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Divination: will we be together?

Almost all women, starting to meet with a man, ask this question. You can get an answer to it if you carry out the fortune-telling «Will we be together.»

It is very important, starting to guess, to believe that you will get reliable results. In addition, perform the ceremony must be in a positive attitude.

Divination: will we be together?

There is a huge variety of popular rituals that can answer the question of whether you will be with your chosen one. They can use a variety of attributes, so choose a rite in accordance with their own preferences is absolutely easy.

Divination «Will we be together» using tarot cards is very popular. As a rule, at home for such a rite are used only senior arcane.

A deck of tarot cards, which is supposed to be used for divination, you must first hold in your hands for some time. At such a moment, you need to focus on your chosen one, and understand how you want to be with him.

After that, the cards should be shuffled and, in a random order, removed seven cards from the deck.

Alignment is as follows:

  • Two rows of three cards;
  • One row with one card.

Each card is deciphered in the scenario as follows:

  • The first gives a description of the relationship with your loved one at the moment;
  • The second characterizes the basis of the relationship;
  • The third allows you to find out the secret information about the elect;
  • The fourth focuses attention on what brings you closer to your chosen one;
  • The fifth warns that it alienates you and your chosen one from each other;
  • The sixth reveals a curtain of secrecy in the future; it is this card that gives the main answer to the question of whether you and your loved one will be together;
  • Seventh advises what to do to strengthen the relationship.

Divination: will we be together?

The values ​​of the higher arcana Tarot cards, which are used for divination, are decoded as follows:

  • Jester — rash and spontaneous actions that are performed by a person, not sharing the evil and good;
  • Magician — perfection and determination;
  • High Priestess — intuitive actions, the presence of hidden secrets;
  • Empress — material wealth and abundance;
  • Emperor — perception of the surrounding reality by reason, realized desires;
  • High Priest — wisdom, high morals and focus on the goal;
  • Lovers — morality and contradictions between conscience and passion;
  • Chariot — constant movement, turbulent activity and irrepressible energy;
  • Justice — experience and maturity, on the basis of this thirst for truth and balance of life, possible problems with the law;
  • Hermit — wisdom and the constant search for spiritual values, against the background of this loneliness;
  • Wheel of Fortune — the tendency to change and the philosophical attitude to life;
  • Strength — confidence and self-confidence;
  • The Hanged Man — the search for the meaning of life, sacrifice and acceptance of fate;
  • Death is the end of a certain life stage and the beginning of a new one, which leads to changes in life;
  • Abstinence — expediency and tranquility, the desire to renew the soul and body;
  • The devil is evil and good power at the same time, the desire for prosperity, success and glory;
  • The tower is anarchy and chaos, leading to the collapse of the existing order and losses, and possibly a blow;
  • The star — good prospects and hopes, trust and the opportunity to receive the necessary assistance;
  • The moon — illusions and creative stagnation, strong natural intuition;
  • The sun — safety, warmth and happiness;
  • Judgment — the changes leading to rebirth;
  • The world is a complete success, achieving the goal.

Divination: will we be together?

If a girl wants to marry her chosen one, then you can find out about the possibility of this with the help of the next fortune telling using cards.

You need to take a new deck of cards, shuffle it and ask a question about a possible marriage. Then you should put in a row of 15 cards. If aces appear in the row, they must be deferred.

The cards are shuffled and laid out again. Such actions are repeated three times.

If as a result of such layouts, it was possible to collect all four aces, then this means that the answer is positive, and you and your chosen one will be together.

Another divination is carried out on one card, which is pulled out of the new deck of cards, after it is shuffled, at random.

The meaning of the card according to its suit is interpreted as follows:

  • Peaks — you do not have a common future with your chosen one, you are different people and the sooner you understand this, the easier the separation will be;
  • Trees — maybe you will be able to be together in the future, but you will have to make great efforts to do this;
  • Tambourines — together you can be, if you gradually get used to each other, behave prudently and take care of each other;
  • Worms — you will definitely be together, since fate itself has brought you together, and you are ideally suited to each other.

Any fortune-telling, for the future life together, is always quite simple in execution, but it is important that it helps, above all, to understand yourself.

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