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Divination on the situation and its resolution on the Tarot cards

The most reliable fortune telling on the situation and its resolution: the tarot spreads

Before you start divination, you must make sure that the deck is fully ready for the session. It must contain all the cards (sometimes they can stick together or get stuck). It is necessary to prepare a place for divination, calm the mind and thoughts.

For the session will fit any flat surface on which fit all the cards of the proposed alignment. Optionally, during the session, you can use additional attributes — for example, candles or stone talismans.

The question of a deck can be pronounced both mentally and aloud. The most important element of a successful session is a complete focus on the problem of interest. Tarologists do not recommend asking general questions, because in this case a vague answer will be received from the deck.

When asking cards, time limits should be limited. If they are not specified, the deck will show the forecast for the next 6 months. When the question is asked, you need to stop and put the cards on the table.

Then they begin to draw cards in accordance with their positions in the scenario.

Divination on the situation and its resolution on the Tarot cards

In many layouts on the Tarot cards, before the session, a significator is chosen — Arkan, denoting the querent or the situation. Both Senior and Junior Arcana are allowed to use as this card. The latter may mean:

  • The pages are young persons, young girls and boys, children.
  • Knights — active and energetic men from 25 years.
  • Queens are mature women.
  • Kings — men of mature age.

Sometimes the significator is selected on the basis of the features of the appearance — the color of skin and hair. The process of choosing such a card is always individual. Not in all cases the Kings will point to the men, and the Queens to the women.

For example, there are ladies in which male qualities predominate: the desire for leadership, control, competition.

Older Arcana may indicate personality traits:

  • The jester is a naive person "eternal teenager". He who is eager to know himself and the world.
  • Magician — strong, strong-willed personality.
  • The priestess is an experienced woman.
  • The Empress is the questioning mother, spouse or sister.
  • Emperor — commander, official, leader. Strict father.
  • Hierophant — parent, teacher. A person you can trust.
  • The hermit — a lonely person in his declining years.

If the questioner wishes to choose the significator based on the current situation, you can use the following associations:

  • Lovers — the circumstances in which you need to make a choice.
  • Chariot — the movement to the goal or the journey in the truest sense.
  • Justice — the imposition of the long-awaited sentence, the resolution of a difficult situation.
  • Death is a dramatic change in life.
  • Tower — serious shocks.

The signifier does not have to belong to the same deck on which the session is being held. The same Arcana in different decks can have different understandings of the same problems. For example, Arkan Tower in classical decks symbolizes sudden changes.

In the Lenormand deck, this card indicates the result of long work, many years of work.

Divination on the situation and its resolution on the Tarot cards

Mixing a deck is a process that sets up a tarolog to communicate with Higher Powers. During shuffling, a channel with an energy-information field is established, the guessing enters into a light trance state. The number of mixing movements does not matter.

Some tarologists shuffle cards until there is a desire to stop. Others shuffle the deck for a few moments while asking the deck.

In most cases, it is enough to mix the cards several times.

Divination on the situation and its resolution on the Tarot cards

The following divinations will help clarify the current situation and the factors affecting it. With the help of layouts, you can see the most likely scenario, get the advice of the Tarot deck.

To make the answer as accurate as possible, a clear wording of the question is necessary. In rare cases, cards may give an answer a little differently from the perspective in which the querent asked a question.

For example, the wondering interested in the development of the situation in the team, but the deck gives a recommendation to withdraw from public affairs and deal with financial problems. So, this is more correct for the querent at this life stage.

But in most cases, the deck reveals the future in line with the question asked.

This exact divination was developed by a famous mystic and doctor Papus. Alignment will help to gain clarity in any difficult situation. When guessing a problem, choose a certain suit of the Minor Arcane:

  • if the difficulty concerns the financial side of life, take the suit Pentacles;
  • when dealing with problems related to emotions and feelings, the suit of the Cups is chosen;
  • Swords will tell how to overcome difficulties in the field of education and career;
  • The suit of the Rods will shed light on the situations connected with the activity of the questioner and the manifestation of his initiative.

When the significator is chosen, the Major Arcana shuffles. Then — Junior selected suit.

First Senior Arcana are laid out (positions 1 through 4), then Junior (positions 5 through 7).

  • S is the significator;
  • 2, 5 — the reasons for the current situation;
  • 3, 6 — obstacles in the way of the questioner, or, conversely, successful circumstances;
  • 4, 7 — the outcome of the case, the end result.

The following alignment will help answer the question querent "How to behave in order. ". In fortune telling three cards are used.

The question may concern any problem. Arcana laid out in turn from left to right:

  • the first card on the left will tell you about the reasons for the circumstances;
  • the second is about the current state of affairs;
  • the third — will answer the question posed by the querent, outline the most optimal behavior strategy.

The easiest way to get a specific answer from the deck. Often a 1-card fortune-telling is used to study the general atmosphere of current events, for a specific answer to a type question. "Yes" or "not".

After the shuffle goes to any card. The answer received in divination "One card", extremely clear, since there are no other cards that require interpretation.

In this scenario, the use of a full deck with Elders and Junior Arcana is allowed.

The following alignment helps to examine the actual problem in detail. The lasso Arkans themselves bring the conversation to the situation which at the moment for the questioner is "sore spot".

In the event that a querent asks a clear, specific question, the result will be the most exhaustive and detailed. Maps will prompt exactly how the problem can be solved.

Alignment is done in the following sequence:

Cards are interpreted as follows:

  • S is the significator;
  • 2 — the main difficulty encountered by the querent;
  • 3 — opportunities and chances available at the moment;
  • 4 — obstacles that the questioner must overcome;
  • 5 — what should be changed;
  • 6 — what should be left as is;
  • 7 — the optimal approach to cope with problems;
  • 8 — additional conditions that may complicate the problem;
  • 8 — the development of the situation, predicted at the moment;
  • 10 — the final decision.

With the help of fortune telling "Oracle" You can analyze any difficult life situation. It describes the current circumstances, opens the veil of the future.

The caution that will give the cards will help avoid annoying mistakes, restrain unnecessary emotions that interfere with business.

  • S is the significator;
  • 1 — description of the problem;
  • 2 — the causes of its occurrence;
  • 3 — feelings of the querent in this situation;
  • 4 — his strongest fears;
  • 5 — what will happen next;
  • 6 — what should be feared;
  • 7 — deck advice.

This divination is used to clarify issues related to work and career. Maps are displayed in the following positions:

  • S is the significator;
  • 1 — working environment at the time of divination;
  • 2 — existing problems and difficulties;
  • 3 — what needs to be done to overcome them.

The following layouts will help clarify the circumstances affecting the relationship with your loved one. Guessing should be psychologically ready for any answer Tarot deck.

If a querent does not have an internal readiness to accept the answer of the cards and adjust his behavior in accordance with it, it is not recommended to resort to fortune telling on ordinary cards. If the situation in your personal life is very disturbing, you can use the Tarot Archangels Doreen Virce.

There are no negative and frightening cards in this deck.

This fortune telling will help determine which factors divide partners and which ones serve to unite them. It will help analyze the relationship with a man.

Before the session you need to choose two cards-significator.

The alignment is done like this:

The treatment of cards according to the positions:

  • S1 — querient’s significator;
  • S2 — partner significator;
  • 1 — personal characteristics of a guessing;
  • 6 — how the identity of the querent is related to the identity of the partner;
  • 2 — features of the social environment of the questioner;
  • 7 — the questioner’s correlation with the partner’s social environment;
  • 3 — features of the relationship of the querent to the partner;
  • 8 — features of the relationship of the second partner to the questioner;
  • 4 — the financial circumstances of the questioner;
  • 9 — the ratio of the second partner to the financial side of life;
  • 5 — what the querent expects from the relationship;
  • 10 — what his partner expects from the relationship;
  • 11 — what is common among two people;
  • 12 — what separates them;
  • 13 — what could be the joint life in the future.

This divination is suitable not only for the analysis of a love affair. It can be used to clarify the situation in relations with business partners, in a pair of employee-leader, father-son and others.

This simple divination will help in cases where the querent is worried about the future of the present relationship. For example, if the partner treats the questioner not carefully.

The alignment will clarify the overall picture of the love relationship that has developed at the moment.

  • S1 — querient’s significator;
  • 1 — how do I see my position in this regard?
  • 2 — how do I see my lover?
  • 3 — what is common to us in the past?
  • 4 — what keeps us in the present moment?
  • 5 — features of the joint future.

At first glance, this may seem strange, but often the questioner needs to know how to behave in a love relationship: should he stay in them or should the connection be broken. In this case, this alignment will be useful.

Prediction helps to understand how to make parting less painful. In divination is used 9 Arcana.

After selecting the significator, the maps are laid out as follows:

  • S1 — the significator;
  • 1 — is there a chance to improve the love affair;
  • 2 — what is the situation in the relationship now;
  • 3 — what caused the current difficulties;
  • 4 — what is the risk of a break in relations;
  • 5 — what will happen with the psychological state of the questioner after separation;
  • 6 — what new opportunities will be opened after this;
  • 7,8,9 — conclusion, advice deck.

The following divinations allow you to open the veil of the future. The questioner needs to remember that the Tarot cannot be convicted.

They only suggest the most likely scenario.

Divination is preferably carried out on the Lenormand deck. It will be useful to those who require a detailed forecast for a relatively short period of time.

Tarologists recommend using it to clarify the situation in the coming month.

Before the session, you should get a signification card from the deck and place it in the center. Then the cards are shuffled and laid out:

In this fortune-telling, all the cards are divided into small groups containing three Arcana each. Each group has its own meaning. Moreover, in a single group, each of the cards has its own meaning:

  • the first indicates the initial conditions, the past;
  • the second is the forces that are acting now;
  • the third is the final result.
  • Arcana in positions 1, 2, 3 reveal the details of the general state of the querent on the time period under study, his thoughts, emotions, and health.
  • 4, 5, 6 — close questioner people, family members and relatives. The group points to those people who will be next to the questioner. You can count on their help.
  • 7, 8, 9 — show the doubts and fears of the querent. They can be both justified and devoid of any reason.
  • 10, 11, 12 — the questioner’s plans for the future, which are important for him to realize during this period of time. The current environment favors the realization of these intentions.
  • 13, 14, 15 — influences that are not obvious at the present moment, but with which the querent is destined to face in the future. Arcana in this group may indicate possible difficulties, and the assistance of other people.
  • 16, 17, 18 — the near future. Maps tell about the events that should happen in the next 10 days.
  • 19, 20, 21 — more distant events covered by the layout. They will occur in the remaining 2-3 weeks of the month.

In the scenario of resolving a difficult situation, cards are usually interpreted as follows:

ArkanValue in straight positionUpside down
0 JesterThe questioner needs to think about the chosen direction. It is possible to ignore prohibitions or generally accepted standards of behavior. Risky enterprises, with which you can achieve great success or completely go brokeLack of confidence. Irresponsibility. Psychological tension in the presence of other people. Unmanaged behavior, eccentricity. The questioner is in a captivity of illusions. Perhaps parting or collapse of plans due to coincidence. Kverenta badly influenced by friends
I MagThe questioner is waiting for new life lessons, knowledge. Care should be taken to detail the situation. Intellectual and physical growth. The need to reflect on the tools and means that the questioner has. In the current situation, you should consider the possibilities of applying your talents, choose a certain path.Depression, depression, lack of self-esteem. The inability to realize the creative potential. Kverent does not fulfill its obligations. Important information remains unavailable. The cause of the problems may lie in the negative spellcasting effect.
II High PriestessHighly developed intuition, intelligence. The transition to a new stage in the learning process. A meeting with a wise mentor or visionary is possible. Kverent self-confident, it can fill the desire to get out of unsatisfactory relations. For a man, the card predicts a meeting of a decent woman he wants to marryThe questioner does not understand the meaning of the events happening to him. He does not know how to improve relationships with other people. Lack of flexibility, emotional decline, ignoring the inner voice. Fear of responsibility. Quirentu should not neglect to hear the news
III The EmpressThe questioner is waiting for pleasant events, getting pleasure. Issues relating to women’s wives, mothers, sisters or other important women are updated. Perhaps the onset of pregnancy. Good time to take advantage of creativity. The dream is about to become a realityInability to create your life. Difficulties in relationships with the mother or other women. Querent makes himself miserable, he is not capable of sincerity in love. Routine troubles, problems with money. Obstacles posed by a woman
IV The EmperorThe moment has come when the querent can no longer sit back and act actively. Soon there will be a good chance to take a leading position, to lead a project. Kverent will receive a promotion. In some cases, a map means the appearance in the life of an imperious and powerful personThe questioner does not realize his own potential. There is no energy and strength to overcome difficulties. Refusal from career advancement due to laziness. Unfinished business, stupidity, arrogance. Dependence on the powerful
V HierophantThe questioner is in search of a spiritual guide. In the future, you may receive good advice, which should be used to improve the situation. Arkan recommends looking at current difficulties from different angles and choosing a new path to overcome them.Spiritual quest stopped because of disappointment. Kverent indulges his weaknesses. His actions are frivolous. Involvement in the sect, following false doctrines. Unwillingness to hear new facts about the situation. The pursuit of carnal pleasures. The situation will change for the worse
VI LoversThe questioner is in a situation where he will have to make a difficult choice, accompanied by an internal struggle of opposing desires. Favorable time for engagement and weddings. Single people will find a soul mate soonLack of willingness to give love. Disharmony in personal relationships. The wedding will be delayed. Fear of making the wrong choice, making a mistake. A dishonest attitude towards other people. To bring intentions to life until it turns out
VII ChariotIt is time to take control of the situation and make a choice. In a straightforward position, Arkan points to the questioner’s activity, his ability to properly distribute internal energy.The questioner is aware of the fragility of his position, which is why he is under stress. The map indicates ill-considered actions. Possible health problems. Waiver of action. Bad luck. Plans are crumbling. Qurenth cannot correctly assess the current situation. High risk of conflicts
VIII ForceKverent is full of determination, physical and psychological strength. He has everything to overcome obstacles. Leadership abilities. Ability to overcome difficulties, adequately resist temptations. Now is a good time for practicing creativity, revealing your talents. Harmony in the sexual sphereLack of strength to fight on. Doubts in yourself. Unwillingness to control your emotions. Selfishness, laziness. Man does not realize his own resources. The fate of the querent will be influenced by strangers. Do not rely on friends. Their actions are dictated by envy or jealousy.
IX HermitSpiritual seeking, inner wisdom. Solitude for spiritual growth. Getting experience in a professional field or advice from a wise mentor. Projects will be completed, goals achieved. Good time to plan a trip. A meeting with an older person is possible.The questioner suffers from a lack of insight. The current lifestyle destroys his body and soul. Limited thinking, fear, guilt. Material needs came to the fore. The questioner should not be repelled by the help of other people in any of its manifestations.
X Wheel of FortuneThere is a time for serious change. Querent should take advantage of existing opportunities to improve their lives. Progress is foreseen, but a lot of effort should be made to achieve it. All roads before the questioner are open. Good luck just around the cornerStagnation, temporary decline. Querent should be honest in their actions. While it is useful to refrain from new beginnings. Health needs attention
XI JusticeThe questioner has to make an extremely difficult decision, applying all his intelligence and forethought. The problem may be related to the law or the resolution of a fundamental issue. In the event that the querent is calm and responsible, they will not be able to deceive him.Injustice. Long trials. Hostility. The questioner is faced with bureaucracy or unlawful acts against him. Now is not the time to do business. While it is worth postponing even what seems important
XII The Hanged ManThe card says that it is time to do spiritual practices — prayers, meditations. The querent has the impression that he has fallen into a trap. It covers fear and anxiety. But despite possible losses, life will soon be filled with new values.Selfishness, excessive immersion in personal affairs. Parting. Treason. Inability to stand up for themselves. Moving forward is still problematic, and understanding the meaning of current events is difficult.
XIII DeathYou should not be afraid of this Arkan — he does not necessarily speak of physical dying. The map indicates that the old image of things has outlived its own, now it’s time to start a new life. To do this, you must break with the past. Ahead — a complete transformation, the deepest changes in the soul of the questionerIn life comes stagnation due to the unwillingness of the questioner to change. Changes are extremely slow. Circumstances are not the best way. Aggression, envy, sensibility. Health problems and in intimate terms. Death or mortal danger
XIV ModerationFinding inner harmony. Man no longer surrenders to maximalism, he looks at things judiciously. Full update of physical strength and emotions. The card indicates the return and receipt, foreshadows harmony in a love relationshipKverent is not ready for personal growth. He is too emotional, angry, suffering from ups and downs of mood. Inability to control their actions and desires. Intrigue and gossip
XV DevilIt seems to Querenth that he was shackled with heavy fetters or he fell into a trap. His mind clouded negative emotions — irritation, rage. Belief in what is impossible to prove in principle. The pursuit of material goods, the thirst to rule by other people. Extremely unpleasant situation. You can find a way out, but now it seems that it is not.Abuse of authority. Aggression, jealousy, pride. The shackles depend on the circumstances, people, chemicals. The desire to get rid of illusions. The shackles can be broken at any time.
XVI TowerAhead of the dramatic changes that will entail a dramatic life transformation. Breakup of relationships, change of work, collapse of plans. Everything happens very quickly and unexpectedly. The consequences of heavy change are largely dependent on the viewer’s opinion.Dependence on circumstances, inability to change anything. Unwillingness to work on yourself. Fear, anxiety. Money problems. Now it is time to face your fears. Otherwise, this nightmare will not end very long
XVII StarArkan foreshadows a happy future. A surge of energy and inspiration is expected. Mental wounds will be healed. Things are going well. This Arkan can be interpreted as an unexpected help, finding a new friend. The right path will be foundDoubts in the forces. Obstacles, problems. Poor health. Lack of desire to develop, improper use of their strength and capabilities. Low self-esteem. Inappropriate dreaminess
XVIII MoonIndicates the development of intuition, abilities to clairvoyance. High emotionality, reaching to exaltation. It can be hard for the questioner to tell the truth from the lie. Arkan Moon contains an imprint of twilight: it indicates self-deception, ambiguity, unknown facts in the current situation. Sometimes speaks about boring, but necessary work.Severe depression due to experienced failures. Someone is hiding behind a mask. Threats and blackmail. Unexpected deception. Reckless action. The questioner should trust only himself. An impartial assessment of the situation will lead to its improvement.
XIX SunDesired goals will be achieved. The card says that the querent is full of vitality, enjoying the results of the work performed. Ahead — new beginnings, a period of high creative activity. Attitude towards your life is conscious. Excellent health, wealth in financial terms. Happy and strong marriage. Getting a high paying jobThe questioner suffers from selfishness. Lack of confidence. Apathy and unwillingness to make an effort. Trouble. The resolution of the situation is delayed. Bad advice. Arrogance, pride. False authorities. Under the outer gloss hides poverty
XX WorldThe questioner makes plans for the future. Surrounding people are favorable to him, recognize his worthy merit. Completed a major project or business. This card is a symbol of change. She says that one cycle is completed, a new one is about to start.Failures, delays in business, betrayal. Lack of necessary features. Lack of strength. Work in very difficult conditions. The questioner has no idea how his thoughts and actions correlate. He uses the old model of action, which dooms the matter to failure in advance. Imprisonment. Sneak. Creating new circles of hell do it yourself

After fortune telling, it is recommended to analyze the response of the cards. It is useful to write it in a notebook. During one session it is allowed to carry out one and several layouts.

Their number depends on the number of questions of interest to the querent.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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