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Does he love me — guessing at a loved one

Universal fortune telling to find out if he loves me

The question of whether he loves me is relevant to many girls. And you can get an answer to it using divination. Rites provide reliable information and answer fully to the question if he loves me.

Divination is simple and can be carried out independently at home.

Does he love me - guessing at a loved one

There are a huge number of magical ways to find out what your chosen one feels about you and whether he has serious intentions towards you. But in order to get true information on the question of whether he loves me, divination must be carried out in complete solitude.

In addition, no one should be informed that you are planning to hold a ceremony.

For divination, use a deck of 36 cards. Before divination begins, you must shuffle the deck and remove it with your left hand towards yourself.

Everything is laid out in two rows of six cards. If the value of the cards laid out diagonally coincides, then the pair is removed. Then the cards are again collected in the deck, which should be carefully shuffled and removed with his left hand towards himself.

After that, two rows of five cards are laid out. Pairs of identical cards located along the diagonal are removed again.

Such actions are repeated, and they should be completed when two rows of two cards are laid out.

The interpretation depends on the number of pairs collected, if only one pair of cards could not be postponed or coincided diagonally, this indicates that the divination does not provide true information, therefore, the rite will need to be held at another time.

If the alignment is allowed to collect:

  • Two couples — the guy has sincere feelings for you;
  • Three couples — the chosen one sympathizes with you;
  • Four couples — beloved constantly misses you and tends to be always close;
  • Five pairs — you constantly arise in the thoughts of the chosen one;
  • Six pairs — your boyfriend has another girlfriend.

Does he love me - guessing at a loved one

The essence of this universal fortune telling, is that you can ask any specific questions, the main thing is that they contain a piece of «whether.»

The question you are interested in regarding the feelings of your chosen one should be written on a white sheet of paper. Under each word you need to specify the number of letters in it. Thus obtained figures must be added.

They need to be added together until a number in the range from 1 to 9 is obtained. After that, you can proceed to the interpretation of the result.

The total value may denote:

  • “1” is a positive answer, so you don’t need to do anything in real life, but simply rely on your own feelings for your chosen one;
  • «2» — the answer is negative, so you can try to change something, but only with this you need to fully rely on your intuition;
  • “3” — the answer is positive, but at the same time in life there can be various obstacles and problems;
  • “4” — the answer is no, but there is a big chance to change everything in your favor, if you make an effort to this;
  • “5” is a dubious answer, depending on how the situation develops;
  • “6” — the answer is negative, but it can change if external conditions change and unforeseen circumstances arise;
  • «7» — the answer is entirely dependent on the correctness of divination and can be both positive and negative;
  • “8” — despite the negative answer, you can change everything in real life if you wish;
  • «9» — unreliable fortune telling, because an unlucky day was chosen for the ceremony.

Does he love me - guessing at a loved one

For the next rite, which will help to understand whether the guy likes you, you need a fresh egg, a red candle and a glass of water. Guessing is necessary in a secluded place at night.

In a separate room should light a red candle, put a glass of water next to it. Egg must be put in a spoon and bring it to the flame of a candle.

At the same time mentally you need to say these words:

After that, you need to carefully break the egg and pour the protein into a glass with water. In this case, you need to carefully consider the formed figures.

Try to see the following in them:

  • The ship, which indicates that the guy loves you sincerely and wants to connect his fate with you;
  • A heart symbolizing sincere love;
  • A butterfly emphasizing that the guy is not serious;
  • A bird emphasizing the indifference of your chosen one to you;
  • A person confirming the fact that your loved one does not have a mistress;
  • The tree, indicating that your elect sympathizes with you;
  • Spider, determining the mercenary goals of the chosen one in relation to you;
  • Bonfire, indicating jealousy from the chosen one.

If the answer to the question of whether the guy loves you turned out to be negative after divination and greatly disappointed you, then you should not despair. It should be understood that any prediction can be a warning that in order to stay close to your loved one you need to do something.

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