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Divination Tarot «Celtic Cross» for simple and complex situations

Divination The tarot of the Celtic Cross is a very interesting and profound divination, allowing to assess the situation from all sides. If you need to find a complete answer to the asked question, then for this scenario, a full deck of Tarot cards is used.

But for deciphering ordinary household divination Tarot Celtic Cross involves the use of only Major Arcana, which greatly simplifies the decoding.

Divination Tarot

This alignment was proposed by the inventor of the Tarot card deck, Arthur Wate. In his opinion, this ancient method, helped the sages to carry out divination in a variety of situations. And today this method is very popular among professional magicians and sorcerers.

Divination Tarot Celtic Cross allows you to qualitatively reveal the nuances of any life situation.

For this deal, ten cards are used, therefore, the interpretation is carried out in ten positions. It should be noted that the decryption process in this case is not at all simple, therefore, beginners should first familiarize themselves with the values ​​of all tarot cards.

This can be done in a special section of our site. In addition, when interpreting, be sure to listen to your own intuition.

The alignment itself Celtic Cross consists of two parts.

On the right side, he lays out a cross of six cards as follows:

  • First laid out the first card;
  • The second card is laid out across the crossbar type;
  • The third card lays out under the second card;
  • The fourth card is laid out on the left side of the first card;
  • The fifth card is laid out over the first card;
  • The sixth card is laid out on the right side of the first card.

To the left of the lined Celtic cross, another part of the hand is laid out, which is a rod consisting of four cards. They are laid out vertically from the bottom up.

The first card is a significator. This card symbolizes the questioner, so it is chosen from the deck, and not drawn out arbitrarily.

As a rule, the lasso at this position is selected from the court cards of the Minor Arcana. For young people and children, the page is chosen, for women — the queen, for men in their prime — a knight, and for elderly men — the king.

You need to choose the card suit:

  • For fortune telling on love situations, choose a suit of cups;
  • To clarify matters in business, preference should be given to the suit of swords;
  • For fortune-telling on everyday situations, the suit of wands is chosen;
  • To clarify issues with finances, Pentakley suit is used.

Divination Tarot

After the configifier is selected, it is laid face down, after which the deck of cards is carefully shuffled and all cards in the order described above are laid out in positions.

The map in the second position is the root and summarizes the whole alignment. Professional magicians believe that it is the answer to the question, and all the other cards in the scenario are comments to it.

The peculiarity of this position is that the card appearing on it should be interpreted in context with the cards laid out in positions 5 and 10.

The cards in the third and fourth positions describe the past of the situation on which the fortune-telling is performed, and:

  • The map in the third position describes where the situation goes by the roots, that is, where the problem arose;
  • The map in the fourth position describes the events of the near future that occurred immediately before the fortune-telling.
  • The map in the fifth position is a prediction and indicates how the matter will end. But it is necessary to interpret this map only in combination with the map at position 10. Also, when deciphering the alignment, it is important that the interpretation is combined with the value of the map at position 2.
  • The map in the sixth position describes the near future. It is necessary to interpret very carefully the values ​​of this arcane, since it can describe the problems with which the situation to which the fortune telling is carried out is related.
  • The card in the seventh position symbolizes the attitude of the questioner to the situation on which fortune telling is performed. It allows a person, above all, to systematize their own thoughts and feelings, which will contribute to a positive result as a whole.
  • The map in the eighth position indicates how other people relate to the current situation and how they can influence it. It is very important that the decoding of this card is combined with the value of the card in the second position.
  • The card in the ninth position describes the questioner’s fears and hopes. Arkan describes what the prospects for the development of the situation the questioner himself sees.
  • The card in the tenth position summarizes the entire fortune-telling. At the same time, it is necessary to remember about the obligatory combination of interpretation of this card with the card in position 2. It should be remembered that any prediction is only a probabilistic assessment of what is happening, therefore a person is always able to change it.

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