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Divination on the bones: how to know the future

Divination on the bones: how to know the future

The future for many people no longer represents a special secret. All because divination is entering our modern life more closely. Guessing on bones is one of the most ancient ways to know the future and get answers to interesting questions.

There are several methods of divination on the dice. With the help of them you can easily find out your fate, find out what will happen in the near future and what will happen not soon.

So, before proceeding to fortune telling, take two dice and hold them in your hands. They must be charged with your energy. If you are going to often guess on the bones, then you should keep them away from prying eyes, and even more so to nobody to give them in hand.

The first method of divination on the bones. Take a piece of paper and draw a circle about 30 cm in diameter on it. Place it on the table in front of you. Take the cubes in your hands and focus on your question.

Throw the dice in a circle. If one bone is outside the circle, then it does not participate in divination. If no cube hit the circle, then it’s not worth guessing on that day.

So, in order to get an answer to your question, you need to add up the number of points on the dice that were in the circle. And here is the interpretation of this fortune-telling:

1 — everything goes well

2 — this is not to be

3 — be careful. Probably someone wishes you evil

4 — if you show wisdom and ingenuity, then everything will go well

5 — luck awaits you, be prepared for pleasant surprises

6 — Losses, gossip and failure with money can interfere with your plans.

7 — be more attentive with others, someone can use your kindness and trust

8 — it is possible that someone is manipulating you. You need to make your position clearer and act your way.

9 — luck in love

10 — pay more attention to your family. Perhaps, very soon your relative will need help and support.

11 — illness, loss, separation

12 — good news, after which everything will work out

The next fortune telling. Take two dice and place them in a glass. Take a glass in your left hand, mentally make a wish, counterclockwise shake the glass with the bones and throw them on the table. To find out whether a wish will come true or not, you need to judge by the combination of points:

1 and 1 — try again

2 and 1 — nothing is known about the fulfillment of your desire

2 and 2 — unfortunately, there is no chance

3 and 1 — the desire will not come true because of your fault, you need to change something in yourself

3 and 2 — the desire will come true without fail, but it takes time

3 and 3 — the desire will be fulfilled, if you show prudence

4 and 1 — there are chances, make every effort for this, only then the desire will be fulfilled

4 and 2 — desire, most likely, will not come true

4 and 3 — the desire will be fulfilled, just do not rush things

4 and 4 — the desire to come true if you take the initiative

5 and 1 — fifty to fifty: maybe it will come true, but maybe not

5 and 2 — the dream will come true, one has only to believe in it

5 and 3 — there is practically no chance

5 and 4 — the wish does not come true. Perhaps what you dream about will not really bring you any satisfaction or benefit.

5 and 5 — the wish will come true, do not hesitate!

6 and 1 — the wish will come true, but not at the time you want

6 and 2 — the desire will not be fulfilled, but your guilt will not be in it

6 and 3 — the desire may not come true

6 and 4 — everything depends on you. Show all the strengths of your character.

6 and 5 — will come true if you approach this issue seriously

6 and 6 — the wish will come true soon

Divination on the bones will help you quickly find out what awaits you in the future. These methods of divination can also be used when you find yourself in a difficult situation. But do not hope that will fall.

It is worth remembering that any fortune-telling is just a method to look into the future, and the future, in turn, is constantly changing, and we change it ourselves.

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