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Does he love me: true divination for the feelings and thoughts of a man

Does he love me: fortune telling on the feelings and thoughts of men

With the help of cards you can easily find out the feelings and thoughts of a person of interest about the fortuneteller. For this purpose, various techniques are used: playing cards, tarot, dice. All of them are effective in compliance with the rules of work.

Guessing should be focused on the process, not be distracted by extraneous thoughts and avoid vivid expressions of emotions. It is necessary to maintain inner calm.

Otherwise, the thoughts of the practitioner can influence the outcome of the fortune-telling, which will not allow to get a reliable answer.

To divination was true, you need to seriously approach the process of preparation. Be sure to keep calm. This is difficult, especially given the specificity of the issue.

Guessing the feelings of a loved one, keeping cool, it is impossible without preparation. If you try and take into account all the requirements, you can find out what the person of interest to the fortuneteller is actually experiencing: he wants to be together or deceives what his immediate plans and intentions are.

You need to create the necessary attitude. Regardless of what your loved one really feels, you need to translate into the Universe a readiness to accept the truth. Without this, the subconscious «takes power» and affects the answers, not allowing to carry out magical work.

Therefore, layouts for a guy, a former husband, a lover are not recommended to carry out independently, but you should seek help from another practice. His unbiased attitude will provide accurate answers.

It is important to want to see the truth, and not to confirm your desires.

Does he love me: true divination for the feelings and thoughts of a man

Guessing the feelings of a loved one — one of the most popular. For this are used playing cards.

The deck must be new or previously used for fortune-telling purposes only. If new cards were purchased for magical work, then they need to be energized by the practice.

To do this, they are taken daily in their hands, shuffled and put under the pillow for 7 days.

  1. 1. For the work you need 36 cards. Jokers, 2, 3 and other small values ​​up to 6 must be removed. The work surface is covered with red cloth. To create and maintain the desired mood is recommended to light a few candles. In order to get rid of extraneous thoughts, the fortuneteller looks at the flame of a candle, imagining how all extraneous emotions burn. Then you can begin to practice.
  2. 2. A deck of 36 cards shuffled, thinking about the person of interest.
  3. 3. Then the cards are laid out on several piles. Their number is equal to the number of letters in the name of the person about whom the guessing person thinks. After that, each of the stacks is turned over and the suit is opened. If the person conceived has blond hair and eyes, then only red suits should be left, and black ones should be discarded. If dark — black suits are left. Cards of the wrong color are set aside until the desired suit appears.
  4. 4. All the stacks are folded into one, but not mixed, then the procedure is repeated. But the number of cards must be equal to the number of letters of the short name.
  5. 5. After re-manipulating the discarding of cards of an unsuitable suit, all the cards are folded into one pile and laid out in pairs.

Paired cards help answer the question. All other combinations need to be put aside.

Values ​​of paired cards:

  • Six — legal marriage. If one more pair of 6 appears in the layout — matrimonial loyalty.
  • Sevens — a date. The presence of peak 7 in a pair indicates a desire to drink at the meeting.
  • Eights — conversation. Two pairs of eights — a scandal. The combination with the peak suit indicates that the upcoming conversation will be very important.
  • Nines — love. Combination with 9 peak — unhappy love. Two pairs of nines — the main love in the life of a man who is wondering, all-consuming feeling.
  • Dozens — interest. If 4 dozens appeared in the scenario, then calculation prevails in this relationship.
  • Jacks — troubles. Combination with loud — empty chores.
  • Ladies — hope. The Queen of Spades reports jealousy in the heart of a person of interest. This feeling in him caused gossip.
  • Kings — friendship. Combination with pike is a formal relationship. Four kings for men — a society of like-minded people. For a woman, success with the opposite sex.
  • Aces — intimate relationships. The combination with the peak suit — a painful passion or problems in sex. Two pairs of aces — uncontrollable passion, which can lead to trouble.

This prediction allows you to know the thoughts of a person at a given time. Therefore, it can be repeated several times.

This is one of the few layouts, the accuracy of the answers which does not depend on the number of repetitions. But still it is recommended to do no more than 3 layouts at a time.

Does he love me: true divination for the feelings and thoughts of a man

Vorozhba on the deck of playing cards can help to make the right choice, if there are several applicants for the ladies heart. Depending on the question, you can find out which of the men has stronger feelings.

  1. 1. You need to shuffle the deck and ask the question of interest. Its wording should be as simple as possible.
  2. 2. The cards are laid out on the table, then two kings are chosen from them. For each of them makes a man. The remaining kings, queens, jacks and aces should be postponed. They are not needed for the layout.
  3. 3. Now the cards need to be expanded in two piles: left and right. The left handful is inappropriate options, the second is a worthwhile option. Cards spread immediately «face» up.

Alignment can not be carried out more than once on the same men. Repetition can be made no earlier than three weeks.

  • In the right pile there will be a king, symbolizing a suitable man.
  • The two kings in the right pile indicate that both men deserve attention. Therefore it is necessary not to hurry with the choice and think carefully about everything.
  • If both kings are in the left pile — none of the men thought is suitable guessing.

Does he love me: true divination for the feelings and thoughts of a man

Tarot fortunetelling cards allow you to learn much more information than playing cards. They are distinguished by complex symbolism. A practitioner, starting independent work, must always take into account his own associations, and not just interpretations from books.

Therefore, this alignment is more reliable than the use of playing cards.

Using the method of love prediction on the Tarot, you can ask questions:

  • Does he love me (man’s name)?
  • What is the future of our relationship with (name of person)?
  • Will I marry (name of man)?
  • What does my best friend feel to me?

Variations continue indefinitely. It is necessary to understand that the answers given by the Tarot deck are more detailed, therefore the questions should be specific.

For example, the wording: “My husband loves me so much? «Is not suitable for alignment. It is more logical to use: “Does my husband love me? «.

  1. 1. The deck is carefully shuffled.
  2. 2. In the process you need to concentrate on the question and not be distracted by anything.
  3. 3. Then the cards are laid out in 3 rows of 3 cards. The spreading of characters and their decoding should be made from bottom to top and from left to right.
  • Events from the past that influenced the current situation.
  • The peculiarity of the relationship at the moment.
  • Expected events in the near future.
  • Council
  • Hidden events and phenomena that affect relationships.
  • What prevents the development of feelings.
  • Likely development of relations in the near future.
  • Hidden relationship potential.
  • The most expected completion of the situation.

Knowing the answer to your question can not be inactive. If the answer is pleased — you must continue to act as planned.

The future is plastic matter, it changes depending on the thoughts and intentions of the person. Therefore, the values ​​of the layouts may vary.

If you didn’t like the result of fortune telling, you need to listen to the advice of cards and try to change the situation.

In some cases, the result of fortune telling reveals unpleasant details of relationships between people. In this case, it is not recommended to break ties, it is worth holding a serious conversation. For example, if it turned out that a loved one is not honest with a guessing person, but in every way deceives him, one should start a conversation from an aggressive position, say that everything is already known and would like to hear explanations.

But in no case can you specify the source of the knowledge gained. Divination must always be kept secret.

The Tarot Manara deck is considered the most suitable for love layouts. It has a bright symbolism, causing clear associations. Its creator is the author of erotic comics, so some practitioners may be embarrassed while working.

Before embarking on divination, you need to understand that magic is working with energy. And sexual energy is the strongest of the existing ones; one cannot deny it.

Popular love cards on Taro Manara:

TitlepurposeSequence of executionDecryption
«Mystery of love»Allows you to clarify the relationship between people. Helps to know a partner’s sensual, emotional and sexual attitudeCards are laid out in three rows, from left to right, top to bottom. The first row contains 4 cards, the second — 3, the third — 1
  1. 1. The current relationship partner. His intentions.
  2. 2. The ratio of guessing to partner.
  3. 3. The most likely development in the near future.
  4. 4. The distant future (more than 2 months).
  5. 5. Perspectives of the pair throughout the year.
  6. 6. Readiness for the marriage union of both partners.
  7. 7. Compatibility
«Three cards»Gives answers to clear, short questions.3 cards are randomly pulled out of the deck and laid out in one row, from left to right. If necessary, 4 maps are drawn to clarify the alignment.
  1. 1. Thoughts of a person of interest in relation to the questioner.
  2. 2. Feelings and emotions of a partner.
  3. 3. Hidden thoughts of a fortuneteller
«Celtic cross»Suitable for clarifying small life situations. Allows you to briefly describe a difficult situation, but for this you need to clearly formulate the question10 cards are randomly drawn from the deck and laid out face down on the tableThe practitioner independently correlates the decryption with his situation. The interpretation begins with the first, arbitrarily drawn out card.
«Choosing the path»Gives advice on how to handle the situation.7 cards are pulled out of the deck and decrypted starting from the first cardThe alignment covers in detail the events that will occur in the future, if you do not change the existing lifestyle

Guessing on gypsy cards is no different from any other work with the Tarot deck. Unlike Taro Manara, its symbolism is not defined by a specific type of energy, therefore it does not cause difficulties in decoding and allows you to find answers to any questions, not only love ones.

Before stopping on this set of cards, you should carefully consider the symbols. If the deck is suitable practice — the image will cause vivid associations.

If not, it’s worth exploring other options.

The most popular layout on the gypsy deck is “Feelings of a loved one”. It allows you to find out if a person is interested in a person who is interested in her, if he loves her, what moves him. But the most interesting thing is that the cards warn you whether there is a threat from the outside for this alliance.

For fortune telling it will take three cards, but sometimes it takes some time to determine their meaning. You should record the results and think about them during the week.

The deck is shuffled, and the fortuneteller ponders a question that concerns him. It is important to clearly visualize the person to whom the alignment is held.

After that, the cards are laid out on the table «face» upward from left to right.

  1. 1. What does a loved one feel to fortuneteller. Depending on the question, the answer may indicate whether he loves a fortuneteller.
  2. 2. His expectations from the current alliance. What he expects to receive.
  3. 3. Possible threats from the side.

The peculiarity of the work in the Gypsy Tarot is that it is recommended to make an independent interpretation, using ready-made answers only as additional help at the initial stage. With each lasso you need to «meet», carefully consider and comprehend the image.

A simple alignment “1 card” will be suitable as primary divinations in the new deck. It is often used by novices as a card of the day.

The alignment is very simple, the interpretation of the answers depends on the question. In love affairs, he points to the origins of the problem and describes the situation.

If you want to know the most likely future events, the question should be reformulated.

The deck is carefully shuffled, the guessing concentrates on his question, and when he feels the right time, he puts one card on the table.

To use fortune telling on dice, you need 3 dice. On the surface of the table is drawn with chalk a circle into which the bones will be thrown. The numbers on the cubes rolling out of the circle do not matter.

Falling to the floor indicates future troubles and quarrels. If all the bones have rolled out of the circle, then you must once again make a throw.

The repetition of the situation suggests that now is not the right time for fortune-telling and should be postponed for several days.

It is extremely rare that situations arise when the same numerical value falls out several times. This means that the fortuneteller is waiting for very important news in the near future.

Getting a cube on top of one another is a bad sign; special care should be taken in all areas of life.

Decoding digital values:

3Good sign, wish will come true soon
fourFuture disappointment is expected.
fiveStranger will bring good news
6Financial losses that will bring spiritual enrichment
7Gossip will bring big trouble
eightThe actions that in the near future wants to take divisive, rash, they can lead to trouble
9Success in love, reconciliation between partners
tenGood family atmosphere, marriage prospects
elevenA close person will get sick
12An important letter will come soon, you can not hesitate to answer
13Sadness, protracted depression
14A new acquaintance will be very close to a guessing
15Temptations, immoral suggestions
sixteenA pleasant journey is expected
17Meet a foreigner
18Very good sign, mutual love, harmony, loyalty, success in life is expected

Adherents on bones are looking for answers in "The book of destinies". It is used not only to solve love questions, the answers concern all spheres of life:

  • Do I need to go on the road.
  • What awaits after the move.
  • Whether to wait for the return absent.
  • Does the lover love her husband?
  • What to expect from the resulting union.
  • Is a friend true?
  • Will get what you want in love.
  • Will the wish come true?
  • Are the rumors true?
  • Will the girl get married again.
  • Prospects for marriage.
  • What will be the future husband.
  • Who will be born.
  • Character lover.
  • Life purpose.
  • Will I be able to make peace with my beloved.
  • Will the patient recover?
  • Duration of happiness.
  • Will there be a promotion at work.
  • Is it suitable for me to deal with?

For each of the questions there is a series of poems. The numerical value of the cubes indicates the number of the verse that answers the question asked.

Poems and decoding of a love prediction according to the «Book of Fate»:

Does the lover love her husband?
Does he love me: true divination for the feelings and thoughts of a man
Does husband love mistress?
Does he love me: true divination for the feelings and thoughts of a man
Will love be constant?
Does he love me: true divination for the feelings and thoughts of a man
Will I get what you want in love?
Does he love me: true divination for the feelings and thoughts of a man
What is his temper?
Does he love me: true divination for the feelings and thoughts of a man

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

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It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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