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Divination Tarot «1 card» to clarify any situation

Divination Tarot «1 card» can be used to clarify the situation on various vital issues. For more information you need to use the full deck, consisting of Senior and Junior Arcana.

In total, this deck contains 78 cards.

Divination Tarot

All that is needed is to carefully shuffle a deck of cards and draw out one card from it arbitrarily. That is what you need to interpret in order to get an answer to the question asked.

Tarot divination «1 card» is quite complicated and requires not only an understanding of the meanings of the cards, but also a recourse to your own intuition.

Beginners are advised to use a truncated tarot deck, which consists only of Major Arcana. It is very important, before drawing a card, in an arbitrary manner from the deck, to clearly formulate the question to which you want to get the answer.

The basic values ​​of the Major Arcana when divination by one card

In order to conduct divination Tarot «1 card» you need to get acquainted with the values ​​of the cards in a special section on our website. In order to simplify the task of interpretation, the basic values ​​of the Major Arcana are given below.

Acquainted with them and having a natural imagination, you can easily decipher the value of an elongated map in relation to the situation in real life.

Base Values ​​of Major Arcana:

  • Jester symbolizes a person who is not very experienced in everyday matters. Therefore, the question that the card must answer may not be always resolved in favor of the guessing person. The card emphasizes the need to learn and gain experience, which is always needed to solve various problems. It is important to understand that things should be completed.
  • Magician symbolizes the completion of any process. Such a card falls into the hands of gifted and independent individuals who are able to resolve the situation in their favor. Material issues with the appearance of such a card are always solved positively in reality.
  • Priestess means some surprise that will be hard to influence. Maybe you will need to wait and pause. The card warns about the dishonesty of a partner in the love sphere. Kata falls in the hands of ambitious people who can adapt to the outside world.
  • The Empress personifies a person with developed maternal or paternal feelings. Before making a decision, you need to think things over well, so that later there will be no disappointment.
  • The emperor says that a person is dependent on someone in life, so he often has to act in defiance of his own desires. But natural confidence will help resolve the issue positively.
  • Priest indicates that a person is highly dependent on people who are higher up the hierarchy, therefore he has to coordinate his actions with them.
  • Lovers indicate the need for life choices. But due to the inconsistency of nature, it will not be easy for man to do this.
  • Wagon personifies active people and calls for action. The map indicates that in order for the situation to develop in a positive direction it is impossible to wait. Otherwise, luck will turn away from the person.
  • Justice calls for fair action. The card falls in the hands of decent people who in any situation tend to act honestly and not biased.
  • Hermit personifies the search for the right paths and the desire to make an independent decision. We should not forget that the advice of wise and experienced people should always be listened to. The question from the sphere of love is unlikely to be resolved positively.

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