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Divination: what he thinks of me

Divination: what he thinks of me

It is always interesting to know what place you occupy in a person’s life, especially if you are overwhelmed by strong feelings towards him. There is an effective way to determine what your lover thinks of you with the help of a die.

Preparing for fortune telling

Before turning to the bone, you need to speak it. They do it in the morning, and they immediately start divination in the evening. All this must be done on the same day. The bone is placed in any clay container and closed with the right hand, at this moment reading the words of the conspiracy:

«I do not ask the game good luck and winnings,
And I ask the truth true, about him yes about yourself.
Thought his cutting, show.
I will see, I will understand. ”

The conspiracy bone for divination until the evening remains in a clay jug, which is removed in a dark and cool place.

The ritual of divination

In the evening of the same day, the jug must be taken out and put on a large flat surface — any, even the floor will do. The right hand should be hidden behind the back, and with the left hand a sharp movement to throw a cube. The figure dropped on the die will show the thoughts of the person you like.

One. You seem indifferent to him. A man would be happy to take the initiative, but he is hampered by the fear of failure. Take the first steps towards destiny, and his opinion will change a lot.

Try to appear more open and do not be afraid — you will not look intrusive.

Two. The man has a strong desire to be there and hear your voice. He quite often remembers the minutes spent near you.

You were able to charm him greatly and conquer with its beauty.

Three. His opinion is very ambiguous. After each meeting it changes a lot. Often pleasant thoughts on your account are replaced by negative ones.

All this — only from the male insecurity. Show yourself a strong and self-sufficient person, and he, sensing this, will also be determined in his feelings.

Four. A man of the highest opinion of your inner world. He is inspired by your statements and actions.

But sometimes he just can’t remember what you look like! Be bright and do not be afraid to surprise with their unusual appearance.

Five. This number means that a man often thinks about you, and all his thoughts are directed at your beauty. His thoughts are filled with your face, smile and eyes.

This, of course, is your trump card, but you should not forget that it is impossible to conquer a man’s heart by one appearance.

Six. All his thoughts are absorbed by you. He spends a lot of time thinking about you. You won his mind and heart, and the matter remained for small.

One memorable act — and this man will always remain your fan.

Divination on the dice — one of the most ancient and faithful fortunetelling rituals. To make it show the exact result, do not forget to prepare the cube correctly. Follow the instructions clearly and you will be able to find out what he thinks about you. Wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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