ceased to trust the predictions that have been made by clairvoyants. But the words of Edgar Cayce never raised doubts, because his every prophecy came true.

  • For example, scientists already notice that the magnetic pole of the Earth is rapidly moving. If this continues in the future, then Europeans will be able to watch the delights of the northern lights from their windows. As you can see, climate predictions have all the chances to come true.
  • If you talk about political events, the famous medium claimed that China would soon be waiting for greatness. And indeed, these days, China has made a sharp leap forward. The GDP of this country can only be ceded to the American, and that is only the beginning.

So, we can say with confidence that it is advisable to listen to Edgar Cayce’s words and be ready to meet a new era fully armed

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