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Divination: what does he think about me?

How to find out, using divination, what he thinks about me?

A girl in love always wants to know what a cute girl thinks about her. Therefore, the fortune-telling «What he thinks of me» is very popular. Of course, you can take advantage of special services that offer various methods of divination online.

But still, more reliable information can be obtained, for example, if you spread the cards yourself.

Divination: what does he think about me?

There are many different ways to find out, through divination, what your loved one thinks about you. For this you can use not only maps, but also other items.

The main thing, conducting divination «What he thinks of me,» to believe that you will receive reliable information.

The easiest way to find out what your elect thinks about you is to use fortunetelling cards. But for this, a deck with 36 cards is necessary to speak in special words.

To do this, a new deck of cards is tied with a scarlet ribbon and placed on one of the evenings in the northern part of the house. According to magicians, it is in this part of the house that strong energy is preserved.

There, the deck should lie for a day, and in the evening of the next day, the cards are fanned out.

These words are pronounced above them:

The rite itself is held in a separate room with lit candles. First you need to write the name of the person whose opinion about yourself you want to know on a small piece of paper.

It should immediately burn in the flame of a candle.

After that, the cards are arranged one by one into three decks, which are then assembled together, carefully shuffled and then decomposed into three decks. This action must be repeated three times.

The last time the cards should be left in three decks and take the top card from the middle pile. She will be the answer to the question of what your elect is thinking of you.

Divination: what does he think about me?

The map is deciphered by suits, which denote the following:

    Worms This suit indicates a strong attachment to you your chosen one.

    He truly loves you and constantly thinks about you. This suit personifies passion, which means that the person on whom the fortune-telling is carried out, is conquered by your beauty and charm and all his thoughts are directed to be constantly with you.

Diamonds. This suit indicates the strong and stable feelings of your chosen one to you. He likes you, and he appreciates all your actions and behavior in general.

Moreover, your relationship develops in such a way that his opinion of you remains unchanged for a long time. That is why he considers you a pleasant person, and to win his soul and heart lacks a special drive.

Peaks. Your chosen one listens to someone else’s opinion of you and your ill-wishers use this, slandering you.

Someone often slanders you. When you are near, he likes you, and his thoughts about you become favorable, but it takes a little time and alien rumors and gossip confuse him.

Try to protect your chosen one from gossip, so that his own opinion about you is strengthened, otherwise it is impossible to count on the continuation of the relationship.

  • To scrape About you, your chosen one thinks in a positive direction, but very rarely. Your image is not deposited in his head, to constantly think about you. So you need to first arouse his feelings for himself, to make him remember the events connected with you.
  • This method can be used periodically, but not more than once every two weeks, in order not to knock down the magical properties of fortunetelling cards.

    Divination: what does he think about me?

    You can find out what your loved one thinks about you, not only with the help of playing cards. For example, there is a very simple way for which you need paper and a pen.

    First you need on a piece of paper in a box to draw a heart of medium size. This should not be done with a leading hand.

    After that, you need to cross out all the whole cells and calculate how much is left.

    By their number and get the answer, namely:

    • 0 — you have a mutual love and thoughts of your boyfriend about you are positive;
    • 1 — the elect feels respect and sympathy for you;
    • 2 — the guy loves you very much and in his thoughts he passionately wants you;
    • 3 — he thinks about you with interest, and he really wants to spend more time with you;
    • 4 — the guy is jealous of you in thoughts;
    • 5 — the chosen one dreams of you and constantly dreams with your participation;
    • 6 — you are not interested in him, and rarely occupy his thoughts.

    Of course, with the help of fortune telling you can find out what your elect is thinking of you. But it is better to try to listen to your intuition and analyze the relationship with the guy.

    And if you are confident in the sincerity of the relationship between you, it is hardly worth using fortune telling.

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