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Divination on the Epiphany Eve on January 18: traditions, rituals and signs

Traditions and fortune telling on Epiphany Christmas Eve — for the betrothed, future, money

The baptism of the Lord, or Epiphany, is a great Christian holiday, which marks the end of Christmas time. On Epiphany Christmas Eve — January 18 — the heavens reveal to the person secret knowledge about his future and through signs and omens suggest how to make life even better.

In order to see these signs and understand them, the ancestors compiled a number of algorithms for ritual and ceremonial actions, with the help of which the Higher Forces communicated directly with the diviners.

The customs on the eve of Epiphany primarily concerned the festive table. As well as before Christmas, it was not allowed to eat food all day long, and dishes were exclusively prepared for dinner.

At the head of the table was placed the juice — sweet porridge made from selected wheat, and such delicious dishes as vegetable cabbage rolls, sauerkraut, honey broth, pickled mushrooms and beans supplemented the treat.

Divination on the Epiphany Eve on January 18: traditions, rituals and signs

Wheat Ripe

Another important tradition in the Eve of Epiphany (Epiphany Christmas Eve) was swimming in the ice-hole after sanctification.

The water after the Jordanian consecration ceremony was called Agiasma, which meant «holy.» It was believed that, having plunged into the hole three times, a man underwent correspondence repentance in all his sins and received their full absolution.

They kept Agiasma at home in closed vessels in a red corner and used drop by drop throughout the next year.

The snow that fell on Epiphany night was also considered holy on this day. The girls generously rubbed their face with them, sincerely believing that this procedure would improve their skin tone.

Married women carried him into the house to bleach cotton and linen fabrics prepared for cutting. The head of the family threw a handful of pristine snow into the well.

This protected the underground source from drying out.

At the end of the Christmas holidays, the tradition of reading the money plot was very popular. All family members related to making money in the house joined it.

As soon as the stars were lit in the sky, the ritual participants took several paper bills and began to grind them in their palms, whispering at the same time their desire: “The Lord God will appear to the world, money will be added to my moshna. Castle. Key.

Tongue. Amen».

For the next 3 days, conspiracy money was not allowed into the expense.

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