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Divination on the runes

Divination on the runes

The runes entered the life of man since time immemorial. They were knocked out on rocks, cut out on trees, drew on the ground. Often the runes depicted as embroidery on clothes.

The priests and druids paid special attention to these magical symbols at a time when fundamental religions did not exist in the world. Many interesting spells and fortune telling on the runes have reached our days.

Probably the most simple and effective fortune telling on the runes is ritual with a bag. put the runes in a pouch or bag, focus all your thoughts on a question that interests you, close your eyes and randomly pull out one. Put it in front of you. First of all, the interpretation of the position of the runes.

Pay attention to how it lies — straight or upside down. After this, look in the reference book for its interpretation, which can be very extensive. The more often you will work with the runes, the better you will learn to read them.

You will be able to catch not only the superficial meaning, but also to see a deeper underlying reason embedded in the signs. For example, if you had the rune Ur, then soon fate will present you with a series of serious tests that will require the adoption of vital decisions. But the rune Tersh suggests that you have to make a choice between what you passionately desire and what you already have.

Runa Ass points to unexpected pleasant opportunities that await you in the future, and the Reid symbol says that you are at a crossroads and it’s time to think about which way to go.

Unlike the first method, fortune telling on the three runes is used more often, as it gives a broad hint about how to proceed in this or that matter. To understand the situation will help not one, but as many as three magic signs. So, fully concentrating on the exciting topic, three magic symbols are pulled out with closed eyes.

After the interpretation begins.

The first sign, which was pulled out of the bag, tells about the problem itself. The second sign will explain how it can be solved. And the third Fleece will predict the wondering what awaits him in the near future. So, for example, if the runes of Viña, Hyphae and Hagal fell out to you, then, according to these symbols, the higher forces are favorable to you, but soon you will have some disappointment in love affairs.

You can feel how you are losing ground, but you should not be upset, because support from the side will come immediately.

There is also another way of divination on the runes. As in the first two cases, you do not need the characters cut into cubes. In this case, the cubes themselves must be made of wood, since heavy runes will be unsuitable for divination. You also need to prepare a small cloth for the ritual in advance.

It should be only from natural fiber. Perfect linen or cotton. Think about what worries you, get a handful of characters out of a bag of runes and drop them on the canvas.

On how the runes will fall, and how many of them will fall, and the interpretation of the problem will depend.

The choice of the method of fortune-telling in the first place should be determined by the degree of experience that the guessing person has in this field. It is not necessary to know all the interpretation of magic signs by heart. It is important to be able to read and understand them, to feel where they are sending the diviner, and whether that courage and faith are enough to follow the advice of the runes.

In addition, the question that torments a person who decides to resort to such an interesting way of predicting the future, like fortune telling on the runes, should be clearly formulated. Otherwise, if the person himself does not know what he wants, no power of the runes will be able to sort out the problem for him. We wish you success in divination on the runes and do not forget to click on and

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