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Divination Solitaire from Josephine Beauharnais: the layouts on love and the future

Divination Solitaire from Josephine Beauharnais: the layouts on love and the future

Josephine Beauharnais is the first wife of Napoleon, the empress of France, who was a well-known trendsetter and, in particular, of the neo-Greek style. However, it is famous not only for its secular and political biography details. It is believed that Josephine Beaugarne’s hand belongs to the well-known 40-card solitaire.

Solitaire 40 cards Josephine Beauharnais

The principle of Josephine Beauharnais solitaire is quite simple. In the divination involved 40 cards. These are not ordinary playing cards, but made specifically for fortune telling, such as Tarot cards. Each of the maps of Beauharnais promises something in the near future.

Cards are cut into two halves, shuffled, and then laid out in 4 rows. In each — 10 newly formed cards, each — of two random halves.

The prediction is done on those halves that coincided, forming a coherent map.

Divination for the future according to Josephine Beauharnais

There are many online fortune telling on the principle of fortune telling by Josephine Beauharnais. However, if you do not trust a resource on the Internet and want to tell fortunes yourself, using your hands and your energy, you can use the same algorithm and perform a divination ritual yourself.

For it you will need 40 identical cards or leaflets. You can use stickers that are sold in any office supply store or donate an inexpensive notebook.

You should have at least forty leaves in total. In the first ten write the future development options related to the love sphere, in the second ten, do the same, but about money. The third is dedicated to the general questions of the future, and the fourth to probable accidents.

Do not write your own predictions about death. This is not worth doing, and the point is not at all in juggling yourself with more pleasant and positive results. Death is an area in which it is better not to look without proper preparation.

Therefore, restrict yourself to other formulations.

You need to cut the cards across the inscription, so that you can see exactly if the halves coincide or not. When everything is ready, tune in to communication with the Universe, shuffle your cards, hold them in your hands to charge them with energy, and spread them out.

It is important to note that if not a single card matches, you can play out Beauharnais solitaire for the future again. But only every time you shuffle the cards and hold 2-3 minutes in your hands, charging you with your energy. Simple mechanical unfolding without proper energy setting will not give an accurate result.

Love Solitaire from Josephine Beauharnais

Divination for love from Josephine Beauharnais is a little easier than fortune-telling for the future. Only 10 cards participate in it. If you are interested in love questions, you can use it.

The method of fortune telling is exactly the same as in the previous scenario: we cut 10 cards with possible variants of the development of events into two parts, mix them up, shuffle them without looking, then tune in and unfold. Matches will tell about the future and will answer your questions.

Such a fortune telling can be turned into a card fortune telling for money, but it is still better to limit yourself to either love or a general layout.

The last and important point: if the cards do not answer your questions, it does not mean that they do not work. Perhaps something went wrong already in the process of creation: for example, you were distracted by someone’s question or call, writing down options for your future, and this map spoils the general layout. In this case, it is worth remaking the cards or resorting to another method of fortune telling. Wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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